10 ways to make your house carbon neutral

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Carbon Neutral

It’s time to do something about global warming. Here we look at some very simple steps that you can do to make your first steps towards reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Look at where you go on holiday

Flying is one of the highest consumers of carbon. Reducing the amount that you fly will have the greatest impact on the environment. Avoid long haul holidays. You may want to consider even having a holiday at home. Longer holidays (e.g. 3 weeks) less often will typically use less carbon than going away for lots of short breaks.

2. Stop using your car so much

I know, easier said than done. The first step would be to try and get a job closer to home – or even better find a way of working from home. Also try to use your car less often – perhaps every other day. Using a bike will save energy and keep you fit at the same time. If you have two cars you could consider selling one of them.

3. Start wearing a sweater or pullover in winter

My dad used to say that we heat up the space around us, rather than heat ourselves up. If you start wearing a sweater or pullover in winter you will find that you will be able to turn down the controls on your central heating.

4. Switch your electricity supply to a green energy supplier

We are going to need new fuel supplies and I would prefer for them to be renewable than coal, gas or nuclear. Switch to a 100% energy supplier like Ecotricity and all of your money will be put into helping to develop renewable energy. (They are the company that operate the wind turbine on the M4 near Reading).

5. Subscribe to an organic vegetable box scheme

In most areas you can get a box of fresh organic vegetables and fruit delivered to your door. As well as cutting down on food miles, it will be healthy and will put you back in touch with the seasonality of your food. You could even consider growing some of your own vegetables.

6. Start burning wood

If you have a fireplace start burning wood. You can pick up wood that you have collected (make sure that it is not tanalised (or treated wood). Even better you could install a wood burning stove. Burning wood is carbon neutral as the tree took carbon dioxide out of the air.

7. Plant a tree

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and will help to make your more carbon neutral. Just make sure that you do not plant so close to the house that it will affect the foundations. Over time it could be a great source of fuel too.

8. Travel by train (or public transport)

Where possible try to travel as much as you cn by public transport (train, bus or coach) – particularly for longer journeys.

9. Start using the economy buttons

Most people do not realise that on their washing machines, dishwashers and toilets you will often find an economy seting that reduces the amount of electricity or water that you use.

Another great economy is only to fill the kettle with the actual amount of water that you need, rather than filling it up to the top.

10. Turn it off

The biggest saving though would be to hang you clothes on the line in a fine day, rather than using the tumble drier.

You shpuld also get into a routine of going around the house and unplugging any devices that do not need to be plugged in – particularly chargers, computers on standby.

10. Do all the obvious stuff

Make sure that you have done all of the obvious measures like insulating the loft and installing thermostats on your radiators and on the central heating.

Do you have any other ideas? Please add them into the box below. Thanks.


Published On: 6th Aug 2007

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  1. energy efficient products

    Anonymous 27 Sep at 6:21 am
  2. buy energy efficet globes

    smart 19 Jun at 5:51 am
  3. insulate house

    smart 19 Jun at 5:51 am
  4. have a garden with large trees

    smart 19 Jun at 5:54 am
  5. place windows on north side of house

    smart 19 Jun at 5:55 am
  6. have a well insulated house

    SMARTER THAN SMART 23 Jun at 11:16 am
  7. Don’t buy stuff you don’t really need. Give your money to green charities instead (e.g. woodland trust). Almost all consumption relies on some use of carbon based fuels.

    Dave Candeland 1 Jul at 11:40 am
  8. close drapes or blinds at night to reduce heat loss

    wildernessbob 3 Aug at 1:39 am
  9. […] Ten ways to make yourself carbon neutral […]

    More Persuasive Speech Ideas 30 Aug at 4:32 am
  10. Carry your own bag (cloth) to stores Avoid plastic carry bag

    MK 10 Oct at 9:02 am
  11. Get a grid connected solar panel setup on your roof & create your own quiet & free electricity

    Max Power Electrical 24 Jan at 1:16 pm
  12. tighten leaky faucetts… it will waste less water

    kaytee 28 Jan at 10:57 pm
  13. yous your guter water, to water the plant not tap water.

    Edmund 9 Feb at 6:15 pm
  14. grow your own food

    sheila 7 Mar at 3:06 pm
  15. 1) Use of Airconditioners at 24 degree celcius.
    This reduce the emission of Chloro Floro Carbon.

    Rajkumar Jaiswal 24 Mar at 12:56 pm
  16. use both sides of a sheet of paper

    jessica 29 Apr at 10:45 pm
  17. dont use a lot of chemicals like windex.

    jessica 29 Apr at 10:47 pm
  18. Invest in “Green” companies to offset carbon emissions, such as solar, wind, or geothermal power.

    Richard 23 Jul at 5:47 pm
  19. invest in a motor scooter. This will definitly use way less gas. Plant a tree.

    Daniel Baxter 3 Aug at 2:12 am
  20. turn the elelctrical appliences off when you not using them

    alex 3 Nov at 12:22 am
  21. turn the electrical applience off at the switch 🙂

    alex 3 Nov at 12:24 am
  22. […] Ten ways to make yourself carbon neutral […]

    More Persuasive Speech Ideas 3 Nov at 5:47 pm
  23. install and use a half flush toliet or place a filled water bottle in the cistern to reduce the amount of water wasted in flushing

    hayley 25 Nov at 6:15 am
  24. don’t leave the tap running whilst cleaning your teeth.

    Karon 10 Dec at 6:47 am
  25. Fillament Bulbs should be banned. In its place use Chlorofloro bulbs. That saves 50% of electricity thus energy at the source. This will reduce green house effect

    P.S.Sindhu 20 Dec at 12:41 pm
  26. Use reusable fabric bags. Do NOT ban filament light bulbs. People with bad eyesight NEED more light and can’t always afford chloro. bulbs. I think you will find that chloro. bulbs contain mercury and should be desposed of carefully – not many are aware of this.

    Mary Hassall 1 Jan at 2:09 pm
  27. Fix all leaky fausets…Did you know,
    If a faucet drips 30 times for one faucet on average, then in one day it will drip 43,200 drips per day which would equal out to about 3-4 gallons of water. To add to that, that would equal out to be 1,041 gallons of water per YEAR.

    Dylan Damm 7 May at 2:33 pm
  28. Plant a green roof. It does not only save energy and insulates, it does also absorb CO2 and produces O2, reduces water run off and cools the city or twon.

    Uwe Paschen 5 Sep at 11:05 pm
  29. Plant a tree with us at OxTreeGen within our Living Legacy Woodland within the UK

    Nick Thomas 5 Jan at 10:23 am
  30. Try to avoid chemical liquids in your house as much as possible – there are lots of cheap and natural alternatives. One of them is soda.

    Nina 10 May at 8:17 am
  31. If You use a water butt to save water it helps

    Jamie 25 Nov at 10:18 am
  32. Insulate everything includ yourself to keep warm MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Jamie 25 Nov at 10:20 am
  33. Introduce raw foods (salads etc) in your diet. It means less cooking, less water and electricity use and most off all enhanced health and well being.

    Sats 25 Jun at 11:27 pm
  34. Set up a red worm bin to compost organic household waste.

    Paul 24 Jul at 10:26 pm
  35. Travel: Sell your internal combustion engine, petrol or diesel car. If you can afford it, buy an electric car or plug in hybrid car. Otherwise buy a bicycle or e bike with a panier bag, mudguards, a bell, as stand, a good lock and a set of bright lights. Use this instead of the car. For longer journeys take your bike on the train to get you to the station and home and to use at your destination (check with the rail company first).

    Paul 19 Oct at 4:38 pm