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You never really think about speeches, until you have to do one, and then it’s all that you can think of! For this article, we asked our readers for their advice and help for 21st birthday speeches. Here, we have advice for mothers, brothers and friends who want to say a few words about their loved one on their big day.

A siblings 21st birthday

Sri asked:

I need to give a speech on my sister’s 21st birthday, she was born on 5th April 1988, and the party is this Saturday. Do you have any ideas or pointers for me?

Using the birthdate

A good way to start your speech would be to talk about some of the great events that took place in 1988. You could mention what was number one on the day of her birth, and find out what the local and national newspaper headlines were (. Following this you could mention notable events of the year, who was born, what was invented and the top of the charts (Rhianna, Rupert Grint were born, Morrissey released ‘Everyday is Sunday’ and prince released Alphabet Street’), but none of these things were as important as the birth of my sister. Then you could follow on by talking about the keys/events or stories about your sister’s life. For example, what kind of mischief did she get up to? (yes she did eat that, and no it was not a good idea). As a sibling you can roll out some of the slightly more embarrassing and funny stories, and find some pictures to go with them! For my brother’s birthday, I spoke about how I found him (aged 2) sitting on the floor of the kitchen, eating honey straight out of the jar with his hands, and saying “look I’m Winnie the pooh!”

Other things you may talk about could be the weather on that day, the day of the year, what movies were released, and what was on the telly.
Answer thanks to Amy P.

Toast to my brother on his 21st

Yorishma asked:

I’m trying to write a toast to my brother on his 21st and I want it to be funny but also special. I’ve read your posts and started by talking about events of the year, and ended with what a wonderful person he has become, but I’m hoping for a quick joke to add some meat to the centre of the toast. Can’t use funny event of his life, because there aren’t very many that you repeat in front of people!

Jokes and one liners

Here are a few that could work:
“Artificial intelligence is a wonderful thing. I told my computer that today is my birthday, and it said that I needed an upgrade.”
“A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age.”
“Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional!”

Here is another one that could work for your brother. If you are older you could put yourself into the joke – if your brother is older you could put him into the joke.

A mother asked her small son what he would like for his birthday.
“I’d like a little brother,” the boy said.
“Oh my, that’s such a big wish,” the mother said. Why do you want a little brother”?
“Well,” said the boy, “There’s only so much I can blame on my dog.”
Answer thanks to Doctor.

One to introduce your speech could be:
“I mean that the funny events in my brother’s life aren’t ones that I can repeat. So let me tell you about ones that didn’t happen…”
Answer thanks to Guest.

A best friends 21st birthday

It is my best friends 21st in November and she has asked me to do a speech. I hate speeches but feel obliged as she is speaking at mine in just over a month. It is a formal sit down dinner with all her family and quite a few of her new friends that I dont know. She has asked me not to tell any stories of us getting into mischief when we were kids, so I am at a loss as to what to say. Many of our other stories only she and I will find amusing. Does any one have any ideas on how I can deliver a speech which is short and funny but wont offend her.

Its a fine line

Its always difficult to be humorous about someone without offending but I’m sure that if you think hard enough there will be a funny story that you can all share.

I recently had to give a speech to thank a number of people for seeing us through a crisis and one particularly funny story involving someone who was attending came to mind. I deliberated for ages on whether I should tell the story and at the last minute as everybody was in a good mood I went for it. Everybody, including the people involved, laughed about it and it became the highlight of the afternoon.

Take a look at speeches on the website in particular those relating to birthdays. Remember keep it short and funny.
Good luck

Answer thanks to Helen. 

If you’re really finding it hard to be funny – don’t try. Be sincere – wish her the best for the future, say what a great friend she’s been and keep it short.

Answer thanks to serena. 

Joint 21st birthday speech for twins.

Vikkiy Asked: 

I’ve been reading a few different forums/posts for ideas on how to do a 21st speech for my friends. I don’t want it to be boring or to run way too long! I’ve read about the ‘video speech’, ‘poem speech’ and I really liked the idea of the ‘A- Z about ____’, but the speech is for twins! The two girls are having their birthday on the same night, and I’ve been best friends with both of them for 10 years. I’m really nervous and have no idea how to make it interesting or about the structure to the speech. It’s just hard because I’m doing it for two people at once! Please help me with ideas?!

The structure is the same even if they are twins.
Keep the speech under 5 minutes and focus on one characteristic of each daughter.
If you want to add humour you can even talk about a character flaw.
For example, your daughter is a shopaholic, spends lot of time on the phone etc.
Intro: Who you are.
Body: A brief story highlighting one character trait about each girl.
Conclusion – best bet is to use a good quotation about aging.

Answer thanks to Lief.

Daughter’s 21st speech

Janice asked:

Help! It’s my daughter’s 21st in one month and I need inspiration. It’s a little bit complicated in that her dad and I are divorced 14 years. My ex and I (at his insistence) will be the only two to get up and say something about her and this is where my next stress comes from – what do I say? I’m only 40 myself and quite young for my age so I need something funny and trendy rather than heavy. Can anyone help please?

Don’t mention it 

I think that the best idea would be to keep it short and sweet.
Don’t worry about your ex-husband. That is a past phase in your life and one that should have no bearing on your speech.
You could look back to the time when you first held her in your arms. You could recount a touching moment from when she was a child, or something nice or sweet that she told you when she was young. You could show one of the certificates or achievements that you were very proud. You could produce a few photos of her as a girl.
You then could say that you could never have imagined what a nice girl she has turned out to be. End by proposing a toast – even if this has been done before.
At all costs avoid saying anything about the breakup.
The key is to write it down and practice it in front of a mirror. Read it out loud at least 4 times and practice in front of a trusted friend or even a work colleague. Don’t get tempted to change the speech on the day.
Good luck. I’m sure that it will go well.
Answer thanks to Doc.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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