Count down timer

Count down timer

Count down timer

Hi All,
How can I add a count down tomer to PPT presentation. I need a timer (or a stop watch) that will start clicking from the beginning os the slide show and will be displayed at the bottom.

Good question

I’ve never done this before

I would imagine that you may be able to use the rehearse timings mode to do this. On the Slide Show menu, click Rehearse Timings to start the show in rehearsal mode. I’ve never tried it so I’m not sure if it will work.

The alternative may be to get a Flash countdown timer and embed this in the slide master. There is a tutorial on how to do this, but they presume that you have good Flash and Photoshop skills.
You may also be able to integrate a timer like…er09030022.htm

I hope this may help a bit



perhaps one of the timers (particularly the 1st link) will do what you want on this page…

Clocks and timers for PowerPoint


Powerpoint Timer timefortalk at


I guess, that the Powerpoint Timer timefortalk should be the right solution regarding your question.
The Powerpoint Timer is positionable at any place of your desktop or beamer and is shown as a countdown or current time on top of all your slides.
One can set the time slot in a range of 5 min up to 120 min and can activate a prewarning as well. The prewarning is in form of a "2 min to go" or "1 min to go" shown message alternating with the countdown. At the end of the choosen timeslot a message "Time Out !!!" in red colour is shown.

Very easy in handling and with a smart look you can quickly integrate it in your Powerpoint presentation.

Best regards.

PowerPoint Countdown Timer Template


We have just added a Countdown Timer template to the home page.

Hope you like it:

PowerPoint Countdown Timer Template


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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