How to Handle an Emergency Presentation or Interview on Skype

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The nature of emergencies is you don’t see them coming. Unfortunately in the era of Skype and video conferencing, an emergency can mean everyone else can see you caught off guard.

The trick is finding a way to be your best when you don’t have time to look your best. I can help you there.

Welcome to Skype emergencies

In the age of video conferencing, an emergency can quickly become a Skype emergency. And even though you didn’t see it coming, everyone else will see you when you arrive. Not exactly fair.

Maybe you’re on vacation, asleep, working in the backyard when suddenly work calls. There’s an emergency video conference call with the board, the leadership team, the management team. Or you’re the point person with the organization charged with talking to the media.

Sounds glamorous–until the call comes just as you step off the softball field on your day off.

How to handle the unpredictable

In this video, I’ll show you a few interview tips and techniques that can help you handle the emergency in presentations or interviews you have to do on Skype or other remote video technologies.

Doing your best when you can’t look your best

Sometimes the nature of emergencies means you can’t look your best. But you can always avoid looking your worst. Follow these techniques and, even in the worst of situations, you will come off looking like and sounding like a pro.

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Published On: 16th Jun 2017

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