Hen night ideas

Hen Night Ideas

Here are a slection of good hen night ideas

The hen night is typically held a couple of nights before the wedding and is also known in America as a bachelorette party.

Where to go

  • Fly to Edinburgh
  • Cardiff
  • Prague
  • Pampering weekend
  • Hire a limosine to get you to the hen night
  • Hire a hotel for the night with a private room

What to take

  • Party poppers
  • Balloons
  • Gifts
  • Hand cuffs

Dressing up in the same uniform

  • Police women
  • School girls
  • Design your own T shirts
  • Fancy dress
  • Wonder woman
  • Gifts or Novelties to make it go well

What to do

  • Party games to play
  • Truth or dare

Spa Weekend
Have an amazing afternoon of fun followed by scrumptious afternoon tea in a luxurious 4* spa hotel. Organise the weekends to fit in with you and your friends. Live – Love – Laugh. (Thanks to Lorry Scott).

Pamper Party
If you are looking for ideas for hen parties, why not try a pamper party. The perfect girls night in.

A team of mobile beauty and massage therapsits come to your home or rented cottage and you can indulge in a massage, manicure, facial or pedicure. Its cheaper than a spa and much more fun! – (Thanks to Glo)

Got any other good ideas. Please add your hen night ideas in the box below.


Published On: 29th Jul 2007

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  1. My girls and I did a weekend of hanging out at a lake house – complete with theme and shirts: “Hen Heaven – No Cocks Allowed!”

    Anonymous 9 Oct at 10:02 pm
  2. WHY NOT TRY A LIFE DRAWING CLASS/SESSION-A very tasteful,artistic and fantastic idea for your hen night entertainment where a handsome male life photographic model will pose in several dynamic life nude poses while you all have fun trying out your artistic drawing skills drawing the male form.

    Anonymous 24 Dec at 6:07 pm
  3. im having a pink police women theme, and turning up in a pink limo. cheap and cheerful and not intimidating for those that are shy!

    Anonymous 17 Jan at 10:46 pm
  4. Where to go… why not rent a chalet at a ski resort or golf resort or hot springs etc.

    Anonymous 4 Feb at 2:03 am
  5. <p>Singing Telegrams are the perfect Hen Party Surprise.<br />
    For the fun loving bride we suggest the popular PIMP-O-Gram<br />
    This is one man who really knows how to treat a lady. With a great sense of humour and a fabulous funky voice, this performer really entertains. Most establishments accept singing telegrams when they will not accept a strip-o-gram. Our pimp=o=grams are the perfect choice to be slightly naughty and with comic tongue-in cheek sleaze-factor not actual sleaze!<br />

    auraclemusic 17 Feb at 10:52 pm
  6. A friend took some of us quad biking for her hen weekend – it was great fun!

    Anonymous 27 Mar at 6:15 pm
  7. Wy not hire me? I’m Shane and I’m a life model, I’ll supply materials and you can have your hens draw me as an interesting and alternative surprise for your hens and most certainly for the bride-to-be! Its lots of fun and suitable for anyone. If you’re staying in a hotel, I’m happy to come to you guys!

    Check out my site http://www.lifemodel.me.uk

    Anonymous 31 Mar at 8:25 am
  8. What to do – why not try out a pole dancing class thats what my friends have planned for my hen night in Belfast on July 2008. Still stuck with what to dress up as maybe as bunny girls.

    Anonymous 10 May at 9:25 pm
  9. Mobile Fun Casino Party, delivered to your venue with professional croupiers. Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Fun Money and an evening that is unforgettable.

    Casino Party Hire 28 May at 9:49 am
  10. We see a trend for having hen parties at home with all the entertainment coming to you.

    John Durrant 10 Jun at 2:39 pm
  11. I was at a hen night where we booked a table at the real Moulin Rouge. http://www.hengifts.com/party-ideas It was spectacular!

    Janey 31 Aug at 6:24 pm
  12. I run life drawing sessions for hens , complete with male model , tutor (if required ), and all materials.
    I’m very experienced in this field and help run one of the biggest registers of life models in the country – so come on girls , give it a go !!
    It’s great fun !!

    Rachel 13 Sep at 2:05 pm
  13. go to london and watch dirty dancing

    Emma Burns 7 Jan at 11:58 pm
  14. go to a club with t-shirts with names on the front of it e.g big jugs jill and hen party on the back. this was a laugh.

    donna 18 Jan at 7:54 pm
  15. Call up a club in your local area, ask in you can reserve a table some where like Jumpin jaks do it all free and supply free shots, drinks, champers, hats and blow up toys etc. Arrange to start at someones house then leave to go to the club, I did this for a friend who didnt want a Hen Night and it was fab and she DID enjoy it!

    Anonymous 4 Feb at 2:20 pm
  16. To save all the fuss and worry about going on the town, getting each other lost, finding transport back etc.. have a house party with a fun ‘Houseboy in a Thong’!! This involves party games and forfeits and is a brilliant idea for a fun, exciting and safe hen party at home!!

    Jeeves 19 Feb at 4:34 pm
  17. I hired a belly dancer to come and give everyone lessons. The theme was “A night of painted veils” had everyone dress the part. teacup readings and henna tatoos. lots of fun.

    angela 27 Mar at 5:01 pm
  18. in the UK i’d pick somewhere nuetral, mid location inbetween a good variety of attractions, plus a decent nightlife scene !
    You need somewhere that fills the following really..

    pampering (health spas)
    excitement (paintballing, theme parks)
    nightlife (big towns ! not a small one where you dont know how good it will be)
    something a bit unusual
    somewhere quiet to chill out and have a barbeque.

    One of my friends stayed here and loved it Newborough Cottages . It was large enough for all of us, really nicely done, large gardens and you’ve got Hoar Cross Hall health spa and Alton Towers nearby.

    adi 9 Apr at 2:21 pm
  19. for my hens night im going to a karoke bar.

    karrah 15 Apr at 3:19 am
  20. Why not have the bride and some cheeky headlines added to a ‘Brides’ magazine cover at: http://www.mycoverpics.com/show_pages/brides_magazine_cover.html

    dave 19 Apr at 3:45 pm
  21. Fir my hen night the theme is lil black dress (or if you dont own one just all black). First we r going for a meal coz i have younger family that wanted to come out but where not old enough to go out clubbing. Then off to a club where we have ordered a pod with free champers. x x

    lorraine 26 May at 6:18 pm
  22. we are a getting a discount rate to hire our company limo and going brighton 80s style karaoke in the limo to get everyone in the mood and everyone is dressing 80s style cheap and cheerful as neon is back and primark gave me a full outfit for £15, staying over going comedian stripper nite, and clubbing, bride dressed as virgin from costume made by her chicks, sash includes a condom with mixed flour and water to give it the dirry hen’s sash look. bring on the do!

    anonymous 27 May at 12:28 pm
  23. Why not book me, I can come over to your home or chosen venue for a beading party, fun way to relax, bond with your friends, be creative. My rates are very affordable from. Fill in the Contact Us form on my site if you are interested.

    Dee 30 May at 9:13 pm
  24. 12 of us are going to Center Parcs in Nottingham for a weekend of non-stop activity (salsa dancing; badminton; rock climbing; belly dancing; tree trekking for those too stupid to say ‘NO!’; BBQ, drinks and party games in the villa followed by spa session at the very end) Lush!!!

    Jacqueline Ross 23 Jul at 10:19 am
  25. Life drawing with a handsome, genuine male model in your home, hotel or at a venue arranged by us.

    Male model 12 Aug at 4:00 pm
  26. Aboard the flagship HMS69 Cardiff Party Boat booze cruise you, your friends and your family can party under the stars with the exuberant HMS69 crew.

    Martyn 17 Sep at 9:00 pm
  27. get all the girls together and make HOME MADE CUPCAKES, adn while theyre cooling do kariokee! once the cupcakes have cooled, get different coloured icing pens and decorate dem, also get a chocolate fountain, do the theme PINK, maybe pink police-women theme or naughty school girl theme!

    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 10:17 pm
  28. Hi, I am writing with regard to Rumba, we are a bar based on Shaftesbury Avenue and have just re-opened under new management. We now brand ourselves as a party bar and have a very reasonably priced drinks menu, therefore I would like to enquire about the possibility of being one of the venues used for your parties as I think we could be a great stop off for such nights.

    Any thoughts or information you have on this will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much

    Rebecca 24 Oct at 4:13 pm
  29. Upload a photo of the Hen to our website & we will make face masks of her. She will have the surprise of her life when she walks into the room & everyone is wearing her face!
    Minimum order is 5 masks.
    Mask-arade masks – the best party invention since the balloon.

    Chris O'Nyan 13 Nov at 3:22 pm
  30. personal chef to cook and teach live demos pasta making learn how to fillet fish whilst the butler serves the champagne mobile cookery school to the house of your choice

    paul ellis 24 Nov at 9:53 am
  31. Hi,

    My favorite idea at the moment is where the Hens flash mob, where the girls rehearse a dance, like the Micheal Jackson’s Thriller and then without warning spontaneously perform. There are a few dance schools out there that can help, or a few Youtube videos as well.



    Chris Kelly 25 Nov at 9:28 am
  32. Erotic Ladies Entertainment..
    Why not try some of the following we are offering, just for the Ladies who like a bit of eye candy.
    Tall dark handsome models, slim build very fit. Will chat to your party & make it one to remember. Your sure to come back again.

    1. Male Life Drawing
    2. Buff Butler Service
    3. Aromatherapy Massage

    Pete 29 Dec at 2:58 pm
  33. I teach jewellery workshops were the ladies will make a present for the bride and themselves in their colour of choice, they get to keep a necklace, bracelet a pair of earrings plus the present for the bride.
    Worshops take place in Mulranny in the idylic West of Ireland

    victoria foutz 7 Feb at 5:45 am
  34. Hi, why not do something totally different – spend the night ghosthunting!

    Sara at deadhaunted 18 Feb at 11:21 pm
  35. We always have suprise hen nights for all my friends we have been to Marbella (hired a villa) been to Scotaland and done the highland games, Cooking lessons in Cardiff, horseriding in Irle of wright, clubbing in brighton, spa weekeds, weekend in Barcalona and Alton Towers weekend.
    I’m geting married in June I wounder what I will be doning!!

    Lynsey 22 Feb at 3:53 pm
  36. I’m undecided as to the day yet its either paintballing (not sure about being covered in bruises for the wedding though) or Go Ape. Then on the evening I’m having a ladies night beer bus, with disco, food and stripper then being dropped off in Birmingham to party till the sun rises, with fancy dress of course!

    Jodee 24 Feb at 9:37 pm
  37. we went 2 spain for 4 days all inclusive go round travel agents in advanced we got a holiday 2 costa del sol for £203 each nine of us the more there is the cheaper it goes u get private transfers if under tweleve people loads of offers in clubs when u explain ur on hen do managed 2 get a waiter 2 stripe for 25 euroes and he was very good lol

    emma 20 Mar at 4:39 pm
  38. Have an ANN SUMMERS PARTY !!

    It’s a *FREE* fun-filled party for hen nights, girlie get-togethers & birthdays etc.

    Play games, win prizes, get free gifts, exclusive offers & discounts … try on the clothes, lingerie & dress up outfits AND test out the lubes, rubs & toys !!

    PLUS whoever hosts the Party will also get a 10% discount based on how much the guests spend.

    Ann Summers Parties are easy to arrange – just pick a date, arrange a venue, invite your girlfriends over [guests must be female and aged 18yrs+] – then leave the rest to me !!

    Have your party during the week or at the weekend
    [sometimes there are other discounts available if you book & hold your party by a certain date]


    Dee 17 Apr at 9:53 pm
  39. Mobile Cocktail bars can come to your house and provide a cocktail masterclass. Prices around £40 a head.

    Anna 9 May at 4:38 pm
  40. I am having to arrange an Hen night so am thinking of a murder mystery evening!!

    Alison 9 May at 5:51 pm
  41. Have a poem written or a song re-written for the Hen. Jokes about past boyfriends or funny personal info can be included as the poem is custom written for the Hen. These are a hilarious additon to any hen night.

    Samantha 12 May at 1:46 pm
  42. Have a poem written or a song re-written for the Hen. Jokes about past boyfriends or funny personal info can be included as the poem is custom written for the Hen. These are a hilarious additon to any hen night.

    Samantha 12 May at 1:48 pm
  43. You could dressup as real bunnygirls. The costume is a set, comprising boned and laced corset with under-wired and padded cups, matching stretch satin briefs with big fluffy white tail, ears, collar, cuffs etc.

    Sally 25 May at 11:03 am
  44. We have a hen night coming up and there will be 36 of us, We all have had t-shirts made (red for devils and white for angels). we have to accesorise for either theme we pick. We are going away for the weekend to amsterdam, sailing on the firday and returning home on the sunday morning. I have created about 60 tasks that the hen has to do. These will b carried out throughout the whole weekend. I recommend the dfds trip to amsterdam to everyone!

    Danielle 25 May at 10:23 am
  45. paintballing, life models etc have all been done to death a bit, so we went for an extreme weekend ! Tandem Hang Gliding and Bungee were the main two, but the tandem hang gliding was the best. Even if only one or two of you do it, the rest have a blast watching.

    adi 21 Jun at 9:57 am
  46. Pub Golf….each hole has a particular drink (a shot or even down a whole drink!)…make sure you have a SOBER driver…

    mario 9 Aug at 9:54 am
  47. The organizer of the hen-do can write notes on a small piece of paper, stating what each girlfriend should do for the bride on the big day, and put one note inside each balloon. Blow up the balloon and tie it. Then have each of the girlfriends sit on the balloon until it pops. Everyone reads out the message from their balloon and promise to do whatever the note says.The notes can include little chores like answer mobile calls and so on… i am sure that you ladies can come up with some ideas..

    GJB 15 Aug at 2:36 am
  48. What girl doesn’t want to be a bunny… So in my view at least for one night! All the girls can wear bunny ears and get dressed in baby pink and make their night a killer night


    Sam Jones 9 Dec at 11:51 am
  49. It really depends what the people coming on your hen night are into, and what their age range is. If the girls are up for something adventurous, then quad biking, white water rafting or 4×4 driving maybe good options.

    If you want something more sedate maybe look at chocolate making or cocktail making. If you looking for something energetic and fun there are lots of dance lessons, or for somethign a bit raunchy maybe pole dancing lessons.

    The main think is to make sure that it is going to be something the whole group enjoys.

    Hope that helps

    Amanda 20 Jan at 8:06 am
  50. You could stay in and have a murder mystery dinner party. There are hen themed ones which you can see at the link above.

    Other ideas might be to create a Marriage Survival Kit for the hen – each of the party gives a present eg a bottle of gin, a bar of chocolate, some earplugs and eye mask so you can ignore the groom!

    Also why not do a quiz – ask the groom lots of questions about the bride and see if the bride can answer them correctly on the hen niht. Forfeits if she fails!

    Katie 5 Feb at 3:21 pm
  51. Hi, I am Gray, Psychic Medium, Tarot & Runes Reader. I am getting more, and more requests for Psychic Nights at Hen Parties as an addition to their evening.
    Plenty of Readers on my books, and therapists for pamper evenings.

    Gray 16 Mar at 2:21 am
  52. We agree – life drawing is a fantastic idea for a hen night, it’s one of our most popular!

    Polestars 5 Feb at 6:10 pm
  53. We went kayaking. It was my brother’s idea. We got lots of positive emotions and the next wedding day I was fit:)

    Adam 10 May at 7:47 am
  54. Yacht Hire is a fantastic way to spend a lazy afternoon on your hen weekend.Why not book one on your Hen Do.

    Jennifer Oborne 1 May at 3:14 pm