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Green Grass Template

Green Grass Template

A simple Green Grass Template with a white background and header in a contrasting colour. Comes comeplete with matching colour scheme.

Could be used for a range of sports presentations including grass, turf, and tennis.

Green Grass Template inside page
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Published On: 2nd Oct 2006

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  1. This template is awsome! Thanks whoever made it!

    Cat 16 Mar at 7:31 pm
  2. excellent template! it’s so ‘happy!’

    ian 27 Mar at 8:29 pm
  3. This one is exactly what I need! Thank you very much!

    Iryna 12 Apr at 10:58 pm
  4. thank you~!!

    hj 5 May at 3:48 pm
  5. verry good

    sanjeev 13 May at 12:55 pm
  6. Thank you very much.

    lisa 31 May at 6:30 am
  7. Thank you it has been a great help

    hc 20 Jun at 3:26 pm
  8. Good
    Thank you ..

    Tum 10 Jul at 7:02 am
  9. thanks, it is useful for my presentation.

    lily 15 Jul at 5:19 am
  10. it’s just prefect.
    simple,fresh and awsome

    haemato-maniac 2 Aug at 6:54 pm
  11. thanks for the template!

    diana 24 Oct at 10:38 am
  12. this is really marvellous..thnk u………

    pradee 29 Oct at 11:53 am
  13. no words. thanks a lot.

    shadeslayer 18 Nov at 2:01 pm
  14. Works well with my New Idea presentation, thank you.

    G 29 Jan at 4:57 pm
  15. The kids will love it.

    teacher 28 Feb at 1:17 pm
  16. thnx,,,

    tHnk you so much,,

    ayu 2 Apr at 3:01 am
  17. Thanks , its valuable info easily avialable, not like other sites.

    Sushil 12 Apr at 2:28 pm
  18. thanks . good jobs. i love it. 15 Apr at 12:27 pm
  19. This is just what I’m looking for, a nature template that is simple in nature(pardon the pun).

    Kadye 20 Apr at 4:39 pm
  20. thanks, I love it.

    Lilian 25 Jun at 8:14 pm
  21. WOW! AMAZING!!

    APRIL 15 Aug at 1:14 pm
  22. cool. thanks

    dada 21 Oct at 7:49 am
  23. So amazing templates

    Nike 29 Oct at 10:04 am
  24. want to create a presentation on turf maintenance. This template is simple and clean and won’t overwelm the message. thanks!

    jendayi 6 Nov at 12:21 am
  25. great desing, thanks a lot!!!!!!

    macris 9 Nov at 1:55 am
  26. Good design. . thanks. . .

    pdshetti 18 Nov at 7:58 am
  27. thanks for template

    pol 8 Jan at 6:21 pm
  28. those templates are awesome…..
    thanks a lot……

    vidhanti 7 Mar at 6:57 pm
  29. I am designing a presentation on lawn care for a public health class and this is a wonderful template for my presentation. Thank you very much for this template!

    Jared Simon 13 Mar at 10:08 pm
  30. i love dis website!!!! Itz the one that I wuz lookin for!!!!

    Olive 1 May at 3:49 pm
  31. thank you

    Anonymous 6 Feb at 7:19 pm
  32. thank you for the nice templets.

    Gyan bhushan 6 Feb at 7:20 pm
  33. hello, this gave me a great help.

    Anonymous 19 Mar at 1:51 am
  34. thank you!!

    ll 26 Jun at 9:36 pm
  35. thanks for the gorgeous templates!

    Anonymous 11 Nov at 10:30 am
  36. cool

    josh 10 Jul at 11:49 am
  37. thank you

    faiz 8 Sep at 11:33 am
  38. Very useful and attractive templates! Thank you so much for giving it free. God bless!

    Myra Lauronal 20 Nov at 11:36 am
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