HELP!!!! Best friends 21st Speech!!

HELP!!!! Best friends 21st Speech!!

Best friends 21st Birthday Speech

Can anybody help me please. It is my best friends 21st in NOvemebr and she has asked me to do a speech, i hate speeches but feel obliged as she is doig one at my 21st a month later. It is a formal sit down dinner with all her family and quite a few of her new friends that i dont know. She has asked me not to tell any stories of us getting into mischief when we were kids, so i am now at a loss to anything to say, as many of our other stories only she and i will find amusing. Does any one have any ideas on how i can deliver a speech which is short and funny but wont offend her.

Hi Bianca

Its always difficult to be humourous about someone without offending but I’m sure that if you think hard enough there will be a funny story that you can all share.

I recently had to give a speech to thank a number of people for seeing us through a crisis and one particularly funny story involving someone who was attending came to mind. I deliberated for ages on whether I should tell the story and at the last minute as everybody was in a good mood I went for it. Everybody, including the people involved, laughed about it and it became the highlight of the afternoon.

Take a look at speeches on the website in particular those relating to birthdays. Remember keep it short and funny.

Good luck

If you’re really finding it hard to be funny – don’t try. Be sincere – wish her the best for the future, say what a great friend she’s been and keep it short.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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