Hieroglyph PowerPoint Template

Hieroglyph PowerPoint Template

Looking for a PowerPoint template to help with a history project on ancient Egypt?

Here is one for you with some pictures of Eqyptian hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyph PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 31st Jul 2009

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  1. I would like to use this template to educational purpose. In fact I want to explain the ancient egyptian sign, what they are and what they represent.
    Thanks for allowing me to download this template.

    riquette 20 Aug at 7:55 am
  2. Can this be converted to an .odp file? I have Open Office…

    Tisa Muhammad 26 Aug at 9:09 pm
  3. thank you…

    pu9uh 28 Aug at 7:38 pm
  4. I would like to use it to give a strong message about some of the oldest water schemes in our area. thank you for allowing me to download it.

    Joseph 21 Sep at 2:04 pm
  5. I was looking for a powerpoint template exactly like this to help with my everyday life in egypt history project…thank you for letting me download it!

    Student 2 Oct at 11:01 pm
  6. Thank you so much! This site is great, this template is just what I need! Keep up the goog work 🙂

    lili 20 Apr at 12:11 am
  7. Thank u it is exacly what i was looking for

    thank u very much

    Zebda 6 Jun at 10:40 am
  8. Thank you for the free download. I plan to utilize this for educational purposes with cultural references.

    goldsprings 6 Oct at 2:04 am
  9. I am making powerpoints for each chapter of our history to review the main points. This will be a fantastic background!

    peggyr1207 18 Jan at 6:09 am
  10. This is a beautiful template. I am using it for my World Civilizations course that I teach (college-level).

    Laila 26 Jan at 3:46 pm
  11. This powerpoint template and this site are such a great site..THanks for letting me download those templates

    Aufa 29 Jul at 5:39 am
  12. thank you I am using your template for my 6th grade history project on Egypt.

    matthew 15 Oct at 9:05 pm
  13. i would like to use it for an ancient egypt ppt and this exactly the right thing that suits it. thumbs up for this website

    nada 27 Dec at 4:43 pm
  14. i would like to use it for an ancient egypt ppt and this exactly the right thing that suits it. thumbs up for this website and iam using for my 6th ppt on egypt

    nada 27 Dec at 4:44 pm
  15. Thank you so much for allowing me to download the file ^_^
    I would like to use this template to educational purpose, as I will have a presentation about Cleopatra.

    chloe 1 Apr at 11:47 am
  16. I’m teaching an art unit on hierglyphic usage for 4th graders and this is perfect! Thank you.

    radiantart 21 Apr at 9:09 pm
  17. I thought this would be perfect for my 6th grade social studies project. Thank you.

    Elena 21 Oct at 5:47 pm
  18. Thank you for the great theme!

    Randy 4 Dec at 4:08 pm
  19. thank you this is exactly what I needed for my assignment :):):):):)

    joyce 25 May at 10:36 am
  20. Thank you so much!

    Nhung 24 Oct at 9:56 am
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