DNA PowerPoint Template

DNA PowerPoint Template

Here is a free PowerPoint template showing DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) at the molecular level. It shows the different components that make up DNA. DNA is composed of two strands wound around each other, held together by molecular forces called hydrogen bonding.

The red circles are the phosphorous groups which make up the backbone of the DNA by linking to a five-carbon sugar called ribose. The sugar is shown as an orange pentagon. Each sugar is bonded to a base (amino acid), and has hydrogen bonding with a similar amino acid on the other strand of the DNA.  There are four different bases: Adenine (pink), Thymine (green), Cytosine (yellow) and Guanine (blue).

The bases can only bond to certain other bases. So adenine only ‘pairs’ up with thymine, and cytosine only pairs up with guanine.

These are the building blocks to the code that makes me and you.

This template could be used for presentations talking about DNA, family relations, biology, biomedicine or other studies of the body, such as genealogy and pharmacology.

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Published On: 24th Jan 2018

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