Easy Fixes to Common Writing Errors

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If, like a lot of us, you have ever written your when you intended to tell someone that you are special to me, or if you wrote bear bones when you wanted to express a lack of resources instead of the skeletal structure of a large mammal then you know small mistakes in word choice can lead to sizable misunderstandings.

Words Matter

Whether you communicate in front of the room, in front of the media, or in writing, we can all use a handy shortcut guide to turn to for those words and expressions.

It’s handy to have a resource for those moments when you can’t remember if you should use affect or effect, i.e. or e.g., your or you’re.

Infographic to the Rescue

I found this infographic from my friends at Walkerstone.com, an English company that knows a little something about speaking–and writing–the Queen’s English.

The link to infographic is below. It’s worth putting in your bookmarks for that next time you are wondering if your writing problems are affecting or effecting your career.


8 Common Writing Errors That Make You Look Unprofessional (Infographic)


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Published On: 9th Feb 2018

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