Contemporary Orange

Contemporary Orange

A Contemporary Orange template in blocks and squares with matching colour palette. Stylish and very popular.Click here for our Contemporary Blue template.

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Published On: 3rd Oct 2006

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  1. thanky, wreally nice colors!

    Lin 1 Apr at 11:48 am
  2. gracias

    moni 26 Oct at 3:04 am
  3. Perhaps the white area may be at a bit upper and shorter in up-down direction,so that there be left more room for charts and information. Thanks for the template.

    Anonymous 19 Nov at 9:58 am
  4. Thank you, I found it really exclusive.

    Sandi Kusnadi 25 Nov at 4:06 am
  5. thanx, i’ll try it

    yans 17 Dec at 10:13 am
  6. very nice – lots of space for text – thks

    soo 16 Jan at 6:17 pm
  7. Hi there, Thanks for the free templates. Many sites offer “free templates” and once you get there you find you have to pay. Shame on them. I’m teaching English in China and more templates on Education would be greatly appreciated. Presentations are a wonderful way to teach the English language and there’s a rapidly growing market here in China despite the economic crisis. I’m sure there’s also a market for finished presentations in both English and Chinese which would be snapped up by teaching institutions, teachers and students alike.

    Les Hender 5 Mar at 3:08 am
  8. I like the different design and the colors. I am doing a presentation for a graduate level accounting class and I’m just tired of seeing and using the same ‘ol backgrounds. Thanks for allowing the use of your creativity.

    Criss 6 Mar at 2:45 am
  9. Greetings from Addis Ababa; thank you for these really nice backgrounds which I will use for a presentation tomorrow on technical cooperation in Africa.

    Jürgen Schwettmann 1 Apr at 8:01 am
  10. Thank you. I am creating a presentation for a national adult basic education presentation. This orange theme should wake them up!

    Pat Chrosniak 18 Apr at 8:53 pm
  11. This was perfect for a simple, classy presentation.

    arti 24 Apr at 1:33 am
  12. Thank you for offering this template for free.

    Tif 14 Jun at 7:28 pm
  13. Thanks for the free templates.

    It,s good for design.

    Jaae 16 Sep at 9:22 am
  14. Thanks.
    Simple, stylish. Exactly what I needed.

    Dan 26 Oct at 10:28 pm
  15. Good one. Am going to use this for the powerpoint presentation in my next review meeting

    g.m 1 Nov at 6:07 am
  16. Nice colors and looks great … thanks ..using for my review meeting

    Andy 2 Nov at 6:17 am
  17. Good, thank you

    Heru W 17 Dec at 4:04 am
  18. thanks. it’s very nice

    joanna 13 Mar at 1:52 am
  19. I’ve been looking around all morning for a proper template for my university project on democracy and I think this one looks the best. I like it very much — mature, elegant, and simple. Thanks much!

    Khar 28 Mar at 4:24 pm
  20. it is good presentation for my case study and
    i think it will be one of the most effective presentation in my class

    Naqib Omar 20 May at 7:46 am
  21. I am using it for an energy presentation I have a final on for school in a Humanities 432 class. Nice colors!

    Chris 15 Jun at 12:30 am
  22. Wants this. In another color

    Anonymous 19 Jan at 6:01 pm
  23. Hi, always great have peoples suggestions so I have added this to my list of templates to create

    rboynton 20 Jan at 11:08 am
  24. Thanks alot.

    Mahsa 5 Mar at 10:39 pm
  25. Thank you for this. I’ll be using it for our ITAP General Membership Meeting. For our President’s report.

    Lani Laroza 26 Nov at 5:03 am
  26. I am going to use it to load material on interviewing. Liked the different style and colour scheme that will make it easy to see text over it.
    Thanks for providing it.

    Judith Trost 24 Apr at 10:49 am