Farewell – A Funeral Poem

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Farewell is a touching funerl speech that Ryan Marshall – our speech writer put together for his Gran’s Funeral.


Although you are gone, I shall not say goodbye,
Although I shall not see you any more, I shall not cry.
Even though you are gone, I shall not fear,
As I know in my heart you will always be near.

I shall not say goodbye, as goodbye means the end,
And you have not left us, my mother, our friend.

For when the next time comes that I will need you,
I shall know where to look.
I shall look everywhere you are,
In the pieces of you that are left behind.

As you are here in each of us,
In different ways you have moved us all.
You have taught us, your children, to love and be kind,
And you showed all others your compassionate side.
All our memories we have of you are kind,
They’re locked in our thoughts,
Keeping you in our minds.

And as long as you are in our thoughts,
As long as there is love and kindness around,
We will think of you, our friend, our mum.

So on this sad day, I shall not say goodbye
Because you are here,
And will never go away.

So I bid you farewell, for someday,
We shall meet again.

This poem can be freely used for personal use but cannot be resold or displayed on other websites without the prior permission of Presentation Magazine.

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Published On: 20th Nov 2010

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  1. a grate grandfather is the geatest thing in every family and it is so sad when they leave us to cry

    Anonymous 30 Jan at 6:44 pm