Free 2015 Monthly Calendar Template

Free 2015 Monthly Calendar Template

Here is another addition to our calendar family.  It is a monthly calendar template for 2015. Like all of our templates, it has been done in PowerPoint with a month on each page.

These templates are easy to change, and you can add your own text and colour the individual boxes. You could use one at home on the fridge door to keep the family’s busy schedule together.

Please let us know how you use this calendar and if you have any ideas on how we could change or add to it.

Free 2015 Monthly Calendar Template inside page
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Published On: 18th Sep 2015

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  1. Hey,

    nice template. Optional week numbers woudl be nice tough!


    Moritz 27 Aug at 11:00 am
  2. Week begins on Sunday.

    Anonymous 5 Oct at 4:12 am
  3. Really nice clean printable pages. Much appreciated

    Mike 11 Nov at 4:52 am
  4. Hi,- thanks! I do my own every year and it’s a lot of work. One thing I have is previous and next month mini view at the top of each page.
    You have enough space with the template you have to add these.

    fyi For editing on the actual date part (to add special events, moon phases, etc) it’s easier edit if you do it as a table rather than individual boxes

    Anonymous 23 Nov at 12:27 am
  5. January 2015 has a layout error in the table.

    yvil 2 Dec at 10:52 pm
  6. Great template and easy to download but I couldn’t use it because it has a “Monday” start.
    Please make a template with a “Sunday” start on the left@

    Julie 4 Dec at 4:53 pm
  7. Thank you. Is it possible to modify this so it begins the week on Sunday instead of Monday?

    Amina 16 Dec at 5:37 pm
  8. Thanks – template saved time creating my own calendar of events.

    Lisa 23 Dec at 3:54 am
  9. Thank you for this templete. I would prefer a week that starts with Sunday. I use this calendar to plan my bills.

    Ray 5 Feb at 1:49 pm
  10. Great template…wish you had started the week on Sunday…too confusing to use now

    Dave K 22 Feb at 7:08 pm
  11. Excellent work, very useful, thank you.

    Annette 7 Mar at 1:40 am
  12. Nice and easy template family planner

    Al 28 Mar at 11:33 am
  13. Thanks so much!
    The template is an excellent time saver

    Tee 29 Mar at 3:18 pm
  14. Simple and clear, with space for editing. Excellent for noting important weekly activities.

    M 1 Apr at 11:53 pm
  15. Perfect for me that it starts on a Monday as it is a standard working week with the weekend together at the end of the week. Thanks

    Anonymous 30 Apr at 11:49 am
  16. I love the fact that your wek starts on a Monday, dont go changing it

    Debbie 7 May at 8:01 am
  17. I need a sunday start template if I’m going to use this for work.

    Stuart 20 Jun at 8:39 pm
  18. Thank you so much for starting on Monday!!

    Nina 2 Aug at 12:02 pm
  19. Thanks! I much prefer the Monday start. It is more sensible.

    BJM 19 Aug at 4:00 pm
  20. Thanks for making these available! I’m a professor and I use these for planning out my semester. I have a planner I carry around, but I appreciate the ability this gives me to lay out the sheets on my desk and write on them and get the big picture.

    Christine 19 Aug at 9:38 pm
  21. I am trying to add information into each cell by highlighting each cell & typing, But nothing is showing up. WHY NOT? C Bates

    CD Bates 28 Aug at 2:33 am
  22. Love the “Monday start” template, makes it so much easier when planning weekends. Great simple clean template. Thank you.

    Antonia 11 Nov at 7:38 pm