Gift ideas for a man

Gift Ideas

Birthday time has come round again. What do you buy for the man who has everything?

Here are some good gift ideas for a man sent in by our readers

  • Give him a special gift and surprise him with a special party
  • Golf Club Gift Certificate
  • Garden centre vouchers for keen gardeners
  • Fishing tackle vouchers? maybe via sports shop, for anglers
  • LED or wind-up or shake-up torch – useful for keeping in car as cold kills normal batteries
  • A home made Candle light dinner with his favourite music….and Dessert with his best Movie CD
  • How about ‘A Title’ and a piece of your own Scottish Estate! You can purchase one from
  • Ticket to a football game at his college alma mater

Biplane Ride
A great birthday gift is a thrilling and adventurous biplane ride. (Thanks to Brian Beker)

A portrait
You could get him a portrait of himself.

This could either be done at a sitting or it could be done as a surprise based on his favorite photo, his dog, his children, or a wedding photo. You could even get it done in pop art style. – (Thanks to Tracey)

Cookery lessons at home
Cookery lessons at home and a personal chef – (Thanks to Paul Ellis)

If you have any good ideas, or if you come across any ideas during the course of your web search, please leave them in the ideas box.


Published On: 29th Jul 2007

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  1. Technicians have struggled with the challenge of illuminating their work area with a simple, safe & effective work light.

    The WorkStar™ 1200 combines the features of the best a flashlight, work light, trouble light and inspection light into one rugged and versatile lighting tool! The perfect birthday gift for your husband, boyfriend, dad or any guy that enjoys working on cars, trucks and machinery.

    John Armstrong 23 Jun at 8:26 pm
  2. Do something unique with your digital photos and print them in amazing ways to make gifts for yor man. We have many original gift ideas to choose from.

    Personalised Gifts 10 Jul at 3:34 pm
  3. Personalised gifts are really great gift ideas for men, especially those men who have everything they want or need. So, how about giving some personalised ales? Design your own ale labels by uploading a photo and your own message. It’s quite a thoughtful gift.
    Lots of men love their beers and ales

    Connie Smith 30 Sep at 3:18 pm
  4. A bottle of whisky with a personalised message on the label

    George 3 Jan at 11:02 pm
  5. surprices with….candle light dinner, surprice cake and party, 24 gifts on his 24th b’day, love letter on henky, chocolate bky, t-shirt with describe that wht he means to u, love coupan book, cheats with b’day thoughts n advices, 14 heart shape baloons on valentine, memory file with photo n description till the date from the day u both met…..

    Jinal 3 Feb at 12:44 pm
  6. ‘Surprise!’, give him nothing as he has everything already

    andrea 15 May at 10:11 pm
  7. Ideal for any male Birthday, how about having the birthday guy appearing on the cover of a magazine. Of course, it fake, but so much fun. Take a look here for some ideas: Cover Pics These are designed and personalised for you and are affordable, with fast delivery.

    dave 24 Jul at 8:42 pm
  8. Custom Scrapbooks are great. It is a gift that doesn’t end after a weekend away or after a bottle of whisky is gone. Sale going on now!

    Jen 20 Aug at 3:29 pm
  9. Custom made coin medallions. Your face, your name and a message 3D machined onto solid metal and presented in a luxury wooden box. This is truly a unique gift.

    Bodley Medallions 13 Oct at 9:27 am
  10. *make a scarpbook of the fun you’ve had together
    *buy him multi-pack can of beers
    *if hes close den throw him a BBQ party
    *true bachelor.. get a condom machine 4 bathroom
    *if hes ur bf, sex whenever he wants for 6 months
    *Mug with picture of mates printed on the mug
    *ipod / iphone /wii / xbox / ps3 <boy stuff

    HOpe that helped

    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 11:10 pm
  11. ORRRR a big picture in a frame of all the mates. or a collage of all the mates, or just u 2


    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 11:12 pm
  12. Drinking gift sets always go down a treat.We have a great selection of personalised glasses and drinks sets

    With Love Gifts 1 Sep at 10:53 pm
  13. give him an unique gift,like custom something special with your memory.

    Cindy 27 Oct at 10:30 am
  14. or give him a special picture with his photo

    leaf-carving 27 Oct at 10:33 am