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The first stage in the process is to pick a colour scheme.

We have picked schemes that are as current as possible. We have also built the schemes so that they can be easily mixed and matched. Unfortunately PowerPoint only allows us a small fixed colour palette so we are still trying work out matching all of the colour combinations.

Step 1 – Pick a colour scheme

Blue Purple Orange Green 1 Green 2 Green 3

Colour Scheme Key

Blue Colour Scheme
blue colour scheme

Select Blue Colour Scheme

purple colour scheme
Select Purple Colour Scheme

orange colour scheme
Select Orange Colour Scheme

Green 1
green1 colour scheme
Select Green 1 Colour Scheme

Green 2
green2 colour scheme
Select Green 2 Colour Scheme

Green 3
green3 colour scheme
Select Green 3 Colour Scheme


Published On: 17th Jan 2009

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