What is the best party you have been to?

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We have been asking what is the best party that you have ever been to and why.

Please leave your answers in the ideas box below

Christmas party
The best party that we ever held was a Christmas party. It was held a few years ago on Friday 18th December – the day that the children broke up from school. We started the party at 6pm and allowed the kids to come along as well. We put together a big station with a couple of cocktails to get the party in a swing.

We served dry martinis (James Bond style- shaken, not stirred) in classic cocktail glasses with olives. A dry martini is a combination of gin and martini bianco (the green bottle) with an ice cube. We also served champagne cocktails. For champagne cocktails add a sugar cube into the bottom of a champagne glass. Add a small amount of brandy until the sugar cube has taken up all of the brandy. Top up with champagne or sparkling wine (we used Cremant de Loire) and a string of bubbles will come off the sugar cube.

We live in a commuter village so we encouraged the office workers to call in after they got off the train. We prepared a large number of trays of finger food – mostly bought ready prepared from the supermarket, so all we had to do was to serve it out and just pop the trays in the oven to heat it up.

It got everyone into the Christmas mood and went off with a great swing for the weekend. – Pam, near Reading, UK.


Published On: 28th Jul 2009

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  1. The best party we have been to this year was an outdoor lunch at a friend’s house in August.

    Two tabels put together on the lawn with a table cloth and 18 people. Lovely!.

    Peter 18 Dec at 5:00 am
  2. The office Christmas Prty was a great one last year. The company took over most of a nice hotel.

    A real treat. Unfortunately budgets have been a bit tighter this year, and it wasn’t quite the same.

    Sue 18 Dec at 5:02 am
  3. The best party i’ve ever been to was at a friends house. We had a Eurovision party. Before the party we drew a country to represent, We had to provide food from that country, I should have done a goat recipe but I went fof sure footed sheep instead. We had beer tasting quiz and cheese tasting. We all put a £1 in the kitty half of which went to a charity and the winning team got the other half. And if your chosen country won you hoasted next years party.

    Sharon Clake 27 Dec at 7:42 pm
  4. wakeup early in the morning pray 2 god & then go to yuor parent &say i love you.huge them that day cook you&give them party

    deepi 20 Jan at 11:09 am

    my daughter was at a party and they played game such as; sock game(everybod brings long socks and crawl on the floor and try to take each others off, malteser game (two teams each person has a straw and hav 2 suck a malteser and put it in the other bowl, decorationg cakes, big game of twister (just normal twister but with two mats sellotaped 2gether and more!!!! plus the theme was pretty in pink so everyone came in pink clothes!!!!!:D

    Olly 21 Jan at 7:40 pm
  6. Well the best party i have been to was prob my sisters wedding. I was her maid of honor! It was such a laugh and really special.

    maid of honor 22 Jan at 4:00 pm
  7. The best party that we have been to was the Trinity College Ball in Oxfordshire.

    It was lively and filled with a variety of entertainment and amusement options. All you needed was a green wrist pass which gave you access to all areas. They hired Big Sand steel band to perform for the arrival of guests for about 1.5 hours and many people started dancing in a conga line as they heard the steel band.

    As soon as we had finished, there were other bands in different marquees, Disco in the main building, numerous food and drink options and also a mini fun fair.

    It was the place to be!

    Big Sand Steel band 23 Jan at 7:50 am
  8. a murder mystery party(death by chocolate) ,suitibale for most ages great fun we all dressed up in to charaacter and had a 3 course meal.

    paige 31 Jan at 10:37 pm
  9. ummm well i think it was actually a friends wedding reception. It was such a laugh and it was was soooo romantic. Their vows were such romantic lines i will never forget it.

    romantic lines 3 Feb at 9:08 pm
  10. The best one i have ever been to was my friends.we all got charcters and dressed up and sat at the table with our scripts and the tape playing(talks you through it all) and everyone had to guess who they thought it was.and i was the murderer and nobody guessed. we had a 3course meal and it was a faboulouse night!

    snauza 13 Mar at 1:52 pm
  11. Best Party I ever went to was my friends birthday;
    It was in her house, everyone brought their own stuff, there was music, mini-games in different rooms and almost forty people 😀

    Welshgirl 29 Mar at 10:05 pm
  12. had a party at a holte for my 11 year old daughter it was a pool party the room was full of balloons where you could not see on the floor also she and the friends was surprised butterfly cupcake butterflys hanging down the pool was inside heated her friends still talk about that day

    sandy 7 May at 4:16 pm
  13. The best party we had was a Halloe’en Party we had – having returned from working
    in Nairobi for a few years.
    My son and his fiancee came as ghosts and took hours to wrap toilet roll (white) all over each other and they looked most effective!
    Our Hallowe’en Parties were well-known in Nairobi

    Josoap 5 Jun at 10:38 pm
  14. The best party I remember was my mum’s 40th. It was fancy dress ‘space’ theme and I remember my Gran dressing up as a dalek with a bin liner and a lampshade on her head, it was hilarious

    Sophie 18 Jun at 8:34 am
  15. The best party i have ever went to was a halloween party!It was fun exciting and we played lots of game,the kids had a blast,the creepy food looked weired but was great,the kids begg my sister to have on every year but who knows wht shes goin to do but there begging her sence july so i think she will cave in i hope!(:.My son just said the best party about the party was the mummie rap this is fun and easy all you need is toliet paper an adult and one kid,the adult wrapes the kid in the tissue and u only have 5 mins to do it so dont take your time just get tht tussie on tht body!You kids will have a blast and you can take there pictures and show it to the up coming gf/bf(: they will love you for that for ever trust me <3

    achel 6 Sep at 4:10 am
  16. im stuck between to.. one. my friend had a ‘sweet sixteen bollywood ball!’ its was so fun!
    and my other friend had a mask ball, i loved dressing up!

    parttttyyy 7 Sep at 3:52 pm
  17. The party i went to today was by far the best ever. we went cable water-skiing (wakeboarding), but as beginners, we used knee boards. it was the most amazing experince ever!

    Amy 19 Sep at 9:25 pm
  18. I am thinking of what to do and have read all these ideas.
    I want everybody to dress in the theme of 007.
    Now were all looking sharp, i want an ice sculpture that my guests can have vodka shots from,
    with my best hits playing in the background, i want friends to be loose and free ready for my photographer to take some pictures, with which they are asked to place in a 40th birthday book to remind me of my special day, with their personal comments.Then come the amazing speeches from my best friends then my brother, followed by my amazing speech. Now its time for the thing that tops off the party to remember your great life and something you will remind you for all of it..I know Do you? Ideas.!

    Johnny Lloyd Jopnes 29 May at 12:04 pm
  19. My best party is foam party:)

    Maddox 12 May at 6:50 am