Fund Raising Ideas

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Fund Raising Ideas

Here are a range of good fund raising ideas that our readers have sent in to us. They could really help to support your charity or organisation.

Do you have any other good ideas? Please could you add them below.

Fund raising ideas for a club

  • Car wash
  • Whist drive
  • Jumble sale
  • Bring in your spare stuff to sell on ebay
  • Quiz night

Carry out a sponsored…

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Head Shave

Fund raising ideas for a charity or school

  • Charity dinner
  • Dinner dance
  • Auction
  • Silent auction
  • Dutch auction
  • Raffle
  • 100 Club
  • Gift Aid
  • Coffee morning
  • Cake stall
  • Car Boot Sale

Fund raising ideas for a charity or school

  • Dress down day – No need to wear a school uniform
  • Sponsored spell
  • Raffle

Send a letter to local businesses
Malmesbury rugby club wanted to sell some advertising space in their programme but offered to enter the local companies in their draw for their international rugby tickets (Thanks to Tony)

Donate an hour
Ask people to donate an hour’s salary (Thanks to Tony)

Ask all of the club for a one off sum of money
At our Radio Club we wanted to raise over a thousand pounds for some new equipment. We tried a jumble sale and a raffle, but after a lot of effort we had only raised a few hundred pounds. In the end we asked every member of the club if they could afford it to contribute £40, or if they couldn’t to contribute what they could. We raised what we wanted within the week and saved everyone a lot of time and effort.

Make it what people can afford, but provide some guidelines. You are asking them for their time, but providing money could do the same (Thanks to Jonty)

Auction of promises
Our local primary school raised a staggering £9,000 ($18,000) from an auction of promises. Before the auction there was a large meal with a barrel of beer and wine on sale. This helped to get things into the auction mood. A lot of parents and local businesses were asked to donate some of their products or services. The businesses all got featured in the auction catalogue. Things sold really well with most things going for three or four times their real value. A swiss loaf even sold for £25 ($50). It was a fun night out and raised a lot of money. (Thanks to Jonty)

Company Charity Scheme
Find out if your company has a charirty or a match giving scheme and ask them to contribute (Thanks to AmyP)

Hat Day!
You could have a Hat Day. This could be done at school or at work. Everyone has to pay pay $1 to wear a crazy hat! (Thanks to Sarah).


Published On: 29th Jul 2007

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  1. Fun casino Party.
    Fun casino parties make fantastic fund raising events. Fun money can legally be sold to guests for real money for them to play on either full size roulette or blackjack tables with fully trained croupiers.

    Big Deal Entertainments 9 Aug at 4:15 pm
  2. you make home made cards and other trincets (necklaces or braclets).

    Anonymous 24 Oct at 7:00 pm
  3. sweet stall

    Anonymous 29 Jan at 9:04 am
  4. wrong trousers day

    Anonymous 11 Mar at 12:56 pm
  5. dog wash

    Anonymous 12 Mar at 9:15 am
  6. Book swaping

    Anonymous 19 Mar at 11:56 am
  7. People being sponsored to be blind folded and being fed fruits and they have to guess what it is

    Anonymous 25 Mar at 12:16 pm
  8. disco

    Anonymous 19 May at 8:31 am
  9. barbeque

    Anonymous 19 May at 8:31 am
  10. Danceathon
    Host a day of non stop dancing. Each participant pays a fee to take part and should also raise money.

    Auctions and Raffles
    Donate goods and auction or raffle off

    Garage Sale/ Car boot Sale
    Get everyone to rummage though their houses for those hidden treasurers they would be happy to part with.

    Step back in time
    Go back to the 50’s / 60’s / 70’s or 80’s by coming to work in clothes that defined that decade.. Everyone pays a fee to take part.

    Skills Auction.
    Offer your skills/services to the highest bidder.

    Famous for a day
    All of your colleagues to put the names of their favourite celebs into a hat and pay to pick a name. You really have to try and be the best person your select for example… adopting their mannerisms.

    Who’s the baby?
    Everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as babies then charge people to guess their identities

    Give it up
    Get sponsored to give up something for a month.

    Hair/Fashion Show
    Clothes shop may supply samples to promote their lines. Friends can act as models – charge entry, raffle or auction donated prizes and sell refreshments.
    Dress down days
    Participants pay a donation to dress up or down for a day in work

    Charity night

    Carry out a sponsored run, walk or head shave

    Pound for pound
    Get someone to sponsor you for every pound you raise they have to match it.

    Car Wash
    Get out on your dinner and wash colleagues/clients cars for a small fee

    Swear box
    Every time someone swear they have to put money into the box (quickway to raise money)

    Anonymous 22 May at 3:19 pm
  11. sponserd cycling

    Anonymous 2 Jun at 1:23 pm
  12. Have a “school fair.” Have different things such as games, food and souvenirs.

    Organize a car-wash.

    Do a raffle. Have students and parents make and/or buy stuff to donate to raffle prizes.

    Run a coffee morning for Mum’s and Dad’s beofre they go to work.

    Have a Garage Sale/Jumble Sale/Car boot Sale. They normally make great profits.

    Hold a food fair.

    NaZ rAt - Gifted student - lol 22 Jun at 9:57 am
  13. For a school event,ask Mums,Dads and Grandparents to make cakes,buns cornflake and rice krispie cakes and send them to school for the children to buy at lunch time.You don’t have to charge a lot (20p) but it soon mounts up!

    Al 26 Jun at 8:54 pm
  14. bottle drive

    Anonymous 30 Jun at 9:02 pm
  15. car boot sale £5.00 an car

    no one 11 Jul at 2:09 pm
  16. get a head shave

    ben 4 11 Jul at 2:11 pm
  17. strawberrys and cream/sugar

    Megan Roberts 11 Jul at 6:11 pm
  18. chocolate fondue where you get some friut and poeple dip them in chocolate (fountain optional).

    chelsea 13 Jul at 12:41 pm
  19. do a sponsered sports day.

    Gemma 17 Jul at 9:52 pm
  20. test your teachers – provide a good prize and then charge your teachers to enter the quiz

    Connie 4 Oct at 4:42 pm
  21. Have a company to come and sell make-up and stuff like that. They give you a free make over so you can see if you like the product, then you buy it from the magazine. A certain percentage of the money goes to charity!
    It is great fun!

    Zoe 7 Oct at 7:11 pm
  22. Have a day at school when all the teachers have to wear a funny costume and they have to do activities and the pupils have to sponser their teachers!
    Love Zoe

    Zoe again 7 Oct at 7:14 pm
  23. graden for your locals

    gradening craZy 7 Oct at 9:15 pm
  24. gunge a teacher/student at school, infront of the whole school. pay £1 to watch! Great fun for kids!

    Louise 9 Oct at 6:58 pm
  25. slave auction, auction people off, men or women and they have to be a slave for a day to who ever buys them

    Dani 13 Oct at 3:59 pm
  26. this is for raising money for aids
    make like red ribbons and sell for any price the peeps wish to donate to the charity

    Manal 14 Oct at 1:40 pm
  27. Our PTA raised over £2,000 by getting the kids in each class to run a marathon.
    Each class used their PE time for 1 week to run around the school. We measured the distance around the playground and the actual school grounds.Each class ran a total of 26 miles between them.some kids can do more some less (each class ran approx 26miles with the little ones doing less and the older ones doing more.) with 20 classes we ran a total of 20marathons.
    The kids got sponsor sheets and they brought in the funds…they were then given a certificate to say what they had done…
    PS the money is still coming in…

    cathie 21 Oct at 12:44 pm
  28. Book sale for example 10p per childs vook then 20p adult 50p facts or something like that

    matjj 23 Oct at 7:42 pm
  29. Leap Frog
    Get sponsored per leap, or per quarter-hour. More fun if you’re
    leaping over strangers, in the local park or on the beach. Tell
    them what you’re doing; they’ll either laugh and agree or walk
    very quickly in the opposite direction. Take photos to prove
    you did it!

    Steph 24 Oct at 1:07 pm
  30. Longest chain of paper clips, line of coins, etc
    Get sponsored per metre – you could even get a bunch or friends
    together and try to break the record. Alternatively, start a line
    of coins in your local park or college grounds. Publicise what you’re
    raising money for and get passers-by to add their loose change to the line.
    Try to make it reach from one side of the park to the other.

    Steph 24 Oct at 1:08 pm
  31. Make a Snake!

    Organise a money snake! Mark out a long wiggly line 30 metres long,
    and get people to donate their 2p pieces to complete the money snake.
    When it is finished, you will have £25

    Steph 24 Oct at 1:08 pm
  32. Get Active!

    Choose something challenging, maybe walking 5 miles,
    swimming 100 lengths or even eating 50 donuts (!) and
    get sponsored to do it.

    Steph 24 Oct at 1:08 pm
  33. Marshmallow Eating
    Lull your mates into a sense of security with a campfire-and-guitar evening,
    then crack open the marshmallows and charge extortionate rates for them
    (a quid each?) Who can resist the gooey-marshmallow-over-campfire experience?

    Steph AGAIN =D 24 Oct at 1:09 pm
  34. have a little fun fair just make differant easy stations and let everyone have fun

    hyper girl=] 26 Oct at 6:52 pm
  35. Invite everybody round to your house or village hall. Make them pay to enter. And watch a DVD. Also stop the dvd half way through to sell refreshments.

    Jade 28 Oct at 12:32 pm
  36. Lilo Race

    IN your local pool get a couple of teams of four. And do a relay race on the lilo. Each person has to do two lengths but instead of getting off the lilo the next person just jumps on. then so on nd so on. until u have a winner

    Robert 28 Oct at 11:41 pm
  37. A people Auction

    Hannah 5 Nov at 9:56 pm
  38. Sponsored stay awake
    Auction of Promises
    Beard Shaving
    Cake Sale
    Car Boot Sale
    Coffee Morning
    Fill Smartie tubes with coins
    Guess the Weight…
    Jumble sale
    Name the Baby/Teddy

    Hannah 5 Nov at 9:58 pm
  39. wear funny costume

    ryan 7 Nov at 3:58 pm
  40. make cakes and fill them with icing

    Louis 11 Nov at 10:01 am
  41. lemonade stand always works,yardsale, homemade christmas present to sell

    marina 11 Nov at 3:55 pm
  42. sponsered silence,
    get sponsered for being silent for a period of time:)

    bea + mychell 13 Nov at 9:49 am
  43. bath of baked beans. get people to sit in a bath of baked beans and people sponcer them for the amount of time thay can sit in the bath of beans. also its great fun to watch

    shelli 27 Nov at 7:38 pm
  44. Fancy Dress Run

    Aliicia 6 Dec at 10:48 pm
  45. badmnton runing swiming tenis dance singing hair styl makeup compertion

    chaz =] 15 Jan at 6:36 pm
  46. wet the teacher throw a wet spunge at a teacher 3 throws for £1

    numaan 16 Jan at 10:50 am
  47. bag packing

    Fee 16 Jan at 12:01 pm
  48. -Guess the teddy’s name 🙂
    -how many sweets in the sweetie jar =]

    naimaali =] 21 Jan at 5:40 pm
  49. Quiz nite?

    Gemzy 28 Jan at 8:39 pm
  50. Dress up as prisoners and tie yourselves up and walk round town with buckets 😀

    Ollie 29 Jan at 7:21 pm
  51. Paper Round 😛 😛

    Beth 30 Jan at 10:34 pm
  52. Bake buns and leave them in the kitchen if members of your family want them, they’re gonna have to pay 60p etc.
    is sure to work 🙂

    Beth 30 Jan at 10:36 pm
  53. bad hair day

    Anonymous 4 Feb at 7:36 pm
  54. water drinking contest

    js 6 Feb at 6:23 pm
  55. lotions and potions party…
    all different beauty products to test out and buy (lotions) with a nice witches fruit punch, (maybe with alcohol) (potions)

    jody 7 Feb at 12:03 am
  56. get people to pay to play on your games consoles

    Anonymous 11 Feb at 5:46 pm
  57. Random clothes day

    Ashleigh 19 Feb at 7:12 pm
  58. Sponsered eat

    Ashleigh 19 Feb at 7:13 pm
  59. Join the RSPB to help save birds, they have great ideas too!

    Ashleigh 19 Feb at 7:13 pm
  60. mile in memory, sweetie jar,leg wax, a non swear day,sponsered teacher pj day

    mags 20 Feb at 11:15 pm
  61. dye your hair a funny colour and get people to pay you to do it.

    millie 21 Feb at 5:08 pm
  62. If You Love Your Phone Get People To Sponsor You To Have It Off For A Week Or A Day Or A Different Period Of Time…

    I Have Done It For a Week And It Was Very Difficult


    Loobaa :D 21 Feb at 9:04 pm
  63. sending anonamus easter eggs/christmas candy canes etc…

    Ellen 22 Feb at 7:24 pm
  64. i need an idea tu raise money in my community please can u help me?

    Annonimus 22 Feb at 9:08 pm
  65. This is a school idea

    Guess your teachers real name

    Niamh 23 Feb at 4:18 pm
  66. This is some school ideas

    Guess your teachers real age
    who can drink the most water
    Pyjama day
    name the teddy bear
    see who can smile for the longest
    your teachers have to wear a school uniform
    sponsered silence
    sponcered bounce
    sponsered run around your playground
    play games in the assembly hall
    entertainment while u r eating ur lunch:P:)

    Niamh 23 Feb at 4:23 pm
  67. big jenga

    me 28 Feb at 5:20 pm
  68. tug of war

    me 28 Feb at 5:21 pm
  69. tuck shop

    Aaron 5 Mar at 3:12 pm
  70. a 70s night

    moe 6 Mar at 9:41 am
  71. a grease day

    moe 6 Mar at 9:43 am
  72. sponge the teacher

    rhys 6 Mar at 9:43 am
  73. sponge the teacher for 1.50

    rhys 6 Mar at 9:44 am
  74. dunk tank

    connor 6 Mar at 9:45 am
  75. have a water drinking contest and you are not allowed to go to the toilet for the whole day!!!

    hannah 6 Mar at 8:57 pm
  76. silly socks day:)
    £1 given in to wear silly socks to school.

    kate 6 Mar at 10:14 pm
  77. go to city with you bestfriend dressed up as fairys & handcuffed together for a day 😀

    danielle :) 11 Mar at 1:21 pm
  78. & you could get a group together & do a carwash in your drive 😀

    danielle :) 11 Mar at 1:23 pm
  79. bake cakes and then sell them to neighbors

    ((((louise))))) 11 Mar at 6:48 pm
  80. bake lots of cakes and sell them to neighbors

    ((((louise))))) 11 Mar at 6:49 pm
  81. a sponsered silence or a sponsered sing(you have to sing everything you say) like if your in maths u have to sing your answer my friend doing that haha

    Laura 11 Mar at 9:27 pm
  82. You Can Do A Sponser Dog Walk Or Face Paints For Little Ones 😀

    Chloe 13 Mar at 4:34 pm
  83. head teacher for a day

    rebecca acott 17 Mar at 8:09 pm
  84. movie marathon. get lodes of people to meet up some where with a big tv and get ppl to pay to watch films on a big screen with food ect. good fun and you raise money

    sammy 22 Mar at 3:29 pm
  85. to face paint compotion !

    riley 23 Mar at 7:31 pm
  86. Do a sponcered silence or tie yourself to someone!

    Lopster x 27 Mar at 4:41 pm
  87. Bob a Job

    Make a list of jobs and people pay you a bob (£1) to do a job. i.e take dog for walk, cut the grass, wash up etc.

    ZARABRAD 1 Apr at 8:49 pm
  88. do a sponcered swim its sure to raise some money. happy fund raising

    Anonymous 6 May at 8:39 pm
  89. do some bkid cards its good fun n quck n easy 2 earn a pound !!!! luv mee xx gud lukk

    brittany j :p 11 May at 6:52 pm
  90. A two day walkand get people to sponsor you.

    Freddie Scrace 12 May at 8:31 pm
  91. Tie yourself to your friend for a day and get epole to sponcer you to do it. 🙂

    Chrissy 13 May at 4:28 pm
  92. A fancy dress carwash!

    Beth 17 May at 8:53 am
  93. go in a maggot or bean bath

    ellie 23 May at 5:15 pm
  94. kissing booth

    mono 24 May at 7:36 pm
  95. have a striper contest.who ever can take there clothes off frist wins.{girls get to strip whiel boys pay up to wach}

    samantha 24 May at 7:32 pm
  96. teachers vs children dance off

    somebody 27 May at 7:19 pm
  97. find the treasure on a treasure map

    penalty shoot out for the boys in the class

    sponsered walk

    get plain fairy cakes then charge people to ice them thenn they can keep the cake

    Meg 7 Jul at 3:17 pm
  98. live on the street for one week
    visit every eye wheel in uk
    clean queen’s house windows
    wear your shoes wrong footed for the whole day
    hire hot air balloon from top to bottom of uk
    get as many people as u can to hold hand (longest hand chained )
    boat trip sailing around uk

    lucy and saz 18 Jul at 3:29 am
  99. Dress up as a PIG!!

    mille 18 Aug at 4:28 pm
  100. Enter a contest and if you win, put the money to charity.

    Sophie and Lilly 18 Aug at 4:39 pm
  101. Do a contest on the T.V and send money to charity.

    Zara and Mici 18 Aug at 4:52 pm
  102. Hold a tent sale in your garden. Think of different things to sell in the tents, like buns and biscuits, toys you don’t want etc. Some tents could have a quiz or garden challenge to complete, and win a small prize.

    Eleanor 20 Aug at 12:16 pm
  103. Get your teachers or collegues to have a mini x-factor!
    People can vote during the week with money and the person who makes the most money wins!

    Sophie 27 Aug at 3:56 pm
  104. You could do a sponsored swim where someone challenges you to do an amount of lengths in your local swimming pool. You get sponsored an amount of money per length or however long it takes you to swim the distance desired.

    Lizzie 30 Aug at 11:18 am
  105. Have a penalty shoot out where people sponsor you money per goal. You could try to score goals against different people and if you score a goal against them, they have to give you money!!! Good luck with itxxx

    Lizzie and Beanster 30 Aug at 11:23 am
  106. name that tune, set up a chair in the middle, everyone pays a fee to paticipate and then each time the tune starts, you run to the chair and answer what the name of it is, if you get it wrong, your out, otherwise it goes on to the nmext round, last person gets a prize (donated) and all the fees go to charity.

    heather 31 Aug at 9:39 am
  107. do a (enter school name here)’s got talent!
    it raised us £400 😀 X

    Amber 20 Sep at 7:17 pm
  108. i think that some people are sick and want to grow up like

    Sophie Tomlinson 2 Oct at 9:20 am
  109. bingo night

    Louise 4 Oct at 2:09 pm
  110. get a chocolate fountain and pay to use it

    Anonymous 13 Oct at 1:39 pm
  111. do a teacher quiz

    morty 13 Oct at 1:40 pm
  112. sell food n drink in school for a quid. If you get them from BnM’s, you can earn up to £25 profit a day! dont let the teachers catch u btw :S

    rawr 14 Oct at 3:38 pm
  113. P.j dayy

    who can eat the most chocolate in a day…

    Danii :) 2 Nov at 6:43 pm
  114. host an ann summers party in your local pubs function hall. most places shall donate the hall for free when you mention how many people you are expecting (and there potential profit… blag it) and with the alcohol flowing most women will purchase at least 1 item for which you can expect a pre-arranged percentage of sales, also have other things going on such as a stripper, raffle, auction etc

    caz 4 Nov at 10:09 pm
  115. Set up a fete(funfair)and charge people £20 per stall. My school got the children to set up mini games. A group set up ‘sponge the teacher` stall and they earned over £500 from 5 hours.

    Kishan78mu 12 Nov at 5:06 pm
  116. throw darts at balloons pay for three darts, you can make the starting line further away for the older.
    fairy and princess tent, superhero and boy theme tents
    plaster painting
    buy a card kit they sit and decorate at the fair
    sell birthday themed party kits

    karen h 16 Nov at 5:29 pm
  117. Try getting sponsered to stand in a buket of
    baked beans,my friend did it and raised £106.37

    Robyn W 17 Nov at 10:00 am
  118. Jersey day.
    We raised $1400

    Cole 19 Nov at 12:12 am
  119. ask if can cut your neighbours grass for a couploe of pounds depending on the size of the garden

    louise 24 Nov at 2:35 pm
  120. do a sponsered sky dive it’s really sucessfull. good luck!!

    Thanx to Tebo 24 Nov at 7:59 pm
  121. u could hold a bake sale if u organize it properly u could raise alot of money for that. Our school earned £476.93

    banudii 25 Nov at 10:09 pm
  122. car wash
    stand in a bowl of baked beans
    throw a sponge at a teacher
    smiling contest
    silly sock day
    fancy dress
    teacher quiz
    teacher cat walk

    rochelle siobhan tanya cowley 1 Dec at 8:47 pm
  123. get some wheely office chairs, in a row, sit on them facing backwards while holding on to the chair in front. last sitter in the row shouts out directions and creates the momentum. and it looks like you are rowing around the office.

    it is great fun, and gets every one laughing, great way to raise more money. as they like watching you make a fool out of yourself 🙂

    jane. T 8 Dec at 9:51 pm
  124. how many balloons in the car – one day for people to bid charge £1 a guess or something like that and the one nearest to the total gets a prize 🙂 (lol)

    Pia12 :D 9 Dec at 5:41 pm
  125. cake sale.
    ima school kid get me out of here.!!
    grab your self a sweet in pot of flour.
    name teddy.
    guess how many sweets. x

    health and social care students 14 Dec at 11:31 am
  126. coupon books,

    Mack 12 Jan at 5:04 am
  127. sponsord silence, pajama day, apple bobbing ect

    Harriet Musson 18 Jan at 8:45 pm
  128. 50P OR £1 EACH IDK now PEACE!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    trisha 20 Jan at 6:51 pm
  129. fashion show
    penalty shoot out
    non school uniform day

    shelbz 21 Jan at 7:26 pm
  130. fun day £1 entry
    sweet stall

    toni 23 Jan at 7:42 pm
  131. sponserd run with your friends

    Em 23 Jan at 9:17 pm
  132. If you want to raise money for charity do you have to be registered in some way? Or can you go ahead and raise the money as long as it’s donated to charity once it’s been raised?


    Jenelle 25 Jan at 4:40 pm

    HOL 28 Jan at 12:57 am

    SHAUNA BBZ 2 Feb at 9:45 am
  135. Well we could have a wacky hair day, when u can wear a wig, or do somethings with ur hair

    Hayley 2 Feb at 6:21 pm
  136. Wear your own tie/ hat for a day.
    Teacher’s baby photos- Guess the teacher

    Seb 2 Feb at 8:43 pm
  137. you could- be blind folded for the day or a couple of hours. tie your self to a teacher for a couple of hours or a day! That would be fun! Hope you have fun fundraising!

    Louise 5 Feb at 7:47 pm
  138. sell hot chocolate, on cold days everyone could use a hot chocolate or apple sider… 😀

    Maggie. Rose. 7 Feb at 10:13 pm
  139. make and sell cookies/biscuits to children for special occasions :: mothers day etc

    kiki+shrona 14 Feb at 10:04 pm
  140. football jersey day
    swear box
    sell food in a tent day
    ima skool kid get me outa here

    my skool did all of these and in total we raised £2657.56

    xox!!!! 21 Feb at 6:51 pm
  141. window washing, go to people who live near you and offer them their windows to be washed at perfection and ask them to maybe donate a pound or something.xx

    kara 24 Feb at 2:18 pm
  142. all it is is if you play for a football team your team could have a little football match where anyone can join in and ak them to donate a pound or something.xx

    kara againxx 24 Feb at 2:22 pm
  143. im raising money for dogs trust
    i am doing a fun day for kids and adults with food and games and my pets
    are going to be there too!!

    bex 24 Feb at 5:05 pm
  144. find a picture of the internet costs 20p and then if they guess the name, win a cake or a something

    geuss the name of the picture 27 Feb at 5:20 pm
  145. raffleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    works every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    an on a mose 3 Mar at 5:28 pm
  146. Bake Sale

    Jennifer 3 Mar at 10:07 pm
  147. greate your own rugby or hokky team and let your friends make their own team and make bets how will win and every player must pay 10rand 2 compeaT!!!LOVE U JOHAN

    lezan! 9 Mar at 4:48 pm
  148. Apple bobbing contest at school,church,street and whoever gets a apple in the quickest time gets a small teddy or box of chocolates. You can charge as much as you want but we recommend 20p-50p as you can get a pack of 4 apples for hardly anyhting at morrisons or Aldi!! 🙂 😉 xxxxx

    Lyds+Lauren 9 Mar at 5:05 pm
  149. You can create a quiz then photocopy it as many times as you want and sell it for 50p or a £1 on your street to your neighbours, whoever gets the most questions right can have a prize!!!! If there is a draw get one of your parents to pick a name out of the hat!!!!! Good luck with your fund/money raising!!!! 😛 😉 🙂 :O xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Lyds+Lauren 9 Mar at 5:12 pm
  150. do a sponsered sleep see how may hours you can sleep for and how many hours you sleep for is how much money you get e.g 2 hours £2 10 hours £10 it so much fun

    megan 17 Mar at 10:55 pm
  151. International food feast
    Ask all parents to bring in a dish or two from their homeland or chosen country, charge a fee for entry in to the international food feast.

    Sach 18 Mar at 11:23 pm
  152. school-dress up funny and paint your face!pay £1 OR MORE to do it (even the teachers)
    make things and sell them
    hope you raise a lot of money and remember it’s all for charity!!!!!!!!!

    nobody 20 Mar at 11:43 am
  153. school-draw pictures of the people that come up to you and they have to pay

    nobody 20 Mar at 11:45 am
  154. sponsered swim,run,walk

    anon 20 Mar at 11:53 am
  155. sausage sizzle

    wanita 20 Mar at 10:15 pm
  156. FACE PAINTING !!!
    quiz,name the bear,how many sweets are in the jar ??

    Meg 23 Mar at 5:47 pm
  157. you could do a concert on your school feild =)

    hannah =) 6 Apr at 1:50 pm
  158. Teacher vs Studant Dogeball competition

    Dogeball 19 Apr at 7:20 pm
  159. An X-FACTOR night at your local hall or bar

    jojo mac 26 Apr at 4:16 pm
  160. come to school and look cool dress and look your best

    lachlan/the bestine 27 Apr at 10:11 am
  161. A
    All day event Ask your local pub or sports club if they can arrange a 24-hour sponsored event such as darts, squash or bridge.

    Auction of Promises Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings. You can even ask people to donate themselves as ‘slaves for the day’!

    Aerobics If you enjoy keeping fit – or want to start – why not get people to sponsor you over a certain time?

    Bring a Pound into Work Simply ask your colleagues to each bring a pound into work in aid of the charity you are raising money for.

    Barbecue Hold a charity barbecue and charge people to come to your party.

    Book Sale Dig out all those old books and have a book sale at home or at work.

    Car Boot Sale Get all those unwanted items stashed in the back of cupboards or in your loft and sell them at a car boot sale.

    Coffee Morning Get all friends together and have a coffee morning, it’s a great way to catch up on all the gossip!

    Competition Hold a competition at work, at home or at a club.

    Charge for favours Every time someone asks if you would do a favour, charge him or her.

    Dinner Dance Have a band, good food, organise a raffle and/or an auction.

    Dry Cornflakes Set up a line of people and bet who will finish their bowl first.

    Disco Organise a disco or 70’s night – with fancy dress!

    Dress Down Day Ideal if you work in an office environment where your colleagues might be keen for an opportunity to work in jeans.

    Easter Egg Hunt/Party

    Egg Rolling Competition

    Fancy dress car wash. Ask everyone in your street if you can wash their car – dressing up in a zany outfit makes it more fun.

    Football Tournament

    Film Show

    Golf Match Organise a charity golf day.

    Halloween Ball Sell tickets to a fancy dress ball or party.

    Ice Skating Get people to sponsor you for how many times you can go around the ring without falling over..

    Ice Cream How much ice cream can you eat in a minute? Ask people to sponsor you and find out.

    Jumble Sale People love a good rummage and it’s always a good fundraiser.

    Karaoke Evening Ask a local pub to host a Karaoke night for you and charge people to get in or take part.

    Lunch Money Ask all your colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch and donate the money they saved to charity.

    Lunchtime Quiz Stimulate the mind before heading back for the afternoon slog. Get together teams and charge to take part.

    Match the pet to the owner competition Ask your colleagues to bring in one photo of themselves and one of their pet. Charge people £1 a time to match up all the photographs

    Murder Mystery Evening

    Masked Ball Everyone wears a mask of his or her choice. Have a competition to guess who’s who.

    Night in Stay in on a Saturday night and the money you save, donate to The Blue Cross.

    No Smoking Get people to sponsor you for giving up cigarettes.

    No Drinking Revitalise your body and give up the bottle for a few weeks – ask people to sponsor you.

    Open Day If you have a colourful garden, let all those garden lovers come and admire, for a charge.

    Publicity Send a press release to all your local papers asking for sponsorship from companies and individuals.

    Photography competition Invite your friends to get their baby photos out and pay £1.00 a go to ‘guess the baby’.

    Quiz Nights always a favourite whether it is at home at work, in a club or in your local. Charge people to take part.

    Question of Sport All you sports fanatics, make up your own questions and test your friends’ knowledge.

    Race night Hold a race night in aid of The Blue Cross.

    Shocking sock/tie day Those who take part are asked to donate £1, those who don’t pay a forfeit of £2.

    Snack attack Everyone gets peckish in the middle of the morning, so hold a cake or biscuit sale.

    Sweepstake Run a sweepstake on how many times your boss gets a cup a tea or how may times your colleague leaves their desk during the day. £1.00 to have a go.

    Sponsored Events Bike Ride, walk, silence, swim, slim, headshave.

    Swap Shop You may not like filing or doing those chores around the house. Ask your friends to pool the things they hate doing and get everyone to bid for the ones they would like to do.

    Treasure Hunt A challenge event for people, and a fun way to raise big money.

    Theme days/nights Jazz up the winter months and hold a themed event.

    Tombola Get some raffle tickets and persuade your friends and colleagues to donate prizes.

    University Challenge Collect together teams who attend the same or nearby universities and hold a challenge to see which university comes top.

    Variety Show Round up your talented friends and tread the boards, charging for admission.

    Wine Tasting Invite an ‘expert’ or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate some of the proceeds to charity.

    White Elephant Stall

    X-Files Party

    Yanky Doodle BBQ

    Yorkshire Pudding Aunt Bessie makes the best, see how many you can eat. Get your friends to run a sweepstake.

    Zebedee Lookalike Party For all you Magic Roundabout fans.

    Zombie Party

    star 28 Apr at 6:42 pm
  162. Hosting a whisky tasting evening is great fun, educational and entertaining. More importantly it can raise a large amount of money for little effort. Approximately 50% of ticket sales are all profit. Many references available.

    allan scott 5 May at 10:09 pm
  163. Do a none uniform day and charge a £1 per person
    it works

    ........... 8 May at 1:51 pm
  164. do hair braiding, french braids, french twist, makeup, nails, makeover, etc. etc. for a small price of £14.99

    xemma-pattinsonx 13 May at 5:43 pm
  165. cake sale (it really does work i did it 2wice at my school and both times each raised over 10000) 🙂 😮

    Anonymous 17 May at 11:39 am
  166. strawberrys and cream sale

    Anonymous 17 May at 6:48 pm
  167. for school
    splat someone

    mpambawashey 20 May at 6:59 pm
  168. how many marble in the gar

    saha 25 May at 3:50 pm
  169. Free Dress Day

    Don’t weir your uniform weir what ever you want and who ever comes free dressed has to bring a gold coin.

    Shania 29 May at 7:10 am
  170. How Many

    Guess how many lollies there are in the jar.
    Bye a raffle ticket and put your name and room number, also put how many lollies you think that are in the jar keep one ticket with you and the in where ever the tickets pulled out of, and who ever wins wins a prize.(But the tickets have to cost something to rase the money.)

    Shania 29 May at 7:14 am
  171. get the biggest peron and gess the wight

    jill 8 Jun at 4:29 pm
  172. CAR BOOT! 😀

    CHAR 12 Jun at 6:17 pm
  173. who can do the best scottish accent comp

    bobby 13 Jun at 2:37 pm
  174. 1. WHo can drink a cup of tea with their feet spilling the least
    2. The Drunk monkey game (coolest game EVER)
    3. Who can make the most faces in 1 minute

    bobby 13 Jun at 2:39 pm
  175. have a sponsered hair cut .. and tell your hairdressers if they make a donation then you will take some of their businesses cards and give them people who sponser you

    only really works if u have long hair lol.. im doing it and cant wait 🙂 .x

    katie :) 13 Jun at 7:13 pm
  176. become a baby for agreed period of time including wearing nappies bibs etc amount could be set per 30 mins/hour/day(s)

    inspired 16 Jun at 12:16 am
  177. Teachers spelling bee…… Math teachers are normaly the worst at spelling

    Anna 19 Jun at 4:43 pm
  178. Hmmm.. shavee yourr teachers head x 😀

    honzz ;D 20 Jun at 4:15 pm
  179. Place as many oddities around your work place as yuo can e.g. tie carrots in a tree, plastic flowers in the flowerbed, Charge for the privilege of entering the event – it is also good to combine this with an Open Day. A lot od work before hand but raises hyndreds of pounds and is great fun for all.

    Fred 2 Jul at 7:48 pm
  180. Place as many oddities around your work place as you can e.g. tie carrots in a tree, plastic flowers in the flowerbed. Charge for the privilege of entering the event – it is also good to combine this with an Open Day. A lot of work before hand but raises hundreds of pounds and is great fun for all.

    Fred 2 Jul at 7:49 pm
  181. obsticle corse

    jess 5 Jul at 3:30 pm
  182. sponsered silence

    maygee 5 Jul at 10:28 pm
  183. Have a masqerade ball…everyone wears masks…charge for admission and sell masks for those who dont have …sell treats and drinks …great during halloween substitute for costume party

    Anonymous 7 Jul at 2:27 am
  184. try a raffle pick out you own toys or toy and you could always make your own raffle tickets.

    hannah x 16 Jul at 4:05 pm
  185. get your bosses to do all the work and wear your uniform make them do your job for the day everyone else wears a suit and does the bosses job charge all involved you should raise a fair few bob!

    Sue 28 Aug at 9:26 pm
  186. sell sweets at school. but make sure you sell them for more than they are worth.! make a profit! and btw… made sure the teachers dont spot you! 🙂

    tayler :D 31 Aug at 9:05 pm
  187. ask peeps out side a super market if u can push there trolly 2 there car and in return they give u the trolly pound and u can give it 2 charaty

    emu11 3 Sep at 3:43 pm
  188. paint in marker on your teachers back i am a reetard so kiss me Works every time 🙂 :0

    me!!!!!!! :) 3 Sep at 3:47 pm
  189. Sposered stay awake! 😀

    Carly (; 3 Sep at 6:52 pm

    jimbob 6 Sep at 11:07 am
  191. We have Ferret Racing nights and raise over £500 every time. The kids and parents love them.

    Keri Forster 14 Sep at 5:00 pm
  192. make a singing contest and 10 dollars the entrace

    michie torres 25 Sep at 9:47 pm

    stevie 29 Sep at 11:02 am
  194. the big bounce – this is when students pay a pound to take part for 10 minutes for a pound and they have to keep the trampolines bouncing until the end of the day my school raised 2, 185 doing this and it gets people going because they get to miss part of their lessons

    laura 4 Oct at 6:33 pm
  195. sponsered Horse Trek. around a field something.x :))always fun to do!!!!

    lizzie bizzle 7 Oct at 5:35 pm
  196. Eat shorts day. LOL

    viren 12 Oct at 10:33 am
  197. a sponsord pillow fight

    kirsten 16 Oct at 4:46 pm
  198. have fun

    Anonymous 18 Oct at 10:36 am
  199. a sponsered hug 20p a hug

    tom 18 Oct at 1:47 pm
  200. 100 club. Get 100 people to pay £2 or more and put everyones name in a hat. Pick one out and whoever wins gets £50. That way you will make £150!!! lol

    Joel 23 Oct at 12:11 pm
  201. variety night

    Anonymous 25 Oct at 3:37 pm
  202. thanks for the ideas im hopin to raise money for a lad near my area who is wantin to have an operation as he has cerebal palsy and needs 50k hes got 30 nd wud like to help out. ill try some ideas 🙂 thanks again

    courtney 25 Oct at 10:46 pm
  203. sell food or dance i raised $12900

    Anonymous 27 Oct at 8:17 pm
  204. What we are doing at my school….

    We are building a wishing well and there will be 3 slots for each grade. (6th, 7th, and 8th) At the then of the 2 weeks, whichever grade has the most money will win a BIG prize.We are getting this company to donate a lot of their festival equipment (small roller costers, fun houses, and a whole bunch of stuff like that) and the winnning grade will have a big day where they can play around with all that stuff on the football field.

    I’m in 8th grade, and for a way for me to raise money, my grade is hosting a talent show for the whole school. Students will audition for it and then we choose the best to be in the show. (about 20 students) and then people will pay to come and watch it. We did this 2 years ago and raised about 1000 bucks. it works well…

    Joe 6 Nov at 2:53 pm
  205. Cake/Sweet Sale
    Car Wash
    Sponsered Silence

    Summer 11 Nov at 6:33 pm
  206. Sponsered Walk
    Sponsered Run
    Sponsered Swim

    Summer 11 Nov at 6:34 pm
  207. Read As Many Books As You Can
    Do As Many Kick-ups As You Can
    Eat As Much Chocolate As You Can
    Then Get People To Sponser You For It

    Summer 11 Nov at 6:37 pm
  208. Santa Walk
    (Good Ideas!!!!!)

    Lil Emzy! 11 Nov at 8:55 pm
  209. Fund raising at school
    Gunge a teacher,
    Feed teacher a food which they hate,
    Teacher comes to school with no make-up on,
    Teacher becomes a child for a day,
    Teacher has a pie in face,
    Teacher has a foot bath of something yuck!,
    “I’m a teacher GET ME OUT OF HERE!”
    Teacher handcuffed to a chair all day!”
    Teachers phone conviscated for a whole day!

    Nadineee 12 Nov at 5:43 pm
  210. bake sale guess teddy but im hoping i can find more lol x peace

    LOLsmilez alice x 12 Nov at 5:46 pm
  211. Apple Bobbing Contest

    Lucyy 14 Nov at 3:03 pm
  212. Or Get Pics Of Teachers When They Were Younger Then Guess Whos who 🙂

    Lucyy & Elliee 14 Nov at 3:04 pm
  213. I am a Head Coach of a gymnastics club and we are always looking for new ways for fund-raising.. We already do bag packing, gala’s, competitions but need new ideas. Has anyone go any?
    Thank you for your support!!

    Natalie 14 Nov at 10:43 pm
  214. make a quiz, think of your own questions and print them off and hand out sheets. Charge for entering (more than printing costs!) and the winner gets a small prize.


    show a film and charge entry. You could also sell popcorns to the peeps that come, or cakes or drinks. Any kind of munchies:)

    genius, hehe! 15 Nov at 8:12 pm
  215. Cake/bistcuits sale
    Sell things-hand made crafts- such as cards, necklaces, bracelets ect.
    Car washing
    Loose change box or fill Smartie tubes with coins
    Wear your own cloths pay 50p-£1 to wear them
    Wear your jeans day pa 50p-£1 to wear them
    Wear a clour (example purple or blue) and pay 50p-£1 to do so
    Sponsored something…
    Swear box every time someone swears they have to put some money in the box
    Make a spiral of coins… everyone brings in there 1ps and 2ps and you make a spiral and all the coins in the spiral you keep
    Silly socks day 50p to wear silly socks
    Say LOL as many time as you can in a minute.
    100 club- you get 100 people to give £2.00 to you. Everyone who gives £2.00 puts their name on a sheet and then you draw a name out of a hat and that person wins £50.00, that way you raise £150.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr Nobody (LOL) I ROCK AND SO DO U!!!!! 18 Nov at 4:01 pm
  216. Teach children how to spell correctly!

    Jane 19 Nov at 1:06 pm
  217. stay awake 24 hr

    chlo 19 Nov at 6:25 pm
  218. make horrible cakes and sell them trust me it workes i raised £30

    chlo 19 Nov at 6:27 pm
  219. guess how many sweets are in the jar.

    James Bush 19 Nov at 9:04 pm
  220. to do a sposered car wash

    bob jim 20 Nov at 10:06 am
  221. hire a ped-along £1 an hour and money goes to charity

    guess the number im thinking of 50p 5 guesses

    Arts and crafts £1 an a3 sheet

    mat i1 ulost 21 Nov at 8:33 am
  222. Bag packing in supermarkets or a art time job at the stables or hairdressers 🙂

    Cheska 21 Nov at 4:17 pm
  223. • Sponge the teacher
    • Guess the teddies name
    • Guess how many sweets in the jar (One jar per house!) and whoever has the closest guess in each house wins the jar of sweets
    • Guess a teachers real name
    • Guess a teachers age
    • Tug of war on the field
    • Stupid socks day
    • Teacher karaoke
    • Teachers dance competition
    • (Schools/business’/roads name) Got Talent
    • Teacher cat walk
    • I’m a school kid/boss/employee get me out of here
    • Teacher’s baby photos- Guess the teacher

    Loz The Immense! 24 Nov at 7:34 pm
  224. Sponsered Silence always works for me because I am a very LOUD!!!! Person. And yes people enjoy some piece and quite and I am not usally quiet!
    So TRY IT!!!

    Lara 26 Nov at 8:36 pm
  225. I gunged my teacher and so did many other people I also made cakes sold my old and new stuff, did some competions and much much more!
    By the end of a week I raised an incredible £1000.42 ALLTOGETHER!!!! So see what you can do?

    The sexiest girl ever, Lara 26 Nov at 8:42 pm
  226. Most of these ideas are fantastic!! Thank you all 😀
    This will help me very much 🙂

    Charlie 26 Nov at 11:46 pm
  227. Do a charity cookbook or a school sleepover in the hall….

    Fizz 30 Nov at 7:14 pm
  228. an idea for Christmas!
    get a load of candy canes and sell them but people buy them and write messages for other people on a piece of card attached and then they get sent around all the classes!!

    Hannah 8 Dec at 7:07 pm
  229. I recently took part in a charity event, we made products to sell in a shop that we had for the weekend and in the shop we had a paint your own rubber duck stool!
    It proved very popular with children as they were instantly attracted to anything with glitter in!

    Mia 8 Dec at 7:40 pm
  230. treasure finding – pick a square then write your name, if there is a cross underneath the square then you have won the prize xx

    megan and chelsea 9 Dec at 4:38 pm
  231. auction off ya mam

    gary glitter 9 Dec at 8:16 pm
  232. Hello

    Get a few freinds pay em to get in and do a
    24hr sleepover (except no sleep)

    Miss BoBo 13 Dec at 7:04 pm
  233. get the mixture jelly beans
    2. everyone take one randomly
    3. if u don’t eat it u have to eat the next one u take out.


    Miss BoBo 13 Dec at 7:21 pm
  234. Im a kid get me out of here or you could do adults? 🙂

    Holly & Grace 15 Dec at 5:22 pm
  235. swap lives for a period of time with ur friends and live with there family

    Holly & Grace again 15 Dec at 5:25 pm
  236. ask as many companies as you can to give you free things as a sponsership e.g. gym tickets, cinema bowling tickets, anything! and sell them in a raffle!
    we raised over £600

    amy 17 Dec at 6:44 pm
  237. Cycle the distance to where you are going away too if you are doing it too get money for a trip.

    Bob Marley 5 Jan at 2:55 pm
  238. -tie your self to someone(back to back) and do races while your tied to the person.
    -Test the teachers everyone Askes the teacher a question that has nothing do with stuff you learn in school, about your fav tv show if they get a question wrog they get goo/eggs on there heads
    -Dog walk everyone walks dogs for people for money,and have packages like walk,wash and groom for maybe £5.00
    -bake the most horrible,grossest buns and people sponser you to eat them the amount they pay the amount you eat so like £2.00 then you eat 2 buns.
    -late night. people sponser you to stay either in school or awake longer than you normally do like if someone sponser you £2.00 then you either have to stay in school an extra 2 hrs or you have to stay awake a extra 2hrs.
    -teacher switch day. each person in your class votes for which pupil gets to be the teacher for some of the day it cost £1 to vote and to take part in the vote. you can do that in your classroom or for the whole school you could vote for a princeable for the day

    ABZZ 10 Jan at 3:54 pm
  239. Bring your phone to school day.

    babeeeee 12 Jan at 7:38 pm
  240. you guys are all silly the best way to fund rais is probably eating the most cAkeS and DrInKiNg ThE mOsT CHILLI SAUCE

    jacob sam and jack 19 Jan at 2:49 pm
  241. School fund raising ideas:
    Disco, themed day, crazy hair, guess the weight/guess the ammount of sweets in a jar, cake sale.

    Coco 20 Jan at 8:12 pm
  242. sponser swear at school day

    mark 3 Feb at 8:37 pm
  243. i am trying to raise money for the rspca and im doin a guess the elastic bands in jar for friends and family.also i am a right chatter box so im hopefully gonna get peeps to sponsor me to be quiet for a day and may do snail racing and my cousin loves jenga and he got a jenga set at his birthday party so i am gonna get him and me to play and it costs 10p each time he or me knockes it down.untill he gets bored!ha ha ha good luck in fundrasing everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) omg just thought of idea get peeps to make the most smilies on computer or phone as they can charge to enter!!!!!!!!!:) 🙁 :-0 ect ok good luck!

    tree 23 Feb at 10:52 am
  244. i raised 20 pounds from a guess the elastic bands in jar from my family i am thrilled

    tree 5 Mar at 5:05 pm
  245. Sponsoered Silence, great way to make money

    Nuala 16 Mar at 6:18 pm
  246. have a fashion show auctioning clothes to raise oney for a charity lol:)

    hanifa 19 Mar at 9:22 pm
  247. dont talk for about 12 hours its really hard

    emily 20 Mar at 10:05 am
  248. sponsered horse ride.
    bake sale
    car boot sale
    go to a caring home and read to the people.
    help neighbours

    holly 10 Apr at 3:58 pm
  249. lucky dip we raised £51.98!!!!!!!!!!

    Colopop 10 May at 5:28 pm
  250. We always do a pamper tombole ie,donated perfumes,soap,talc,bath sets etc for the teenagers-mums grannies ..
    teddy tombola with clean donated teddies (to make it easier for the kiddies to know if they had a winning ticket we found a kids stamper pen of a teddies face and stamped winning tickets much better than trying to see if they had a certain number at the end of the ticket) and bottle tombola which has bottles of alchohol and bottles or tom ketchup etc alwyas a very good result …these stall were busy all day

    crockery smash 3 balls for a pound see what u can smash,donated plates,cup,orniments etc (ask at local charity shops for chipped things)

    welly wanging …

    sharon 22 May at 2:56 pm
  251. Easy Fundraising allows schools, churches, charities, clubs and organisations in the UK to register their chosen cause and earn donations. Supporters of each local cause can then raise funds by shopping online with leading retailers such as Amazon, and M&S as they normally would. For every purchase that is made the chosen cause will receive a donation that can be anywhere up to 15% of the order value depending on the store and product purchased. The service is absolutely free and works by consumers simply signing into the site and clicking on the retailer’s link and purchasing the products that they would normally do.

    There is also a search tool called ‘Easy Search’ which is another fundraising idea on the site that lets registered users raise funds and donations simply by searching as they would normally on the internet.

    Easy Fundraising

    Easy Fundraising 28 Oct at 1:15 pm
  252. slugs still a problem? what you do is so simple get some nice white pepper, any will do realy but i find white the best. Sprinkle the pepper on top of a tall bject such as a large flowerpot or wall the slugs climb up the wall sneeze, fall of the wall or pot and breaks their necks ha ha ha ha …Merry Xmas and thanx for the the good tips ive had from this web page

    george raynor 17 Dec at 1:33 pm
  253. do a sponserd dance

    laura 3 Mar at 2:21 pm
  254. Bake sales are always good. Everybody loves to buy food

    playingfungames 10 Dec at 3:38 pm
  255. its very good

    eat 10 cakes in 5 mins 11 Mar at 12:12 pm
  256. Run a fundeo race night – there is snail racing and cockroach racing – all as animated video footage and cartoon fun supplied on dvd with all personalised tickets and programmes supplied. These are fantastic fundraising ideas.

    race night- a great fundraising idea 15 Apr at 11:15 pm