Christmas Clip Art

Christmas Clip Art

A selection of Christmas clip art – all in editable PowerPoint format. Includes trees, holly, baubles, star, Yule log, snowman, bells, candles, stockings and Santa’s hat.

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Published On: 16th Dec 2015

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  1. Going to get my daughter to use them to make her own christmas decorations for the tree. She is 4 years old.

    Bev Mare 24 Nov at 11:59 am
  2. Going to send them to my grand sons


    Chandu 24 Nov at 12:43 pm
  3. ho ho ho!

    santa 25 Nov at 11:47 am
  4. Hi

    Anonymous 28 Nov at 1:42 pm
  5. Going to use them on my daughters’ Christmas-themed birthday invitations. Thank you for making them available

    Sally 30 Nov at 7:08 pm
  6. Im going to print them with Christmas messages for my daughter’s advent boxes.
    Thank you, and Merry Christmas

    Anonymous 1 Dec at 12:22 am
  7. Hi going to use them for the kids tu cut out and decorate there own tree thanks

    Anonymous 1 Dec at 11:30 pm
  8. Christmas door gift tag

    Anonymous 3 Dec at 9:01 pm
  9. Nice symbols, but the most important is missing: Jesus. Pls insert a crib in this group

    Maryanne 4 Dec at 10:56 am
  10. To use on party invite.

    Tim Worlock 4 Dec at 6:31 pm
  11. Making a collage of family photos to give to family for Christmas

    jane 10 Dec at 3:17 am
  12. Were is Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 11 Dec at 1:18 pm
  13. Merry xmas & a happy new year
    i love xmas it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and so am i!!!!!!

    Aimee 11 Dec at 1:21 pm
  14. I am going to use them on gift tags from my children to their classmates. Thank you for letting me use these!

    Tracy 16 Dec at 6:16 pm
  15. I can’t get a clip art photo into my documents, let alone my web site

    j. spaulding 17 Dec at 8:20 pm
  16. J Spaulding

    You will need to open up PowerPoint and then you should be able to copy and paste them into your documents.

    admin 18 Dec at 5:47 am
  17. I am going to use them as cupcake toppers, would like to see a Nativity included. Thanks for sharing.

    Cassie 20 Dec at 5:39 am
  18. Thanks a ton
    Going to make a presentation with these cliparts

    chefharsh 25 Dec at 5:24 am
  19. Thank youuu.
    Am preparing my x-mas letters to potential clients using these cliparts.

    jadi 28 Dec at 9:45 am
  20. Hi Guys,

    I was looking to put this onto a client’s website! I hope that that is ok….many thanks to you.

    Happy (very early) xmas 2010! x

    Joey 13 Aug at 10:57 pm
  21. Thanks

    Mo 22 Oct at 5:21 pm
  22. I added the Christmas tree to a notice for our Christmas party.

    Karen 1 Nov at 6:04 pm

    LIANNE 1 Nov at 7:08 pm
  24. Going to use them as templates to cut fabric and make Christmas teeshirts.


    Ashleigh 8 Nov at 5:21 pm
  25. Many thanks, will be using with school students for decoration making.

    Iain 21 Nov at 7:20 pm
  26. To add a bit of colour to our Church magazine.

    Pam 23 Nov at 12:01 pm
  27. Going to create xmas st. party invitations. Great help! Thanks a lot!

    Sayuri 25 Nov at 5:11 am
  28. These are great! Thank you!
    I made christmas mail background with them!
    This page is bookmarked now forever!

    Anita 11 Dec at 1:38 pm
  29. As a teacher of 11-16 year old pupils, I’m going to use thes pictures instead of numbers in a Christmas suduko puzzle.

    Chris 13 Dec at 11:22 am
  30. I’m using the images to put letters to friends this Christmas as fun letter heads.

    pippa 13 Dec at 11:17 pm
  31. Thanks a lot! I am making bingo cards for my daughter’s Xmas party at school and I loved these clipart!

    Scrapping Nomad 15 Dec at 4:06 pm
  32. I’ll be using one of them in our Christmas Newsletter. Thanks!

    Laurien van den Hoven 15 Dec at 5:13 pm
  33. Going to send them to my grandchildren

    Bev 16 Dec at 11:56 am
  34. Using them on a homemade Christmas card. Thanks!

    Marissa 21 Dec at 3:42 am
  35. can’t wait til Christmas wow

    selena 14 Dec at 4:20 pm
  36. I’ve bought these wonderful Christmas cards

    Selena 14 Dec at 4:22 pm
  37. christmas cipart point template

    Anonymous 15 Dec at 12:45 pm
  38. I am making my own Christmas crackers and will use them to decorate the ends of the dreadful jokes.

    Anonymous 29 Oct at 8:15 am
  39. Thank you so much for these free downloadable clip arts.. thanks again..
    God bless

    Anonymous 5 Dec at 12:44 am