Maritime Navigation PowerPoint Template

Maritime Navigation PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template has been created from our catalogue of backgrounds. It shows a very busy port from above, with many boats on a turquoise sea. This photo was taken from the top of Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth overlooking the historic dockyards. This striking scene caught on camera is described as:

Ships at work, Idea, Shipping, Busy Industry, Overseas, Exotic, Sea, Ship, Innovative, Nautical, Harbour, Innovative, Terminals, Sea Ship, Export, Trade, International business/ trade/ shipping, Navy yard, Maritime

Possible uses for this template are:

  • A university presentation
  • A presentation on shipyard training
  • International trade presentation
  • Maritime navigation presentation
  • A presentation on sea life
  • A presentation demo
  • A presentation on exports
  • Presentation on mechanical engineering
  • Presentation on tide embankment
  • A presentation on supermarket supply
  • A presentation on immigration information
  • A presentation on a port and harbour project
  • A presentation on tourism
  • A presentation on navigation
  • A presentation on maritime labour law
  • For Merchant Navy studies

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Published On: 5th Aug 2017

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