I’m bored – some ideas if you are feeling restless

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I’m bored

Here are a few things to do if you are feeling restless.

Other websites to visit

Things to do

  • Go fishing
  • Type two words at random into Google. You’d be surprised where you can end up. If you can’t think of anything to type try “What’s Cool”
  • Sing (Bohemian Rhapsody is usually a good start)
  • Phone up a friend that you have not spoken to for over a year
  • Visit a local castle
  • Make some bread. Naan breads are great if you haven’t much time
  • Do a jig saw
  • Read a book
  • Do something scary
  • Walk up a hill
  • Paint a picture
  • Plant some vegetables
  • Plan a treasure hunt
  • Ride a bike
  • Learn another language
  • Make up a joke
  • Submit an idea (all submitted by Britney)

Any other ideas?

If you have any other ideas that could stop you being bored – why not add them into the box below and we will see if we can add them.


Published On: 19th Feb 2007

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  1. Do some Charity
    Learn a new thing

    Anonymous 2 Aug at 8:27 am
  2. Stuff Your Face (with food, duuuh)
    Write a song
    do a comic
    call someone
    play a sport uve never played before
    make a bebo account (www.bebo.com – it rules)

    Anonymous 28 Aug at 3:39 pm

    Anonymous 29 Aug at 8:04 am
  4. Listen to music
    Learn to play an instrument
    Conduct a science experiment
    Go window shopping (or if you have money, you can do the real thing)
    Go on a date
    Write your own autobiography
    Write poetry
    Go on a hike
    Find pictures in your wall (they’re there, trust me)

    Anonymous 2 Nov at 11:23 pm
  5. clean the house

    Anonymous 3 Nov at 1:07 am
  6. play with your pet

    Anonymous 3 Nov at 1:07 am
  7. go to the library

    Anonymous 3 Nov at 1:08 am
  8. photograhpy – pick a theme

    Anonymous 13 Nov at 10:15 am
  9. try a new recipe

    Anonymous 13 Nov at 10:15 am
  10. make potatoe people

    Anonymous 19 Nov at 8:32 pm
  11. eat a pork pie

    Anonymous 19 Nov at 8:32 pm
  12. make yourself sick by seeing how many tea bags you can eat

    Anonymous 19 Nov at 8:33 pm
  13. Which is better: Pepsi-cola or Coca-Cola?

    Anonymous 20 Nov at 1:46 pm
  14. think of something you lost and try and find it

    Anonymous 21 Nov at 8:15 pm
  15. do the farting thing with your armpit.
    drop a pen.
    make faces on your chin.
    drink water upside down.

    Anonymous 25 Nov at 1:42 am
  16. Make a snow man

    Anonymous 26 Nov at 6:08 pm
  17. cry

    Anonymous 30 Nov at 3:07 pm
  18. scream your name to the world

    Anonymous 30 Nov at 3:07 pm
  19. sort old photo’s into a photo album

    Anonymous 3 Dec at 2:04 pm
  20. sort all ur cds/dvds into alphabetical order.if ur still bored,sort into genre aswell

    Anonymous 3 Dec at 2:05 pm
  21. spin in a circle really fast untill you fall

    Anonymous 12 Dec at 4:51 pm
  22. draw a picture

    Anonymous 14 Dec at 2:57 am
  23. helping out a dockey sacturay

    Anonymous 28 Dec at 5:26 pm
  24. VOLUNTEER!!!

    Organisations like the Wildlife Trust desperately need volunteers to help with their vital work to protect local wildlife. No previous experience is required, full training is provided and you get to meet new people and exercise. It ticks everyone’s NEW YEARS resolution. Just search for your county and wildlife trust in a search engine.

    Anonymous 3 Jan at 3:56 pm
  25. Color your face.

    Anonymous 22 Jan at 3:06 pm
  26. Write funny things on google for these ideas to pass time!!!!!

    Anonymous 22 Jan at 3:08 pm
  27. your studies

    Anonymous 1 Feb at 5:17 pm
  28. play the fool

    Anonymous 1 Feb at 5:18 pm
  29. start singing the spiderman theme tune really loud.

    Anonymous 12 Feb at 1:50 pm
  30. learn how to juggle

    Anonymous 12 Feb at 1:51 pm
  31. talk to yourself

    Anonymous 12 Feb at 8:33 pm
  32. Make a castle

    Anonymous 13 Feb at 4:06 pm
  33. Get in the wardrobe

    Anonymous 13 Feb at 4:06 pm
  34. how about go on youtube

    Anonymous 26 Feb at 9:47 pm
  35. cut out people in magazines and make a totally new person (so what if the head is as big as the body!)

    Anonymous 3 Mar at 8:02 pm
  36. fly a kite, bake a cake, go to a gym, clean the car, take some photo’s, think of idea’s to put on this website or go the pitch & putt/driving range

    Anonymous 3 Mar at 8:29 pm
  37. Go to walmart and survey ppl with your made up governmet club with ridiculous questions

    Anonymous 16 Mar at 6:09 pm
  38. Make popcicles and watch them freeze

    Anonymous 16 Mar at 6:12 pm
  39. Do nothing.

    Anonymous 22 Mar at 12:46 am
  40. Read your dairy and recollect your memorable days

    Roopa Anil Kumar

    Anonymous 25 Mar at 1:10 pm
  41. Step 1: Get a piano.
    Step 2: Learn to play it…

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:33 am
  42. Go to a homeless shelter and donate some money.

    It helps you get away from boredom and you’re doing a good thing which makes you feel good at the same time.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:35 am
  43. Watch a movie…

    Make a movie…

    See how long you can hold a note…

    Submit an idea for other people who are bored too…

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:37 am
  44. Go look through an old photo album.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:38 am
  45. Write down the way you feel for everyone you know in Notepad :

    Just go to start, then go to programs, then accessories, and notepad and start letting it all out(trust me it makes you feel a lot better).

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:41 am
  46. Start a new hobby like drawing, poetry, music, comedy, magic tricks, collecting stuff and so on.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:43 am
  47. Go to a spa and get pampered.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:44 am
  48. If you don’t have a job get off the computer and go look for one.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:44 am
  49. If your over weight or just want to lose some weight go through your pantry, refrigerator, and other places holding food, clear it out and throw it all away, look up foods that are good for you on the internet,write them down, go to the store and buy them.

    Next, start an exersize plan like 50-100 sit ups a day, and push ups, jumping jacks, go find a near by track like at your local high school and run a mile, or get rid of your car and start riding your bike. Good Luck!

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:48 am
  50. Type I am bored over and over again in Notepad.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:49 am
  51. Get out of the house and start driving somewhere. You’d be amazed where you end up.
    (If you don’t have a car or aren’t old enough to drive start mowing your neighbors yards or babysitting and raise money for a car or bike if your not old enough.)

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:51 am
  52. Step 1: Turn on your fan to full blast.
    Step 2: Sit directly underneath it.
    Step 3: Try to watch and inividual blade go round and round.
    Step 4: Be amazed!

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:53 am
  53. Step 1: Get a pencil
    Step 2: Hold it by putting your thumb and index finger in the middle.
    Step 3: Push the pencil back and forth between thumb and finger.
    Step 4: Watch your finger turn to rubber.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:56 am
  54. Go to your nearest video store, rent a movie, go home, and watch the movie.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:57 am
  55. Sit on your bed and stare at the ceiling and just think back about all the good times you’ve had.

    It’ll make you go to places you never thought.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:58 am
  56. Think of some bright way to make some serious money and go buy a car.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:59 am
  57. Make up some funny jokes.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:59 am
  58. Go to google and type in “random pictures”.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:00 am
  59. Type your abc’s over and over again.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:01 am
  60. Go get a dog.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:01 am
  61. Stare at one picture for 20 minutes and sit down and try to draw it without looking at the picture.

    After your done drawing see how good you did in remembering the details in the picture.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:04 am
  62. Start making funny noises with your mouth like farting noises or start at one really low note and go straight from that note to a really high note.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:06 am
  63. Start making up ideas about what you could do for other people.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:07 am
  64. Go to the adress bar and type in http://www.youtube.com and type in something really random.

    If you can’t think of anything then type in your favorite song from the oldies and see if it’s in the site.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:08 am
  65. Read

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:08 am
  66. Take a nap.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:09 am
  67. Wash your face, brush your teeth, look for different ways to fix your hair.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:10 am
  68. Bug someone.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:10 am
  69. Trace your hand on a piece of paper.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:11 am
  70. Get a bunch of crowns and draw a circle with one color and a bigger circle aroud that one with another color and so on.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:13 am
  71. Pick out some random person in your contacts on your phone and call them and start a conversasion.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 3:14 am
  72. Go raise a lot of money and donate every cent to an orphanage that looks run down and needs help.

    Anonymous 2 Apr at 2:24 am
  73. Go to the zoo.

    Anonymous 2 Apr at 2:25 am

    Anonymous 9 Apr at 7:56 pm
  75. Invent a metal spork and never use forks or spoons ever again

    Anonymous 10 Apr at 12:55 pm
  76. Search images you know on google.(it is awesome)
    You never know what you wil find.

    Anonymous 3 May at 6:17 am
  77. bake something to eat

    Anonymous 5 May at 5:55 pm
  78. check how much council tax your neighbours are paying using local council websites you may discover your paying too much!

    Anonymous 20 May at 5:02 pm
  79. google earth your neighbours gardens – just to be nosey

    Anonymous 20 May at 5:03 pm
  80. make an indoor den with the kids – get in it and fall aleep while they play aroun you!

    Anonymous 20 May at 5:05 pm
  81. Walk the dog, he’s bored too

    Anonymous 22 May at 8:15 pm
  82. make up new concotions by adding different drinks together

    Anonymous 22 May at 9:24 pm
  83. Make a duct tape wallet
    Sent an old fashioned letter to a friend
    Make your own perfumes
    Do origami
    Run a mile
    Think of the worst names to name somebody
    Sharpen pencils
    Do a jigsaw puzzle
    Make imaginary friends
    Flip a coin a lot…100 times, reccomended
    Have a puppet show
    Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and see how many people try to pick it up
    Have a trash can shooting constest
    Make a crown and wear it
    Act like a spy/secret agent
    Heat a bar of soap
    Heat a scoop of icecream
    and then eat it
    Mime weightlifting with heavy grunts =)
    Plan a treasure hunt

    Anonymous 1 Jun at 11:04 pm
  84. *Watch random stuff on you tube
    until you can go hang w/ one of your friends.
    *Go to your local pool and flirt with other hot guy’s or if your so bored that reading is more fun then HAVE A PARTY duh!

    Anonymous 2 Jun at 9:19 pm
  85. go and have a shower or even listen to music, try cleaning your room!!

    mehak 14 Jun at 2:53 pm
  86. exercise

    me 14 Jun at 3:08 pm
  87. jog, run, sprint…

    me 14 Jun at 3:09 pm
  88. swim, go to the gym

    me 14 Jun at 3:09 pm
  89. Make a board game…Jigsaw
    Play practicl jokes on your siblings

    Anonymous 21 Jul at 10:12 am
  90. Go for a bike ride

    Anonymous 28 Jul at 10:33 pm
  91. Write a short story/poem/song/play and submit it to a lit. magazine, Read the news, Shop online but don’t actually buy anything, Write a review for a book/CD, play text twist, design clothes, and if you have the means, make them, catapult fruit into the air if you have a fruit tree with copious amounts of fruit that you won’t eat all of, find an exotic recipe and try to make it, invite another bored friend to join you in any of these adventures 🙂

    Nia! 30 Jul at 9:11 pm
  92. Go to Ikea.
    Go shopping.

    Saskia, Lorna and Danni 8 Aug at 10:05 am
  93. Go out and cover up your face and speak spanish to them or something werid like swedish!

    Saskia, Lorna and Danni 8 Aug at 10:08 am
  94. On google Type:

    Find Chuck Norris

    then click:

    I’m Feeling Lucky

    Catherine Browne 23 Aug at 12:53 pm
  95. I am currently quite bored. Recovering from a car crash and back injury.
    Of your initial list, I have some problems with them.

    * Go fishing… oh how I wish i could. But the back would suffer.
    * Type two words at random into Google. You’d be surprised where you can end up. If you can’t think of anything to type try “What’s Cool” ….I tried this. I typed in ‘I’m bored’ and thats why I am here
    * Sing (Bohemian Rhapsody is usually a good start).. well this usually needs at least the head banging bit to be acted out, and that hurts my back
    * Phone up a friend that you have not spoken to for over a year…seriously, holding a phone for more than a minute hurts my back as well
    * Visit a local castle… walking hurts my back
    * Make some bread. Naan breads are great if you haven’t much time..now that WOULD be painful
    * Do a jig saw… worth a try in short doses
    * Read a book.. It hurst to hold a book for a while.
    * Do something scary… As long as it doesnt involve the obligatory ‘boo!’ and a wave of the arms, I may manage that one.
    * Walk up a hill… Hurts.
    * Paint a picture… could try in short doses, with the canvas/paper flat rather than on an easel.
    * Plant some vegetables.. hurts
    * Plan a treasure hunt… could try this one
    * Ride a bike… ouch.
    * Learn another language… can you do this from an armchair? Could be a good idea! thank you.

    My suggestions?
    * watch the grass grow
    * play the google earth flight simulator for a couple of minutes
    * go ebay watching. Dont buy. Guess the final price of things. You can play with a friend and see who wins (dont gamble though!)

    * Make up a joke
    * Submit an idea (all submitted by Britney)
    * Talk to a friend & go over
    * Eat some cake

    Michael. Scotland.

    Michael - Scotland 28 Aug at 2:30 pm
  96. go to bed

    Anonymous 14 Sep at 3:48 pm
  97. Do a list of Random things to do when you are bored that you found after typing bored into google.

    Laura 15 Sep at 11:39 am
  98. Start randomly dancing, or make up a new routine

    Kat 25 Sep at 1:04 pm
  99. play with your pets

    yasmina 2 Oct at 11:54 am
  100. Theme: if you are into having a heap of embarrassing fun: old lady- with old cardigans/dresses/rollers in the hair!

    Angie 12 Oct at 1:38 pm
  101. If you have any brothers of sisters that you want to anoy buy a universal remote, hide behind the sofa and keep changeing the channel. IT ALL CRACKS ME UP!

    Amy 21 Oct at 7:20 pm
  102. Hide a walkie talkie somewhere and say goofy stuff

    Anonymous 4 Feb at 10:21 pm
  103. just start laughing to yourself.

    Shellen 3 Mar at 1:05 pm
  104. 1- go to the gym
    3- wash your car/truck
    4- pull weeds/ cut the grass
    5- dust your house!
    6- take a walk..with a friend if your female.. ya never know who is watching you >;/
    7- prank call your boss
    8- prank call him again
    9- Look for a new job, once he finds out it was you 🙂
    10- or do what im doing and add some idea…

    Matt 23 Mar at 11:17 pm
  105. Sit in a chair. have a stop watch. look up the sky and click the stop watch when the cloud passes exactly over your head untill it is unseen. note the time. from that note the speed of the clouds.

    If you do this round the year you can approximately judge when there will be rainfall. and also you can see the same group of clouds next year too, if you remember its identity.

    pradeep 6 May at 10:42 am
  106. write a book about how bored you are on a table, then try to sell people the table.
    play pictionary w/yourself- hours of endless fun!
    call a friend and tell them you won pictionary
    call/text a random number(not like a prank, actually start chatting to them..no matters how much they inform you that they don’t know you)
    listen to weird/entertaining music (pop-up toasters from the young ones?)
    pretend you have friends
    scream at the chair
    talk to your dog(cats count as dogs too)
    dye your hair red, then green, then come and look for us because we will hug you on account of your awesome hair =]
    write a list of things to do when you’re bored
    declare that (random day) is (random object) day, and tell the world.
    search for purple unicorns in the forest
    laugh at sweet car things…

    zombie-moth, spiderfairy & wonderpixie. 7 May at 12:37 pm
  107. watch a movie

    amber 20 Jul at 10:15 am
  108. Post ideas on this website
    Google yourself

    simon 26 Jul at 11:16 am
  109. look up something to do

    amy watts 26 Jul at 3:15 pm
  110. Well seeing that most of the cartoons that i watched as a child are now becoming movies, I was wondering when they were going to make the movie “Johnny Quest”? I think that would be a great movie if some great writer started on it. I’m not a good writer so it would not be me LOL. Just a thought what does everyone else think?

    Jeremy 26 Jul at 10:56 pm
  111. Sympathy with Michael with the bad back. I’m here for the same reason. Meanwhile, google Chuck Norris. Thanks to Catherine for that Excellent suggestion.

    Jan 2 Aug at 8:03 pm
  112. Look up the really good singer ‘VV Brown’!

    Bob 8 Aug at 7:34 pm
  113. walk around the neighbourhood wearing homemade elephant costumes!

    elma 12 Aug at 1:49 am
  114. Dance in the street

    Rosie 12 Aug at 4:52 pm
  115. Read a good book

    Have a relaxing bath

    Write a short story

    Text someone you wouldn’t usually

    Philippa 13 Aug at 12:54 pm
  116. slap yourself
    chew some gum
    act stupid
    kiss your wall
    count too 1,000
    go to addicting games.com and play worlds hardest game

    kd 13 Aug at 9:26 pm
  117. watch tv
    pour ice cold water on yourself
    draw your name 23 times
    climb a tree

    kd 13 Aug at 9:34 pm
  118. Get drunk.

    Jake 19 Aug at 9:26 pm

    Jake 19 Aug at 9:26 pm
  120. write a novel

    Anonymous 20 Aug at 9:33 am
  121. Plan a holiday somewhere different. Not just different for you – different for (almost) anybody. But don’t go to the Faroe Islands as that’s what I’m planning!

    Robski 21 Aug at 1:38 pm
  122. Watch paint dry

    Gemma 24 Aug at 4:24 pm
  123. go swimming

    Gemma 24 Aug at 4:25 pm
  124. Adopt a duck. They’re people too ya know.

    The Duck 26 Aug at 6:40 am
  125. do puzzles in logic book

    Jemma 28 Aug at 3:16 pm
  126. i like to fuck afew girls when im board. or watch gay sex vids.

    sex king that fucks hard 13 Sep at 4:17 am
  127. do a new thing every day.

    sleep if you feel boared, when you will wake up you won’t feel bored any more, as what you will see around you looks very fresh.

    sunil 15 Sep at 9:16 am
  128. HAVE A WANK

    pooh bear 15 Sep at 8:27 pm
  129. Play online games, listen to music and chat for free here
    http ://dealwiththedevil666.com/
    http ://curseofthevampire666.com/index.php

    Rose 17 Sep at 9:36 pm
  130. haha hehehehehe,,,! hey this is the best thing to do….cmon pls do it.. pls,,pls hehehehe…..!

    suyash 1 Oct at 5:56 pm
  131. Go to walmart and:

    1. take red jucie and put little drops of it leading from the tampon isle to the girls bathroom.
    3. When they annouce thing on the intercom,get into the fetalposition and scream”THE VOICES!!!THE VOICES!!!!WHY WONT THEY GO AWAY!!!!!
    4.Put M&Ms on layaway
    5.Pick up condom packets and put them in random peoples carts.
    6.Set all the alarm clocks to go off at the same time
    7. Go up to an empolyee and tell them “Code 4 in Toys” and see what happens
    8.IF UR A GIRL,Find a male empolyee and scream” I NEED A TAMPON!!!!”
    9.Move the CATION-WET FLOORS sign to a capeted area. (preferably near the restroom)
    10.Set up a tent in the camping department and say that you will only let people in if the get pillows from the beding department
    11.In the auto department practice your “Modona” with different sized funnels.
    12.Go into the fitting room and yell really loud “WERE OUT OF TOILET PAPER IN HERE!”
    13.Hide in the cloting rack and when people go by yell “PICK ME!PICK ME!”
    14. Chalenge other costemers to a duel with the tubes of gift wrap.
    15.Play with the automatic doors
    16.Re-dress the manequins.
    17.Take up the entire toy isle with a full scale war between Heman V.S X-man
    18.When going thorugh the clothing department ask yourself loud enoufgh so everyone can hear “Who BUYS this crap anyway?”
    19.When a couple is waking in front of you holding hand run inbetween them and yell “RED ROVER! I WIN!”
    20.Dart around with a Hair-Dryer while humming the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme
    21.Play Marco Polo.
    22.Hold indoor shoping cart races with your friends
    23.While handling the guns ask the guy behind the counter if he has any anti-depressents
    24.Ask new empolyees for items that don’t even exist
    25.Randomly throw things into neighboring isles
    27.As the casher runs stuff over the scaner look really impress and say “WOW! MAGIC!!”
    28.Walk up to a random person and say “Hi. I haven’t seen you in sooo long!” and see how long they will play along.
    30.When and employee offers you help cry and say “Why wont people leave me alone!!WHY!”
    31.Relax in the lawn chair until you get kicked out.
    32.Set up a sign that says ‘Valet Parking’ in front of the store
    33.Try to fit in to large gym bags
    34.Try to fit others in to large gym bags
    35.Pay off all layaways 50 cents at a time (5 if using m&ms)
    36.On the Heman V.S X-man battle ask the costomers if they would like to bet on who would win
    37.Test all the fishing rods by trying to fish out things in other isles
    38.Get a lawn chair and sit in it in the magazine isle(if the store has a drink place buy one and drink it while you r relaxing)

    Twitch 8 Oct at 9:50 pm
  132. cant beat TWITCH looool =) well doneee ^ ^

    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 11:17 pm
  133. If all the housework is done and your stuck at home:

    1. Dye your hair a non permanent color
    2. Take a long bubble bath while your color processes
    3. Give yourself a mani/pedi
    4. Dye your dogs hair (just as easy as giving them a bath)
    5. Paint your dogs toenails (this is hard)
    6. Take some caulking and go around the house filling all the old nail holes
    7. Paint your walls
    8. Paint your kids nails
    9. Bake something and then eat it
    10. Exercise to work off what you baked(or not!)
    11. If you have kids actually “PLAY” with them. When was the last time you played: Barbies, Legos, Blocks, Make Believe, Colored etc.
    12. Make an indoor picnic for you and the kids
    13. Make a fort indoors with the kids and let them play around you while you NAP!
    14. Make some crafty crap to give other people for Christmas
    15. Pluck your eyebrows
    16. Wax your needed areas
    17. Write a real letter on paper to someone far away… or a love letter to your loved one
    18. Give your dog a mohawk (hehehe I’m gonna go do this one)
    19. Clean out your closets
    20. Write on message boards like this.

    Inga 31 Oct at 4:53 pm
  134. get a life

    Anonymous 14 Nov at 1:58 am
  135. tidy your bedroom
    clean your bathroom
    do up your house
    eat something
    learn something new
    talk to the person you like
    see a family member
    excerise/go to the gym
    drink water
    draw and write stuff
    plan out the bad things in your life and how to fix them

    hannah fishface 18 Nov at 7:11 am
  136. Eat
    Computer Games (eg. Sims)
    Talk to someone.

    Clevaaaaa 21 Nov at 8:21 pm
  137. Go for a drive.

    Lou 23 Nov at 4:02 pm
  138. Go and sign up for organ donation.

    Amanda 8 Dec at 5:14 pm
  139. Do a Barrel Roll.

    Thomas Averin 9 Dec at 8:45 am
  140. Eat Sand
    Read a Book to your Pet

    Courtney Reid 9 Dec at 8:52 am
  141. Learn Welsh

    jamie 16 Dec at 3:38 pm
  142. go out with freind or check in the computer makeup and that makeup

    poppy 25 Dec at 1:30 am
  143. cal all ur friends go to the park alltogether

    freind 25 Dec at 1:34 am
  144. DANCE

    Anonymous 25 Dec at 1:34 am
  145. Climb a mountain
    Learn to snowboard/Ski
    Use drugs
    watch the football or study the league table if none on.
    Stalk girls on facebook
    Watch porn and have a wank (even better if you buy a male sex toy)
    Play the fruit machines at the pub
    Buy a run down house and do it up
    plan ways to get your ex wife back

    MtotheD 30 Dec at 12:51 pm
  146. Take a nap

    Anita 10 Jan at 12:23 am
  147. play with lego

    Doug 10 Jan at 6:07 pm
  148. Create your own creature, give it a name, habitat, draw a picture of it and write some interesting information about it!

    Joanna 15 Jan at 12:04 pm
  149. Pick Daises
    Have a sack race
    Get DRUNK!!!!!

    Anonymous 16 Jan at 6:50 pm
  150. Draw And Write Random Things On A Sheet Of Paper And Post It Through Someone You Dont Know’s Letterbox. We Have Done This Before Its Fun

    diana 6 Feb at 4:03 pm
  151. play out with your friend and the go to a park or a field and dicth them. it’s fun.

    Ellie 6 Feb at 4:06 pm
  152. go on Facebook Make A Fake Acount With A Weird Name Send Loads of friends Requests and when People accept Post random things on ther wall

    I Dont Have a Name 6 Feb at 4:09 pm
  153. Go to your nearest newsagent and ask for some gogos and then when you get home open them and then ask for a friend around and ask them to buy some to. and then when your feriend comes around play schools whit the gogos. and then when you get bored swap the gogos with each other. and then when you r friend has gone some where in your house you take all there gogogs they got and then whene they come back you say they took them with them and then when they go home you ring them and say you have there gogos and that you will take them to them the next day. 🙂

    Georgia 6 Feb at 4:17 pm
  154. go swimming
    make your own puzzles and chalege someone
    make up a dance
    play an inserment

    zoe 8 Feb at 8:06 pm
  155. play Ding Dong Ditch. You ring someones door bell and run like crazy so u dont get caught. iTs fun!!!

    alex 14 Feb at 3:49 am
  156. use a sound bord to prank call someone like walmart. Its halarious

    JJ 14 Feb at 3:51 am
  157. burn things, nothing crazy, just for fun…

    Conrad 17 Feb at 2:43 am
  158. go to the gym

    ROZ 17 Feb at 12:17 pm
  159. learn how o plat an mmusic thing.take up something .help an old person cross the stert.play with some freinds.go for a jog make some new freinds.make some money by tyding up.

    Anonymous 19 Feb at 4:48 pm
  160. paint

    Ellie 20 Feb at 12:41 pm
  161. play on ur ds

    izzy 20 Feb at 12:43 pm
  162. make an IMAGIT FRIEND

    to i am boredc 20 Feb at 12:46 pm
  163. – Cast a magical circle
    – make candles
    – buy some and herbal oils and make wonderful perfumes
    – cook
    – write a novel
    – construct your own pottery wheal and make some ancient Greek vases
    – go to a museum

    BOogi 24 Feb at 7:16 pm
  164. read this entire list
    stare at the roof
    count cars of a certain color
    play on paint (under the start menu)
    type random stuff on notepad

    ariel 28 Feb at 9:30 pm
  165. Take all the liquids out of your fridge, mix them, then drink the result.

    Or just go for pizza.

    Jimmy 11 Mar at 12:17 pm
  166. don’t read this whole list

    Max 11 Mar at 11:44 pm
  167. Take 101 ideas from this website, write a list and go out and do it. You’d be surprised at how accomplished you feel in the end.

    Brandon 13 Mar at 10:25 pm
  168. Make prank phone calls to customer service lines. For example, my friend and I called Gatorade customer service to tell them that we were sweating colours. It’s good for a laugh. 😛

    CB 14 Mar at 4:20 pm
  169. Stop spending your time reading lists on the internet. It’s sad.

    Diana 16 Mar at 5:30 am
  170. Read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell to learn what really is a healthy diet (check your local library). Start eating that healthy diet.

    Gary 16 Mar at 11:16 pm
  171. i think when you are bored you should
    go bowling
    make cakes
    have fun
    play games

    Anonymous 19 Mar at 9:22 pm



    PHILL 26 Mar at 1:53 pm
  173. invent something using stuff you find

    john 27 Mar at 10:14 pm
  174. 1.GO TO THE POOL

    maecleiynda 3 Apr at 11:10 pm
  175. Take the baby out for a walk in the pram.

    Gloria 4 Apr at 1:17 pm
  176. 1.dream of some thing(be creative and make ur self a hero in that dream),doesnt matter if u keep ur eyes open.
    2.if u dont have the energy to dream than please also tell me wat to do. I am baored boared boared. I’m really boared.

    mani 4 Apr at 3:13 pm
  177. insult your furniture for being lazy

    bryan 4 Apr at 7:09 pm
  178. If you can’t flare your nostrils then learn to.

    Jodie 7 Apr at 12:19 pm
  179. exercise

    Anonymous 9 Apr at 3:12 am
  180. think of different ideas to start your own business

    paola ross 10 Apr at 5:08 pm
  181. Browse a website with ideas on what to do if your bored and write all the interesting ones down so that you can complete them later

    No thanks 15 Apr at 3:43 pm
  182. dress up like Albert Einstein (use hair gell to fuzz up youre hair)

    You dont need to know 18 Apr at 4:49 am
  183. write a song about an anoing person

    You dont need to know 18 Apr at 4:52 am
  184. pick your toe nails

    The dude! 20 Apr at 5:31 pm
  185. paint the grass in your garden blue!!

    The dude! 20 Apr at 5:32 pm
  186. Well one thing i always find is fun when your bored is to go to http://www.cleverbot.com/ and talk to the AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) It’s alot of fun to see what she’ll say! ^_^

    Dorian 21 Apr at 7:39 pm
  187. Trace your face on a piece of paper

    Rita Hughes 23 Apr at 6:13 am
  188. what is with these ideas. most iof them are to do something outtside. and when people are bored most of the time its crappy outside ! My opinion is to go back to google and type in “things to do when your bored” again and dont look at these useless ideas. kaay ? thank you

    Ronnie 26 Apr at 6:51 pm
  189. why are there so many comments saying to eat???!! no wonder the world is becoming obese!

    me 26 Apr at 7:23 pm
  190. 1.sleep
    2.do ten pushups…if you can’t do more…
    4.make weird faces…maybe it will stay
    5.lie on the floor at eyelevel, you never know what you might find!
    6.jump, it adds enphasis
    7.listen to music…while you are still jumping
    8.with parental supervision throw marshmellows into your mouth
    9.spin in circles, you feel SOO dizy
    10.pretend you have a life, and bug everyone else

    May Esdot 3 May at 11:38 pm
  191. I don’t have an idea… uh….. WATCH TV!

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... 9 May at 6:48 am
  192. Play ‘The Taste Test’ game with friends/siblings.

    Make animal sounds everytime your mum asks you for something.

    Paige 10 May at 2:18 pm
  193. fart
    chicken out
    fart some more
    get sick
    make a movie

    Cheese master 13 May at 7:19 pm
  194. if there are 2 people see who is the most competitive-if you try not to be competitive you are trying to win so you lose but if you try to be competitive you obviously lose!

    Daniel 16 May at 11:47 am
  195. just read these ideas: takes yo ages and some of them are so funny xx

    nome 16 May at 12:56 pm
  196. Take this whole list and spend the rest of you life completing everytask on it!! Looks to me like you would never be bored again and would have lived a long and varied life by the time you finish!!.
    Who knows, hollywood may even make a film about you after!! 😉

    Richie L 21 May at 7:48 am
  197. play games on the computer

    megan 28 May at 7:21 am
  198. read above again

    Anna 31 May at 3:03 pm
  199. eat some marshmallows , make an ants nest , buy a fish from your local pet store , play a really cool truth or dare game , phone your nanny whilst playing with your friends (put it on loud speaker!!!)

    Lily P 1 Jun at 1:11 pm
  200. make a sweet sculpture , (you can use icing to make a body , you could use a gummy bear for a baby!!!) make a recipe using random foods! I used licorice , chocolate chunks that were melted & mixed & heated in an oven – i called them blobby bob`s !!!

    Lily P 1 Jun at 1:25 pm
  201. U could
    get a unicorn hunting liscence
    take what ever pet u have for a walk I took my guinea pig!!!
    Ask to go to nearest library stay all day look at everybook tAkes a while but you’ll find some good books
    learn to sew make somfin cool
    look up ur horoscope
    look up ur crushes horoscope
    see if u too are comparable
    xplore urneighborhood
    get lost
    call for help
    turn around
    there is ur house!!!
    Do oragami
    do ding dong ditch and forget to run then walk into theirhouse ( with parent or a boy that’s a friend)
    see if ur parents will let u go on utube and type in harry potter puppet pals the mysterios ticking noise
    follow ppl around see what they say

    Payton8pizza 2 Jun at 12:24 am
  202. buy the game, another code : R on wii coz its legendary! lol

    lilyp 2 Jun at 6:30 am
  203. cut out different shapes out of construction paper, glue string to them and hang them in a giant mobile art installion. then try to sell it for hundreds of pounds

    Valentina 8 Jun at 11:14 pm
  204. Make up a fake history of yourself, re-inventing who you are. Write it down, and try to convince a stranger that it is true.

    Isledora 9 Jun at 12:08 am
  205. skipping or trampoline, whatever is in your back garden.

    lolokk123 12 Jun at 4:46 pm
  206. 1. Sort all your books into alphabetical order
    2.Then into genre
    3. Then by number of pages
    4. Then by how much you like them
    5. Build a city out of your books

    bobby 13 Jun at 2:00 pm
  207. 1. Lean out the window and shout “HOKEY KOKEY!!!” in a scottish accent
    2. Hide your mum’s bra in your older brothers bed
    3. Squirt hair gel in between your brothers sheets
    4. Wait for when everyone is in a downstairs room together.
    Work out which room is above that.
    Jump up and down on the floor in that room.
    5.See how many different faces you can pull at someone in an upstairs window across the street.
    Humans are supposed to be able to have 1000 facial expressions.
    See if you can beat that.
    6. Break the world record for fattest person
    7. Eat broccili without dying (impossible!)
    8. Go to the park and sit by some geezer on a bench and say
    9. Wait for someone to go into your next door garden and make weird bird noises.
    10. Open the bathroom window really wide and yell
    11. Do a bogey-man hunt
    12. Count the number of bits of dust under your bed
    13. Try and beat my cool ideas.

    bobby 13 Jun at 2:08 pm
  208. 1. Eat a new kind of cheese
    2. Feed your cat that cheese
    3. Go to the newsagents and put a bottle of beer on every shelf
    4. Spend your time reading my ideas
    5. Change your name
    6. Swap all your DVD’s and cases.
    7. Comment on something on youtube
    8. Phone a friend
    Go to the park with them
    Climb a tree with them
    Push them out the tree
    9. Visit a friend in hospital
    10. Make a model with your sibling. Offer them a huge glass of coke/lemonade/their fave drink.
    Wait till they go pee.
    Smash the model and go hide in the airing cupboard
    11. Cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend
    12. Get a new boyfriend/ girlfriend
    13. Jump out a window your lucky number of times. Hm. Mine would be thirteen.
    14. Go visit a lake and feed the ducks. See how many headshots you can get with crumbs.
    (Yeah, CRUMBS, don’t be cruel to the duckies)
    15. Hide under someones bed and search through the stuff under there.
    17. Go to the supermarket. Find the busiest isle.
    Go into the next isle and say
    18. Buy a sqeuaky toy thingy
    19. Go to a really busy place.
    Find somewhere to hide.
    Squeak it really loud.
    20. Annoy someone.
    21. Apologize
    22. Annoy them again
    23. Write 23 ideas on this site.

    bobby 13 Jun at 2:19 pm
  209. – run down your road
    – bake a cake
    – eat some cake
    – orginise and have a party

    lola 15 Jun at 8:30 am
  210. go for meditation

    ankush 26 Jun at 7:17 am
  211. Tell someone you know what they did last Friday.

    bobby 26 Jun at 7:56 pm
  212. build a sandcastle
    build a real castle
    dress up as a knight
    watch a film about castles
    something with castles

    sometimes i cry 28 Jun at 8:45 am
  213. Make up a really wierd dance that envolves putting underwear in ypur head. The dance has to go with the words I’M BORED I’M BORED which you shout really really really really really really really ludly

    Fing 29 Jun at 7:45 pm
  214. Pretend to be a light switch – it’s really hard!

    Fingame bobabe 29 Jun at 7:48 pm
  215. Cover yourself in jam

    Anna 29 Jun at 7:58 pm
  216. write a letter to a newspaper
    fight crime
    make up a language
    build a fort
    do a bogeyman hunt
    read your palms
    practise looking shocked (gasping optional)
    make a song book, write a song in it, singggg
    ring up a random number and have a friendly conversation
    focus on your breathing
    scan your face and print it

    GOOOOSY 7 Jul at 5:55 pm
  217. -Play around with google’s I’m feeling lucky tool.
    -Look for a movie to watch.
    -Search for Recipes to cook(if you can cook….).

    ??? 7 Jul at 9:48 pm
  218. Listen to Green Day because They’re awesome

    David 10 Jul at 8:49 am
  219. laugh for as long as you can WARNING! can start to hurt after about 2 minuts

    hairy toenails 12 Jul at 2:58 am
  220. Go swimming
    Get a boyfriend
    Go for a long walk
    Go out for a jog
    Pack your suitcase as if you’re going on holiday
    Practise kissing on a pillow or something
    Try on your clothes and come up with new outfit ideas.

    Emily 20 Jul at 10:02 pm
  221. run crazy
    roll down a hill
    watch scary pop ups on you tube
    play with shaving gel
    flush the toilet
    walk your dog

    BORED 25 Jul at 12:14 pm
  222. go for a long walk and dont come back, i did that once and then the police found me :l
    paint dogs toenails, when the vet saw them she didnt like the shade.
    annoy yur brother by unplugging the keyboard and plugging it into yours it spppoooky
    paint your bedroom black- and then play hide and seek! tryied and its GREAT

    – snog a random man- if only he was 60 years younger 🙂
    – learn japense and dress like that- my mom didnt recognise me!

    – go and walk your doggie!
    – these are so good ides!

    YES 30 Jul at 2:42 pm
  223. Go for a vacation. Try travelling to different places

    Karl 30 Jul at 7:55 pm
  224. 1. Make an imaginary friend. Hm. Maybe he can tell me why the voices don’t stop.
    2. Design a bed spring.
    3. Stick your nose in the world business.
    4. Design your own business card.
    5. Tell someone you are a busy business.
    6. Make your own toy. I made a weird two-legged two-armed cat thingy.
    Maybe he can tell me why the voices won’t stop.
    7. Be sad.
    8. Be happy.
    9. Be sad again.
    10. Be happy… all right, hand over the pills!
    11. Go on holiday to Peru!
    12. Get Paddington Bear’s autograph.
    Maybe he will tell me why the voices won’t stop.
    13. Make the voices stop.
    14. If anyone knows how to make the voices stop, please say!

    bobby 31 Jul at 10:49 am
  225. 1. See how long you can stare at the Celling without blinking for
    2. See if you can balance a book on your jead and jump
    3. Go to sleep for the whole day
    4. Be bored
    5. Read
    6. Scream as loud as you can
    7. See how many objects you lost then try to find them all
    8. Plan a birthday party for someone
    9. Make a video about you and your best mates ( I already did it!)
    10. Post random stuff on YouTube
    11. Post ideas on here
    12. Listen to the music tik tok over and over again about 5 times then act and sing it and see how much you remember ( I love doing that )
    13. Watch coraline
    14. Make a whacky video with your best mates
    15. Design your bedroom for the next time you decorate
    16. See wich clothes with go with others oh and shoes and acsesories
    17. Sing
    18. Dance
    19. Watch tv
    20. Go to a field were nobody else is lie there for the whole day
    21. Pamper yourself with a bubble bath with candles
    22. Make up a fashion show with friends
    23. Make yourself look fab then go to your boy friend/girl friends house and act sweet
    those are all my ideas don’t copy them and I have broken the record fir how many can you write!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡

    Ponymad123 1 Aug at 8:18 pm
  226. is anybody who writes ideas on here actually bored?

    bobby 6 Aug at 4:21 pm
  227. write bored over and over again and give it to a friend

    bobby 7 Aug at 10:16 pm
  228. Lean sign language…

    A.Torta 15 Aug at 4:56 pm
  229. Go to wal-mart, go to the toy section, find the bikes,’ride them,till you get kicked out

    Jfrizzle 20 Aug at 11:13 am
  230. do something on internet

    elo 24 Aug at 2:22 am
  231. the best thing to do when ur bored—
    go to sleep

    Abhi 28 Aug at 9:19 am
  232. listen to justin biebers music! draw wierd and wonderfull cartoon faces. talk to a friend. waste ur credit on your phone by ringing a texting people all day long. spend all your allowence/money at the biggest shopping centre near you!!!!

    aimee 4 Sep at 11:33 am
  233. chew gum
    kick a soccer ball
    watch tv
    play with spiders or any other bug you can find
    invite someone over
    build a fort
    scare someone

    mix mustard ketchup and mayo
    chew on a cap

    z 21 Sep at 1:05 am
  234. explore your garden

    monica 22 Sep at 5:08 pm
  235. Go for a sleep over
    Invite someone to a party
    Climb a tree
    Do some skipping

    monica 22 Sep at 5:10 pm
  236. See how many push ups you can do. Get high on endorphines!

    Matt 22 Sep at 7:47 pm
  237. Act like an actress
    play a game of police

    monica 24 Sep at 1:06 pm
  238. Try to lick Your elbow

    Me 25 Sep at 10:14 am
  239. 1. Try to talk Shakespearian
    2. If you don’t know who Shakespeare is, find out
    3. Clean your room
    4. If you’re at school, do your homework
    5. Take a long hot shower or bath
    6. Phone a relative, it makes them feel good
    7. Invite your friends over
    8. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend over
    9. Write a script
    10. Make a movie (your friends could be the cast!)
    11. Watch old movies, like Grease !
    12. Listen to your parents old records and CDs
    13. Think about all the people in your life, and add an old friend on Facebook
    14. If you don’t have a Facebook, make one
    15. Watch the Harry Potter films in order
    16. Confess something
    17. Start a Vlog (Video Blog)
    18. Dance and Sing
    19. Learn to skateboard, rollerskate, ice skate etc.
    20. Think up your own list 🙂

    oneself 26 Sep at 10:18 am
  240. 1. take a Long Hot Shower, not Bath.
    2. walk, call a Friend tell him that you are coming to him walking (don’t use your car).
    3. do a quick Barbeque trip, just buy some meat & call a Friend or two & go to the nearest beautiful place.

    Rigza 26 Sep at 5:09 pm
  241. read every single idea on this page

    rtekgdfkgldhdh 28 Sep at 11:16 am
  242. Dance, jump, eat chocolate, spin till you feel like you want to vomit, jump some more, run around your house, run round and round in circles, google a foreign race and learn about it, make a twitter account and tweet, do something you normally wouldn’t do, tell someone you don’t really know something serious about you, go make a pizza, eat a pizza, order a pizza, buy a pizza, listen to the best music in the world, watch NCIS, browse every channel on TV, make fun of something, laugh, laugh like crazy, sing and scream, count till 100 then backwards, memorize the alphabet backwards, kiss an animal, read a scary story.

    ww 30 Sep at 5:24 pm
  243. Call your best friend and talk to her/him.
    Talk to someone that understands you.
    Chew gum.
    See how much gum you can chew in one go.
    Open the fridge and use anything you find to make a horrible disgusting food. Or a really delicious yummy food.

    ww 30 Sep at 5:30 pm
  244. when im board i just watch cartoons online, mostly from Anime Freak but that uses mega video and that has a time limit, after an episode of what ever im back at square 1, mostly cause i cant go out side…
    its always raining (just moved to england so i have no friends)

    Angela 1 Oct at 3:41 pm
  245. make vid for youtube-
    do something random, like play dressup with clothes you havent used in a while-
    take a nap-
    watch t.v-
    uhhh…. write a story…-
    ok, now IM getting bored

    sc 2 Oct at 10:39 am
  246. 1.Sit up. Say, “time to make the donuts.” Leave. Do this often.

    2. Every five minutes, get up, open the door, peek out, close the door and look relieved.

    3. Express an extreme fear of sunlight. Move away from and flinch at areas of the room that are sunny.

    4. Pick up the phone every five minutes and say, “hello.” Look confused and hang up.

    5. Unwrap a candy bar. Eat the wrapper and throw the chocolate away.

    6. Name your animal crackers . Mourn for them after you eat them.

    7. Address your roommate by a different name every time you talk to him or her

    8. Constantly drink from an empty glass.

    9. Every time you handle something of your roommate’s, use a tissue or gloves.

    10. While unlocking your door with the key, complain that the engine won’t start.

    11. Collect hundreds of pens and pile them on one side of the room. Keep one pencil on the other side of the room. Laugh at the pencil.

    12. Tell your roommate, “I’ve got an important message for you.” Then pretend to faint. When you recover, say you can’t remember what the message was. Later on, say, “Oh, yeah, I remember!” Pretend to faint again. Keep this up for several weeks.

    13. While your roommate is out, glue your shoes to the ceiling. When your roommate walks in, sit on the floor, hold your head, and moan.

    14. Make a sandwich. Don’t eat it, leave it on the floor. Ignore the sandwich. Wait until your roommate gets rid of it, and then say, “Hey, where the heck is my sandwich!?” Complain loudly that you are hungry.

    15. Every time your roommate walks in yell, “Hooray! You’re back!” as loud as you can and dance around the room for five minutes. Afterwards, keep looking at your watch and saying, “Shouldn’t you be going somewhere?”

    16. Talk back to your Rice Krispies. All of a sudden, act offended, throw the bowl on the floor and kick it. Refuse to clean it up, explaining, “No, I want to watch them suffer.”

    17. Everytime your roommate falls asleep, wait ten minutes, wake him or her up and say, “it’s time to go to bed now.”

    18. Collect potatoes. Paint faces on them and give them names. Name one after your roommate. Separate your roommate’s potato from the others. Wait a few days, and then bake your roommate’s potato and eat it. Explain to your roommate, “He just didn’t belong.”

    19. Move everything to one side of the room. Ask your roommate if he knows how much an elephant weighs, and look at the floor on the empty side of the room with concern.

    20. Draw a tiny black line on your nose. Make it bigger every day. Look at it and say, “The hair, it’s growing. Growing!”

    21. Buy some knives. Sharpen them every night. While you’re doing so, look at your roommate and mutter, “Soon, soon….”

    Lilyyyyy 8 Oct at 5:17 pm
  247. keep reading this

    Anonymous 14 Oct at 1:21 pm
  248. Have an affair as you are so bored with you current life. Your partener has forsed you go onto the website. Carry on texting that one who you like deep down but who you cant admit and perform the affair

    Anonymous 15 Oct at 12:44 pm
  249. go bog swimming

    anon 15 Oct at 12:45 pm
  250. sleep or play on the computer

    jeanne 16 Oct at 4:56 am
  251. annoy your sister or play outisde or go shopping

    jeanne 16 Oct at 5:01 am
  252. do stuff

    jeanne 16 Oct at 5:52 am
  253. make up ur own stuff

    jeanne 16 Oct at 5:53 am
  254. i didn’t got any idea

    ashru 20 Oct at 4:11 pm
  255. i read them all! haha
    uhh….dunno 🙂

    rara oolala 21 Oct at 10:57 am
  256. Drive to a big supermarket you don’t normally shop at & wander up & down the aisles with a trolly. Buy anything you fancy (& can afford).

    Print out your best digital pictures. Stick them into an album & write dates & details ie who the people are, where the pictures were taken.

    Take a walk round the block. Smile & say hello to anyone you meet.

    Write a diary on the computer, not to post online, just to pour your thoughts into. Add to it any time you get the urge. Don’t delete it when you get bored. In time you’ll find it again & be interested to read it through.

    Go to the library. Look through the withdrawn for sale books. Buy any that look interesting.

    Pull up some weeds in the garden.

    Joe 23 Oct at 8:17 pm
  257. do nothing and eat popcorn and watch a movie!!!

    haley 25 Oct at 7:09 pm
  258. If you’ve made it this far down the page, you must be REALLY bored. In that case, go to your fridge get some butter and eggs. Now move to your pantry get some flour and sugar. MAKE CAAAKES 🙂 Its a great way to waste time!

    Bert 26 Oct at 1:57 pm

    char. 27 Oct at 12:03 pm
  260. Go to a restaurant or a shop and pretend you can’t speak English.It’s funny to see people “REAL MAD”

    hiro nakamora 27 Oct at 5:03 pm
  261. eat and drink and play on bored.com

    Anonymous 28 Oct at 4:07 pm
  262. Make your Christmas list or play motorbike games

    Anonymous 28 Oct at 4:08 pm
  263. jump on your bed

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:33 pm
  264. spin on your computer chair

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:34 pm
  265. go on google maps and see where your relatives live.

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:35 pm
  266. pick some flowers and put them in a vase

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:36 pm
  267. change all your furniture around

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:37 pm
  268. Try drawing a smiley face with your eyes closed

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:38 pm
  269. have a look of your childhood photos

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:40 pm
  270. try out some new hair styles

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:40 pm
  271. find loads of coppers and make £1 out of them

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 10:43 pm
  272. Call your mom, sister or any female member of your family! and Chat.. you will have your time pass quick (women are entertainers by nature) and you make her happy that you thought of her!

    You will be amazed what comes up! What these beautiful creatures would add up to your life..

    Try it!

    Darousha 12 Nov at 1:31 pm
  273. Read ideas in this website

    Howida 24 Nov at 9:07 am
  274. write a story (about anything, just have fun)

    cassandra 28 Nov at 3:43 am
  275. hehehe, i read everything on this page and really loved certain ones my favs where the ones from lilyyyyy, i like the knife one, LOL ROFL COPTER!
    Good things to do are to watch Doctor Who and talk to rocks with wierd shapes, they are like the retards of the rock world so they are rejected, lol

    imma always bord 1 Dec at 9:26 am
  276. 1. Every time you get asked a question answer in really really slow motion.
    2. Walk up to a random stranger stand in front of them and smile then after about a minute grin really widely and say “I’m wearing new sox today” then walk away.
    3. Try to eat all the sprinkles of a chocolate freckle but don’t eat the chocolate.
    4. Paint red dots on yourself and tell your teacher there from your allergies to school.
    5. Sit in the middle of the road and when people come near you ask where the nearest campsite is.
    6. Walk up to someone and scream in their face then walk away as if nothing happened.
    7. Walk through the McDonalds drive through if they won’t serve you say your cars invisible and start making car noises if they still won’t serve you then go home make a cardboard box car and go back and see if they will serve you if they don’t then yell at them.
    8. Put a walkie talkie in your mailbox and when the mailman comes scream as loud as you can.
    9. Bite someone in class then tell the teacher you were hungry.
    10. Run into a wall and blame it on your mum.
    11. Act like a hippie and yell at people for killing the ants.
    12. Stand in an elevator and make explosion noises every time someone pushes a button.
    13. Text your ex and tell them how much you love them, then call them and scream siike.
    14. Wonder who on earth the people are who write stuff on this website (especially Bobby is that a boy or a girl?? I wonder) lol
    15. Say LOL to an old person and see if they know what it means.
    16. Go through a drive through and say “I want to eat inside if ya know what I mean”
    17. Leave the building then run back in saying you seen a UFO.
    18. Go to a crowded place and point at the sky and yell wow what’s that, then when everyone is looking run around.
    19. Say good morning to random ppl in the afternoon and c if they say good morning back say r u stupid it’s the afternoon.
    20. Buy an apple colour it orange and call it a pear.
    21. Go outside and say “hi” the 1st 100 ppl u c.
    22. Hit Logan coz I hate him.
    23. Sing to plants in public when someone asks what you’re doing scream and run away.
    24. Run through a crowded street yelling their coming their coming Help the evil hotdogs are gunna get me.
    25. Run around hugging random ppl sayin “I just got shot by cupid”
    26. Call the fire brigade and inform them that the sun is on fire.
    27. In a big city yell “duck” and c how many ppl do it.
    28. Ask someone a question and when they’re goin 2 answer say “stop talking”
    29. Call a shoe shop and order a cheese burger when they tell u they are a shoe shop yell at them sayin no u McDonalds I want my cheese burger.
    30. Order a pizza to ur friends house wait till its delivered and they’ve payed for it then go over and help them eat it and listen 2 them complainin bout not orderin a pizza.
    31. Go up to random strangers down town and start singin happy birthday to them. (trust me it’s funnii)
    32. Vacuum ur front lawn (u get the strangest looks)
    33. Write 33 things on this website.

    33 things suck on that Bobby (whoeva u r) LOL 🙂 and mii ideas are betta and cooler than urs…

    fly :) 1 Dec at 11:23 pm
  277. do some soul searching ……… why are you bored……

    asthoo 2 Dec at 8:16 am
  278. photocopy a 20 dollar note and hang it on string from a tree branch because photocopied notes can’t be used if the register person realises they are not actually allowed to let you use it because obviously it’s not real.

    imma always bord 2 Dec at 9:49 am
  279. research your family history

    ellie 7 Dec at 1:50 pm
  280. pretend 2 sleep and see if u can get 8 hours of sleep.Then “wake up” and relive your whole day.dont go 2 bed and go insane b/c of lack of sleep.:) :p lol guess whats funny about this number
    837 also guess random peoples fave numbers(that u dont no)so you probably will b rong

    Chanel 9 Dec at 7:00 pm
  281. make up lots of email addresses and dont use them. give random ppl one tell them to email u and dont reply;) 🙂 :p

    Chanel 9 Dec at 7:02 pm
  282. put chewed up oreos all over your teeth and walk around in public

    Rat 10 Dec at 6:37 pm
  283. Go out, get into a fight and mash up some blood
    Marvel at the length of this list and delight in the fact that there are more bored’er people out there!

    Mikey 10 Dec at 9:59 pm
  284. Recall the past! 🙁

    Huzaifa 18 Dec at 6:24 pm
  285. Learn how to play an instrament
    Go give your P.E. teacher a BIG hug and say, “I love it that you make us work, but i want more exrusiating exersizes.” hand him a paper of hard worko outs.

    Moriah 19 Dec at 1:12 am
  286. try to persuade your parents to get you a dog then you wont get bored.
    they are so cute

    yasmin 20 Dec at 9:48 am
  287. Buy yourself at least 10 different colors of felt sheets, a low-temp hot glue gun, and a pair of scissors. Then start crafting- make a bookmark, a cell phone holder, anything. Felt is so easy to use, it’s cheap, doesn’t fray, and you can make running to the store to buy it an activity in its own right.

    Apeacockpersian 22 Dec at 10:16 pm
  288. go 2 parties

    alliu kafayat 23 Dec at 7:21 pm
  289. 1. Get off ur laptop.
    2. Go do something.
    3. Ta-da! U r no longer bored.

    bobby 24 Dec at 12:26 pm
  290. stand infront of the mirror and talk about your feelings to yourself or u may write it in a piaece of paper.

    u may try to make yourself look better today…..

    sarah 26 Dec at 11:14 am
  291. Teach yourself to be ambidextrous

    Anonymous 28 Dec at 11:20 pm
  292. -Make a paper mache volcano
    -Put vinegar and baking soda in it *PUT RED FOOD COLORING IN THE VINEGAR*
    -watch it explooooooooooode(:
    -put mentos in coke

    Grace 29 Dec at 6:02 pm

    seriously, it’s the best!

    dsfhshgghsfd 30 Dec at 2:27 pm
  294. have a bath
    imagine urself with ur crush
    think of ur future

    Anonymous 31 Dec at 3:27 pm
  295. Step 1. Go on mylifeisaverage.com
    Step 2. Read.

    Sarah 2 Jan at 12:20 pm
  296. no offence but you people are wasting your time your on this writing down things to do instead of actually doing them

    ashley 3 Jan at 10:13 pm
  297. here’s an idea

    GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 3 Jan at 10:39 pm
  298. PLAY ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK!!!!!1!!!one!!! trololololol

    SPARKLEDESUKAWAII 6 Jan at 9:44 am
  299. if you get boared:
    boared game
    go on the website:fantage
    order pizza?
    make a random phone call

    Anonymous 16 Jan at 8:52 pm
  300. eat cheese

    Anonymous 16 Jan at 8:54 pm
  301. Put your clothes on back to front

    Anonymous 16 Jan at 10:51 pm
  302. Do a trading in stock market. You will forget abt rest other things..

    Barath 20 Jan at 2:33 am
  303. 1. insult someone
    2. if person retaliates, spend the next 1 hours arguing with him
    3. n the next hour trying to fend off his fists
    4. if person doesnt retaliate, insult someone else
    5. repeat step 4 until u find some entertainment ^^
    6. when ur all tired out from shouting and running away, get some rest

    Idiot 22 Jan at 4:26 pm
  304. 1. Read all these ideas.
    2. Sleep.
    3. Color a picture.
    4. Look up pictures of hot guys.
    5. Try not to think of penguins.
    6. Go to bored.com.
    7. Turn your radio on and dance like you have no sense.
    8. Go play checkers with yourself.
    9. Call a family member that talks, alot.
    10. Do 200 jumping jacks.
    11. Count how many twinkies youu can put in your mouth without throwing up.
    12. Imagine you’re a choo choo train that’s about to fall off a cliff.
    13. Yoga.
    14. Yoddle.
    15. Jump up and down until youu’re not bored.

    Anonymous 28 Jan at 12:20 am
  305. run like u have never have before

    courty 29 Jan at 3:05 pm
  306. when im bored i hug myself

    Sim 4 Feb at 10:31 am
  307. google urself ud b suprised wat cums up

    Anonymous 6 Feb at 7:32 pm
  308. draw

    fsvxcvgbhj;hgfdszzsrtdyfg 8 Feb at 8:30 pm
  309. Every time you get asked a question answer in really really slow motion.
    2. Walk up to a random stranger stand in front of them and smile then after about a minute grin really widely and say “I’m wearing new sox today” then walk away.
    3. Try to eat all the sprinkles of a chocolate freckle but don’t eat the chocolate.
    4. Paint red dots on yourself and tell your teacher there from your allergies to school.
    5. Sit in the middle of the road and when people come near you ask where the nearest campsite is.
    6. Walk up to someone and scream in their face then walk away as if nothing happened.
    7. Walk through the McDonalds drive through if they won’t serve you say your cars invisible and start making car noises if they still won’t serve you then go home make a cardboard box car and go back and see if they will serve you if they don’t then yell at them.

    S.E.Bytesland 9 Feb at 9:01 am
  310. Try to lick your elbow.
    It can keep you occupied for hours, seriously.

    Anonymous 9 Feb at 5:52 pm
  311. complain to random people aboout how upset you are that your gold fish died
    it’s absolutely hilarious

    Anonymous 10 Feb at 9:34 pm
  312. order pizza and share it with your friends

    lalala~ 20 Feb at 10:57 am
  313. 1. Listen to music
    2. Write your own songs
    3. Call Justin Bieber gay!
    4. Make a website (use webs.com)
    5. Eat pizza!
    6. inivte a friend round
    7. pretend to be a pirate
    8. annoy your little brother. its fun
    9. watch films!
    10. go on facebook/twitter/msn
    11. take random photos upload them to facebook
    12. do your homework
    13. Phone a friend
    14. go on your phone/ipod/mp3
    15. Do a paperround (if ur 13)
    16. do a babysitting job
    17. Walk up to the nearest shop and get some sweets
    18. Jump around randomly
    19. Knock down ginger!
    20. Make fun of a ginger person1
    21. make fun of a blonde person!
    22. Dye your hair a funny colour
    23. annoy your parents
    24. play with your pet!
    25. play with your brother/sister
    26. Create random pictures on paint
    27. Look on ebay
    28. Make cakes like i did earlier ;D
    29. Make badges out of bits of foam and safetypins

    Hope that helped! im only 11 and i spend too much time on facebook soo i give my self 1hour on there – without facebook im bored!xx (: <3

    Syra ;Dx 22 Feb at 5:24 pm
  314. 1. Go buy freddo frogz n give them to random ppl.
    2. Sit sum where public on Christmas, easter and other holidayz wen ppl say merry Christmas etc reply wit happy birthday 🙂 (works best outside a pub)
    3. Go swimming in ur swimmers and bright orange sox (i did it by accident but it waz funny sein da looks on pplz faces)
    6. Get drunk
    7. Listen 2 music (its entertaining)
    8. Daydream about ur crush/boyfriend/girlfriend/whateva
    9. Try 2 beat mii ideas
    11. Try 2 find owt who ppl dat write stuff on here really r…
    12. Take heaps of pix n put them on facebook (if yuh dnt hav facebook make a facebook)
    13. Find sum1 who haz a girlfriend/boyfriend and kiss them, then yuh can say youve cheated WITH sum1…
    14. Go buy a white out pen and write a letter 2 sum1 in white out lol
    15. Sniff UHU glue do it go on do it yuh no yuh wan2 (it actually smellz good)
    16. Sniff permanent markers (wow that gave me a headspin)
    17. Sniff anything and everything lol
    18. Bash ur lil bro/sis if yuh hav 1 (warning: may result in yuh bein in trouble n getting the blame)
    19. Actually cut up potatoes put them in a deep fryer and make hot chips.
    20. Read a book
    21. Watch a movie
    22. Txt every1 in ur contact list on ur mobile fone.
    23. Put ur nmbr on dis website and i will txt yuh 🙂 (i promise)
    24. Walk up to a stranger and say haha u’ve got snot on ur face, then walk away
    25. Look in the back of an atlas and c how many wierd places wit wierd names there are lol (there’s a place called Brunette obviously no blondes live there)
    26. Plan a road trip with ur friendz n visit lots of small twns eg Coonabarabran NSW
    27. Go 2 da local park and play on the play equipment and whenever kid comes near yuh scream AAAAAHHHHH dnt eat me plz dnt eat me then scream go away stop lookin at me… (its funny but carefull sum kidz mite cry)
    28. Wow if ur still reading mii ideas ur really board….
    29. Walk down da street wit a bra ova ur shirt (male or female its funny either way)
    30. Pretend 2 be an aeroplane and run around singin i lyk aeroplane jelly. (its actually fun… trust me)
    31. Buy the newspaper or a magazine and draw on all the photo’s in it (its entertaining) then leave it in a public area to entertain other ppl.
    32. Buy lots of lollies and eat them all 🙂 i love lollies…
    33. Go on a public transport thing eg bus or train and start singing 99 bottles of beer (it goes 99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer yuh take 1 down pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall 98 bottles of beer on the wall yuh take 1 dwn pass it around 97 bottles of beer on the wall… and so on) see how many ppl yuh can get 2 join in
    34. Go on public transport and sing the ants go marchin 1 by 1 horah horah the ants go marchin 1 by 1 horah horah the ants go marchin 1 by 1 the little 1 stops 2 get sum gum and they all went marchin on got to got outta the rain horah gotta get out of the rain horah, the ants go marching 2 by 2… and so on (see how long it takes b4 ppl start sayn SHUT UP!!!) lol
    35. Start singin the wiggles songs like toot toot chugga chugga big red car and quack quack quack quack quack cock-a-doodle-doo (if yuh dnt no any wiggles songs then go rent a wiggles dvd and learn sum)
    36. Go jump on a trampoline it keeps yuh entertained 4 agez n it gets yuh fit
    37. Draw a pretty picture and give it 2 sum1 🙂
    38. Go 4 a walk
    39. Do handstands cartwheels and other things like that
    40. Stand on ur head
    41. Ummm i cant think of anything els rite now… how about goin and doin mii entire list otai?? 🙂
    P.S: S.E Bytesland iz an ideas stealer… DONT DO IT AGAIN!!! Got it, jus coz mii ideas r awesome and mad and hott lyk me.
    And BOBBY 2 make the voices stop yuh need to follow these instructions carefully: 1. Eat 2 litres of choc chip ice cream 2. Tell the person yuh luv that yuh luv them 3. Eat 3 blocks of chocolate 4. Drink a litre of cordial or water 4. Make a new friend 5. Say sorry 2 sum1… and now Bobby the voices will stop. TRUST ME 🙂 oh n P.S put ur nmbr on dis site and i will txt yuh 🙂

    fly :) 25 Feb at 3:10 am
  315. Go to sleep

    Nidhin 26 Feb at 8:12 am
  316. CORRECTION: Flame painter

    happee25 2 Mar at 3:23 am
  317. play a game on the conputer:] 🙂

    kendra 3 Mar at 12:46 am
  318. sing a random song if your bored

    kendra 3 Mar at 12:49 am
  319. dress up and take pictures of yourself

    nene 3 Mar at 5:41 pm
  320. get drunk 😀
    go out
    eat a kebab
    count how many grains of sugar is in a packet
    stop being bored

    bobby 6 Mar at 1:11 am
  321. Watch RayWilliamJohnsen (on youtube)

    Bree Skadoske 6 Mar at 6:23 am
  322. Re-arrange all the furniture in your bedroom

    Sell stuff on e-bay

    Buy stuff on e-bay, then sell it for a profit

    Start collecting something

    Register to recieve a daily inspirational e-mail to stay inspired.

    Paulo 7 Mar at 8:38 am
  323. 1.go for a bike ride or walk….
    2.watch xxx
    3.do something adventure
    4.listen to music
    5.go for a movie
    6.play games on facebook
    7.play online mini games

    saminda 12 Mar at 6:08 am
  324. Make a den!

    Anonymous 12 Mar at 1:56 pm
  325. Get off the computer and do something better with your life!!

    Anonymous 12 Mar at 1:57 pm
  326. start texting on your mobile phone…

    shreya 22 Mar at 6:49 am
  327. Watch grass grow.

    Read this page over and over until it gets boring and you feel like doing some thing else.

    Do that something else and you will no longer be bored.

    Listen to a video on youtube 100 times.

    Anonymous 11 Apr at 7:27 pm
  328. email your friends
    plan an exciting easter egg hunt for your family
    browse the shops on the web
    try on your clothes
    draw faces on your hands and make them talk

    also bored 14 Apr at 11:15 am
  329. spin around for until u think of sumthing to do

    Anonymous 14 Apr at 2:41 pm
  330. GO ON YOUTUBE!!

    Anonymous 14 Apr at 2:42 pm
  331. call to ur friend and bore him.
    Liston to songs (all new).

    M@HE$H 17 Apr at 11:58 am
  332. do creative some thing.

    M@HE$H 17 Apr at 12:00 pm
  333. Top 10 tips part 1!

    1.Go to the pet shop and buy a pet.
    2. Get overweight and sit on sombody.
    3. Photocopy a £20 note and hang it off a tree wait for sombody too get it and they get in trouble XD.
    4.Phone one of your worst enemies and say: ‘Johnny Knocker Johnny Knockers walking down your street.’ Hang up then phone after about 20 seconds and say ‘Johnny Knocker Johnny Knockers on your front porch.’ (or door step) Then after about 10 seconds phone again and say ‘Johnny Knocker Johnny Knockers in your house.’ Then come too her/his house and make a really loud scream (or if you really hate them smash their window). And when you next see him/her they’ll be scared stiff.
    5. Buy somthing you’ve always wanted.
    7. Learn too cook.
    8. Make a donation to a charity.
    9. Eat some disgusting stuff mixed altogether,for example: Brussel Sprouts, Peas, Olives, Prunes, Beetroot etc.
    10. Wear a pair of knickers on your head, a bra on your stomach and some unmatching things then put your make up on scruffy or if your a boy put it on like your a pro then eat some oreos and rub some peanut butter or chocolate spread on your front teeth.

    Hope them tips are useful too you hope you like the next ones I send peace out homies!?

    RawrrHabboRulezz? 17 Apr at 5:27 pm
  334. Watch something funny on YouTube!
    (Annoying Orange)

    Elara 25 Apr at 10:47 pm
  335. 1. buy recipe books and start cooking
    2. talk to you friend what you have cooked or write it in a blog
    3. Share the cooking with your family

    4. go online dating
    5. Watch world news
    6. Read some books
    7. Cleaning
    8. Make some tea and you will feel better

    Amenda 14 May at 2:55 pm
  336. Play a game.
    Watch a movie
    Go outside
    Go walk in the woods
    Take a nap
    Do some research about things you always wanted to know
    make a video

    Anonymous 22 May at 1:18 pm
  337. play scary maze
    watch a movie with a friend
    go shopping
    fing a funny online game
    clean your room

    Anonymous 30 May at 8:00 am
  338. Get an ipod

    Bobby 19 Jun at 1:11 pm
  339. 1.get a guinea pig
    2.play a ds
    3.pretend your a unicorn
    4.get some caterpillers and whatch t hen turn into cacoons its very fun im doing it myself right now lol

    T-bug 28 Jun at 11:16 pm
  340. Read a book
    GO to fanfiction and write a fan fic about your book.

    kate 1 Jul at 6:22 am
  341. Wo! I cant possibly be “bored” after reading all these ideas.

    Ayesha 13 Jul at 10:28 am
  342. switch places with your dog for a day (“,)

    jamie palimino 7 Aug at 4:34 pm
  343. find new things on youtube and make something with paperr 😀 also, you can find gamess on the computer that you enjoy. go for a walk. yaay fun. 😀

    anonomoussssss 18 Aug at 2:52 pm
  344. Write a bucket list.
    What do you want to do before you die? Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn? What goals do you want to reach?
    It can be anything!

    Cheyenne 24 Sep at 9:32 pm
  345. if your bored you could :
    have a nap .
    call a friend ..
    watch tv…
    listen to music….
    go for a walk…..
    cook somethink …..

    bobbie 24 Apr at 6:00 pm
  346. Sleep

    A bored Person 17 May at 1:32 pm
  347. Learn how to make sushi
    Make brownies, lick bowl clean
    Learn how to make chai tea from scratch
    Learn Polish – if ur really bored!
    Cover someone in chocolate, then kiss them
    Invite boyfriend/girlfriend/blu tak partner round and go sledging down the stairs on the door that u have removed from the toilet entrance.
    Buy a new door.
    Call ambulance before sledging incident.
    Start a water fight.
    Design a t-shirt.
    Play Samarost (Google it).
    Plan a holiday.
    Invent something.
    Create and eat a frozen yoghurt.

    Anon 25 May at 5:04 pm
  348. keep reading this. its so addicting

    Anonymous 22 Sep at 7:15 pm
  349. The best thing to do is procrastinate … but not just yet, leave it for tomorrow 🙂

    Hobbies are the best means of curbing boredom. Find that one niche activity that will take you away into another world and see how time just fly by

    For me its making Music, photography, social networking!!

    Steelasophical 10 Oct at 9:27 am
  350. 1.Draw a picture
    2.Paint ur nails
    3.Text someone
    4.Go to Instagram
    5.Hang out with ur friends
    6.Facetime ur friends
    7.Clean the house
    8.Read a story
    9.Go to bed
    10.Walk ur puppy or dog! ????

    Melissa 28 Dec at 7:09 pm
  351. 1. Go to the gym
    2. Draw
    3. Take a shower
    4. Paint your nails
    5. Turn on music and dance!
    6. Read
    7. Bake
    8. Play a one player game
    9. Call a friend or family member
    10. Do stretches
    11. Clean closet or do laundry
    12. Plane meals for the week
    13. Go for a walk with some music
    14. Play with makeup
    15. Sing aloud
    16. Rearrange furniture

    Sara 10 Mar at 7:46 am
  352. eat sme food
    do sme drwaong
    have your own prom
    go on youtube a practise a song
    message you firemd and qs k them to Skype
    any thing else cos I don’t know

    giga gagga 15 Jul at 3:34 pm
  353. A giant list of things to do when your bored:
    .Stare at your toe for 1 minute
    .Go shopping and buy 1 thing that you want from each shop
    .Throw a house party for the whole neigbour hood
    .Order something u have always wanted off amazon
    .Go swimming
    .Put keyrings on your handbag if u don’t have any buy a load of em and put them on your handbag
    .Cook something you have never cooked before
    .Drink 10 cups of water
    .Look around your street or area for a stray dog and take it to the RSPCA
    .Donate money to 5 charitys
    .Eat lots of chips
    .Watch tv for 30 seconds
    .Go clubbing
    .Join a local club like karate swimming etc
    .Only eat fruit for breakfast and lunch
    .Go to the nearest florish and buy 3 types of flower to care for
    .Change your bbm profile message every 2 mins or if u don’t have a bb text someone every 3 mins
    .Order something off of shopping channels on tv
    .Go on youtube and watch something you’ve never watched
    .Go to the beauty salon and have everything done a giant makeover
    .Go to a riding stables and have riding lessons
    .Volounteer at an animal shelter or charity or homeless home or a care home
    .Take your dog for a walk or offer to walk peoples dog for 1 pound

    I hope I helped xxx

    Hayley 21 Jul at 12:33 pm
  354. Try capoeira – your mood and body will be 100% improved:)

    Kinley 10 May at 10:13 am
  355. This could be one specific with the most beneficial blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Really Wonderful. I’m also an expert in this topic so I can understand your hard work.

    badgarnituur 9 Apr at 12:19 pm
  356. *You could clean out that junk drawer finally.

    *Make something w a hot glue gun. Ex. Little birdie house from straws or popsickle sticks glued together.

    * go through old cards you saved.

    Jen 30 Oct at 6:45 pm
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