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Cactus PowerPoint Template 2

Cactus PowerPoint Template 2

This is another unusual template showing a close-up photograph of a cactus.  This cactus plant looks different to the normal spiky cacti as it has areoles. These generally appear as small light- to dark-coloured  bumps, out of which grow clusters of spines.  The unusual texture also looks like it could be a contagious disease or barnacles on a rock.

Small cacti are often bought in the UK and kept indoors. However, larger ones are more well known from Western films with cowboys riding their horses through the desert or oasis.

The template could be used for presentations on nature, plants, botany, America, deserts and Western films.  Click here for our other cactus template.

Cactus PowerPoint Template 2 inside page
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Published On: 23rd May 2011

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