Creative Presentation Ideas Please!

Creative Presentation Ideas Please!

Creative Presentation Ideas Please!

I have to do a presentation for my college professional guest services class. There are 4 people in my group including myself. The presentation has to be exactly 20 minutes (we are deducted marks if we are over or under). We were thinking of PowerPoint because it is easily controlled but it can be boring and unoriginal. We were also thinking of doing a skit but that can sometimes be unpredictable and childish. Can you give us any unique and memorable ideas? Or any ways in improving a PowerPoint presentation to make it interesting?

NB: Our presentation is about a restaurant that we will formally review and evaluate.

Thanks for your help!

A couple of pointers. Firstly on timing. The secret is to rehearse the presentation. If you rehearse out loud in front of the group – ideally four times and time yourself you will be able to get your timing right. As you do your rehearsals you will see how it is working and where time is being lost.

PowerPoint – the secret of making PowerPoint better is to use images. Images are five times more memorable than bullet points – so I would certainly avoid using bullet points.
There is some information about how to add in pictures on this link –…oint_ideas.htm
and about where to source images…on_picture.htm

If you want to bring in a theme then an idea may be to use one of the celebrity TV chefs as an idea. E.g theme it like Gordon Ramsey’s “Hells Kitchen or Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners etc.

I hope this gives some pointers. I don’t know if any of our other readers have any ideas?

Thank you Doctor

Thanks for your help!


There are a couple of techniques.

The “Top 10” or “Top of the pops” could give you an idea to count down to your Number 1 tip.

You could also do “10 tips in 10 minutes” You could do this as a timed presentation. You could face a clock towards the audience and get them to count down the minutes. This works best if you are well rehearsed.

Was this the sort of thing that you were looking for? I also suggest that you read our new Essential Presentation Skills…ion_skills.htm

10 way to simplfy your banking

My presentation is 10 ways to simplify your banking. I was going to open up with some statistcs for shock value and then go into the presentation? do you have any ideas along this line? I am looking to make the content creative not just the actually presentation.

I think that the statistics is a great opener.

If you want to hold and involve the audience you could make it into a multiple choice quiz. You could give three options A, B, C and ask them to call out the answers. You may have to prompt them a bit.

If no-one is answering the questions (it does sometimes happen) then ask individual persons, and if they don’t know ask them to guess.

You don’t have to ask all ten facts – generally maximum effect is achieved in the first three.

Was this more in line with what you were looking for?

Accounting presentation

I do have prepare a presentation for accounting lectures with my group.The most important requirement is to involve audience and do something creative. I really struggling with creative side of presentation (topic is harmonization standards in Europe). Please give me some ideas!

i’m doing a presentation on divorce and its effects on children. what woud be an interesting to present this? i’m including a clip from a movie on how NOT to act. please and thanks!

Hi-I am doing a presentation for a senior college business class on privacy and technology. My partner and my topic is on online tracking and behavioral marketing and we were wondering if you could help us think up a creative way to present along with our powerpoint? Most of the class has used video clips and we were asked to come up with a more creative way to present. Thank you for your help!!!!!

french politics in from 1900-1950! not a powerpoint! how can i make this exciting?

Be as creative as you can. Bring in live speakers, use the internet, act out a sketch, use videos, use a model…

There are so many ideas to choose from.



that’s a grat idea!! thanks a lot!! it helped me alot.

Help Us !

We are in grade 9 and have to do a leadership presentation and we dont know what to do it on, we need to keep the class interested for 20-30 minutes. and everyone has to be a part of our presentation, any creative ideas ?

Creative Presentations

My advice would be to use PowerPoint carefully – I have just posted to my blog on this very topic – How to Stop your Audience Falling Asleep.

Good Luck

Creative presentation

If you want to capture audience, and make very memorable presentation you must be concentrated on your speech, body language and behaviour.
Slides are not for reading, they are only to help you to find what will be the next thing you will be talking to.
To make more creative presentation, you may use some kind of remote device. I use my PocketPc to control presentation and is very effective.
When I want to highlight something – I just write it with my pencil on PocketPc screen and these drawings are imidiatley displayed on screen!
Many times after presentation some people of my audience ask me what I use to make this kind of presentation

Emergency: I Really Need A Really Creative Presentation Idea

For My Grade 12 English Class We Had To Read Two Books. Me And My Partner Read Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe And Foe By J.m. Coetzee. Now We Have To Present A 10 Min Presentation In Which We Need To Explain The Similarities And Differences And The Elements That Were Found In The Second Book That Were Inspired By The First Book. The Only Catch Is That Creativity Is A Must. We Are Kind Of Awestruck…we Can’t Think Of Any Creative Ideas….please Can Someone Reply????? It Would Be Really Appreciated.

Since there are four members in your group, each of you can split up the topic into four main sub topics, for example, in case of the restaurant, the sub topics can be, the service, the food, interiors, the cost etc. Let each of the four take equal time and present the review by using graphs and statistics. The golden rule is to never read out anything from the slide. Do most of the talking all by yourselves. Just show pics and diagrams on the slide. This way, the overall presentation will look formal and also be made easier with power point.

Help Please!

We are in a group of six and have to do a 15 minit presentation on Shakespears The Tempest to our class.It is instead of coursework and we are all working towards an a! Were not all that good at drama and need some good infuances please! Please get back to us ASAP as we only have a few weeks to do it! Cheers xx

Cival War

Hey, I am in the 8th grade and I am working on a project with 2 other people. My teacher says that it has to be memorable. Our subject is a battle of the Civil War. I don’t want to do a skit because I don’t want to look foolish. Please Help! Thank You!

This is going to sound like cold water….

but it’s important you all (!) remember that the presentations are a means, not an end.

I train people in making better business presentations and my wife’s a teacher: I can assure you that the reason you’re making these presentations is not because the presentations are important (per se) as you think the are. If teachers/lecturers/professors give you a research topic which finishes with a presentation remember that the presentation isn’t the important bit… it’s just there to finish of the topic with a bang and to get you to formulate your thinking clearly.

The important bit is doing the research and learning your topic!


Presentation Ideas?

Hi! I have to do a presentation for english, cna anyone help?

It’s suppose to be near but under 30 mins in length, and it’s onone of Shakespeare’s works.

Cna anyone think of (out of the top of their head) characters in a novel that are kind and generous, but foolish? Like, their kindness naiveity has gotten them into trouble?

They don’t have to be main characters, but they have to have osme sort of role. It can be form any medium, books, play, tv, etc.

Okay, so for the presentation part. I need some creatvie aspects. I have a powerpoint, bu ti want to keep it to the barest minimum, so it’s only a few mins long. I need some other creative ideas. I can’t find any vidoes or osng, so that’s out of the question.

Any suggestions?
P.S- This is an academic presentation for a Gr. 12 AP class, so i need to make it professional but creative

Public Health Presentation!-grad school

I am working with three other people presenting our findings on diabetes 2 studies that incorporate the three theories we individually analyzed. Our Professor would like it to be creative, but all I can think of is to make our powerpoint look good. Can’t really act out, our bring props to discuss our topic. Its a 15 minute presentation. Any ideas to make our presentation creative and/or more interesting than just a regular powerpoint. Really appreciate it!


grade 10 read a book now we have to pick 10 best things we liked about and it and put it into a presentation but it has to be creavtive and invole my class
what schould i do?


Just Do It.

Don’t get hooked up on the fact that you have to make a presentation. (Often teachers go for presentations rather than essays ‘cos they don’t have as much marking to do themselves in the evenings in busy parts of the term! )

Treat it as though you were writing and essay – in terms of deciding what to say, at least, and remember my previous comment: presentations in education are about you doing the work, not making the presentation!


Help i have an interview for a holiday repping job, i have to do a presentation on selling a holiday (i choose morocco) but i have a time constraint of 2 mins. I know i am going to have to be creative to stand out, i also want to try and involve the audience to make it a bit more fun. Does anyone have any ideas?


I have a booth presentation to do on violence against women and i have no idea how to make it creative. Please help

Nursing Theorist Presentation

I have a nursing theorist presentation to do next week – no powerpoint or any type of electronic can be used to deliver the presentation – there are 4 people in the group and its worth 40% of my grade..i’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on something really mind blowing and interactive….the topic is culture in nursing….

Thanks in Advance

Hey I’m in grade 12, and have a seminar presentation for english on monday.
Its on Hamlet as a Tragedy, and my teacher suggests that I incorporate Aristotle’s theory of tragedy into my seminar.
Basically, I had to write a descriptive essay on the subject, and with that, use it as a presentation.
My teacher specifically said he hates powerpoint. And other than that, I have no other idea (besides dressing up as aristotle and teaching the class his theories :P) of how to present this thing in 20 mins, creatively.

Need help with a biomed ethics presentation

I need help in making a presentation about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery creative. It’s a group project with 7 people and each person has a maximum time of 4 mins to do their segment. Our 7 lil’ segments are: an intro. to cosmetic surgery, the pros, the cons of cosmetic surgery, an intro. to reconstructive surgery, the pros, the cons of reconstructive surgery, and a conclusion to tie the whole presentation together. Our professor is actually including creativity as a factor of the grade we will get. My group and I were trying to think of something creative but couldn’t think of anything. Somebody please help!

Starters, Main and Desert


As an option why dont you break your presentation up into a menu style, ie..

Starters. Background, objectives, etc…

Main course. Content, review, research results etc…

Desert. results, conclusion etc…

You could even have after dinner drinks. questions etc..

Set the slide style layout and design to be along the lines of a menu.


If you really wanted to theme it. You could deliver it as a waiter/waitress!!!

A bit off the wall. But then these are often the memorable ones!!!

Hope this helps.

hi ,

i want to know other ways of giving a presentation other than a power point presentation .
i have to give a presentation abt culture as its a very plain topic we cant draw and do stuff like that
so can u pls help me making the presentation stand out…

Dr. Seuss Project

I am in the tenth grade and have to do a project for A.P. U.S. history. I am presenting American history through Dr. Seuss, but don’t know how to present it. It can’t be a powerpoint and has to be very creative. I am at a loss. Help!

Call Center Learning Specialist Job Presentation

Help Me PLEASE! I have to do a 15 minute “teaching” presentation. i work in a call center and I’m trying to get promoted to a Learning Specialist… A Learning Specialist teaches new employees everything they need to know before they get on the phones. If anything changes after they have gotten on the phone, the LS “uptrains” them. I have to do a fun, creative, presentation to get the point out that I can do the LS job! The last person that got hired did her presentation on fishing, she had props and everything! I don’t know what to do! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

I need help with presentation

I need to make a tri-board on victorian era inventors and their inventions. What might be some good props? What about format, background, ect of the tri-board? what are some creatiave ideas that would make it interesting? Thanks for helping!

I would have thought that Thomas Edison would be a good one. You could use a light bulb as a prop.

With Alexander Graham Bell you could use a telephone or indeed two tin cans and a piece of string.

Anything else I should know or do?

Thanks for all your help. Is there anything else??

You could possibly dress up in victorian dress with a top hat and a cape!

I used to have a lecturer who dress like this

Nice idea guyes. really useful for us.


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  1. how do I know if your presentation is complete, creative & exciting for your audience or what to present about?

    Smoartpy 25 Nov at 11:41 am
  2. We were assigned to report the literature of one of our country’s regions and we’re 3 in the group. What should we do to make our report remarkable and fun ?

    Raging Beast 22 Jan at 1:56 pm
  3. i am doing a multi genre project on Down syndrome and i need some interesting presenting ideas. I need to entertain for 10 minutes! How can i involve my audience

    amelia murray 8 Mar at 9:10 pm
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