How to Use Technology to Keep Your Audience Engaged in Presentations

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Remember the first time you used a word processing program like Word or Pages? Remember the urge to try 19 different fonts? Maybe you actually did use as many font types and sizes imaginable. Once. Then the feedback likely taught you that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It overwhelms the communication.

Use technology effectively, not exclusively.

Technology in a presentation works along those same lines. You want to use it but you want to use it effectively, not exclusively.

Multimedia is more than high tech.

We tend to think of multimedia as high-tech. That’s not the case. Anything that helps you get your point across and get your audience involved in your presentation is multimedia. That might include technology like PowerPoint or Keynote but it might also include low-tech or no-tech options too like handouts, exercises, and demonstrations.

The combination is the key.

Using a combination of high-tech and low-tech will set you up for success far more than relying exclusively on high-tech to get the job done and get your audience involved.

Technology, like using too many fonts in a Word document, can become a major distraction, a stumbling block between you and your audience. Used in balance with low-tech options, however, technology becomes what it’s designed for: a way to enhance your communication.

Think engagement first, technology second.

In this video, I’ll share with you a way to re-think when and how much technology to use in your presentation–especially when you give a presentation you want your audience to engage in.

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Published On: 7th Jul 2017

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