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Young boy bobbing for apples

We have had a request by email from Christine for some Kids party games.

We have been able to compile a number of popular favourite party games, but if you know of any others that would be suitable for kids please leave your ideas in the box below.

Pass the parcel
This is the classic kids favourite. This works best when you have a large number of wrappers. There is a tendancy for some kids to hog the parcel, so it works best when you do not have pre-recorded pauses, but where you have an adult that governs when the music stops, typically through a remote control.

Apple bobbing
Place a number of apples in a bowl of tepid water. The kids have to keep their arms bedind their backs and try and pull out an apple with their teeth only.

Make sure that you have plenty of towels around as the kids could get quite wet and cold. Make sure the kids are supervised at all times.

Admiral Nelson Game
When I was a kid, aged around 11, my Dad had a great game at my Birthday Party.

Warning – This game will get lots of screams and laughs from the kids. This one is best for more grown up kids.

What you need
– A Hat (ideally one like Nelson would have worn) but a beret would work
– A coat made of wool or cloth
– Egg cups (one per person) filled with Jelly (these need to be kept in the fridge)
– A blindfold

Get the kids to queue up outside the door and ask them to wait until they are called. They have to be blindfolded before they come in and come in one at a time.

You then tell the child that you have been able to get hold of Admiral Nelson’s body. You then say “This is Admiral Nelson’s hat” and hand the child his hat. You then say “This is Admiral Nelson’s coat” and hand the child his coat. Then take hold of the childs hand and forefinger and say “This is Admiral Nelson’s eye” as you poke the childs finger into the egg cup filled with jelly. The child will scream and the rest of the room will roar with laughter. Quickly rip of the blindfold so that the child will see the joke.

The children that have been tricked can stay in the room to see the next victim.

The one minute game

A simple game. You will need a stopwatch or a watch with a seconds hand.

Get the kids to line up on one side of the garden or room. Have a finishing line at the other end.

After you say start the kids have to walk across to cross the line. The kid that crosses the line at nearest to exactly one minute (60 seconds) wins the prize. Allow all the kids to cross the line before calling the winner. You may be able to do the game a second time.

Pin the tail on the donkey.

Simple but effective. Draw a picture of a donkey on a notice board. Make a donkey tail out of a piece of paper, with a drawing pin to hold the donkey on to the donkey.

Blindfold the kids one at a time and ask them to pin the tial onto the donkey. Generates lots of laughs. The closest one wins the prize.

Any other kids party games?

If you have any other ideas for kids party games please leave them in the ideas box below.


Published On: 10th Jul 2009

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  1. Musical newspapers
    Each child has a sheet of newspaper/paper to stand on. when music starts dance around room n paper. When music stops jump on nearest paper. Take a sheet away each time to get the winner/s.
    Addition: When music stops shout a number and they have to get into groups of that number on a piece of paper.

    Rachael 18 Sep at 3:39 pm
  2. Musical stop!
    play the music, they dance, you stop the music, they stop maybe in a funny position and the person that laughs/giggles/falls/trip is out of the game until the last reamins.

    Musical chairs!
    have about 8 chair in a round circle facing outwards, the children walk around in circle aroudn the chairs; evrytime the music stops a kid has to sit on a chair, then a chair is taken away (by a adult) and the music starts again, theres now 7 chairs 8 children so one wont get a chair, so now this time when the music stops, one will be left, so that kid is out, then a adult removes another chair so there’s now 6 chairs and 7 children and when the music stops a child will b left that childs out and another chairs removed until theres 1 chair and two children, the child who sits on chair 1st wins the prizeeeeeeee 🙂

    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 11:04 pm
  3. Dead Ants
    This game is based on the number of body parts touching the floor. The body parts are hands (2) and feet (2). You call a number between 1 and 4 and the children have to put that number body parts on the floor. E.g. 3 could be 2 feet and 1 foot or 1 hand and 2 feet. The fun comes when you call “Zero” this is the “Dead Ant” position lying on your back with hands and feet up in the air and therefore no body parts on the floor. Mix up the numbers and speed up the calling and call out a second number and that means you have to get in to a group of that many.
    Prizes awarded to wriggle-its Dead Ants!

    Anonymous 16 Feb at 6:07 pm
  4. Treasure Hunt

    Draw a chart,and then put 1st prize,2nd prize and 3rd prize.And get lots of people to sing there names on the front and 10 mins after,call out the 3 winners give the big prize to the 1st prize,and so on.Hope you like it.Bye Now

    Lucy 17 Mar at 5:49 pm
  5. Musical bumps

    Lisa 5 May at 3:35 pm
  6. make a squeek children love to play,
    you sit one of the children on a chair and choose other children to walk up to the child on the chair and make a squeek whilst the child on the chair is blindfolded

    BETTYBOO 12 May at 6:57 pm
  7. Musical opposites:
    Dance to music, when the music stops say bumps or statues, but children must do the opposite to what you say.

    Debbie 30 May at 1:34 pm
  8. Musical beans. When the music stops you shout out a type of bean. All the kids have to preform the action which you’ve taught them before. If they get it wrong they’re out, or they’re too slow. Last one in wins.
    Runner bean – run on the spot
    French bean – hands on hips and shout ooh la la
    String bean – make your self as thin as you can
    Jelly bean – act all wobbly
    Jumping bean – jump up and down
    Baked bean – hold nose and make farty noises
    Mixed bean – pick your own action

    My kids loved this game

    Sophie 18 Jun at 8:39 am
  9. drama
    all the kids like to mke up a play for eg the 3 little pigs my chideren loved that we prined some pictures of the internet about the 3 little
    pigs and they shwed it to us and they loved it

    katilu 18 Jun at 7:59 pm

    Anonymous 11 Jul at 3:10 pm
  11. limbo until u have a winner

    jiggy bobbing 25 Jul at 6:08 pm
  12. Chocolate Game.
    you have a frozen block of chocolate and you go around in a circle and throw a dice if you get a 6 you put on a hat, scarf and gloves and start cutting a piece out of the frozen chocolate with a knife and fork. if someone else gets a 6 while you’re still cutting you have to stop and give the hat, scarf and gloves to the other person. once you’ve finished cutting 1 piece you can eat it and if it’s still you’re turn you just keep on cutting till someone else throws a 6. you’re only aloud to cut 1 piece at a time.

    Amber 28 Aug at 9:23 pm
  13. puppet show

    bay 22 Dec at 5:59 pm
  14. pin the tail on the dnkey

    ane 22 Aug at 8:46 pm
  15. guess how many sweets in the jar you gt a jar fill it with sweets and the people have to guess how many sweets there are the winner gets the jar of sweets

    ane 22 Aug at 8:50 pm
  16. magick show hire an entertainer

    ane 22 Aug at 8:51 pm
  17. fancy dress

    ane 22 Aug at 8:53 pm
  18. This is a game I learned in 2nd grade. To play,the corners of the room are numbered 1-4 and players are told where each corner is. Then,one kid volunteers or is chosen to be IT. IT stands in the middle of the room and is blindfolded. Now,the other kids have 30 seconds to choose a corner to stand in. If you want,you can count down the last 10 or 5 seconds so everyone gets in a corner. Next,IT calls out a corner and anyone in this corner is out.Playing this way continues until there’s 8 players left,when this happens,there can only be two in each corner,and when 4 kids are left, only one in each corner. If IT calls a corner where no one is standing,she either calls another corner or everyone changes corners again. the last person left wins and gets to be the new IT. You can play as many times as you want.

    Four corners 29 Mar at 3:30 pm