Cactus PowerPoint Template

Cactus PowerPoint Template

Ouch! What a spiky free PowerPoint template this is.  Cacti come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  The cactus family is native to the Americas, where they are densest and most diverse in the regions of northern Mexico.

In most species of cacti the leaves have evolved into spines which defend the cactus against herbivores but also provide shade that lowers the plant’s water loss through transpiration.

This template could be used for presentations on nature, plants, gardening, botany, America, the desert and Western films.

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Published On: 18th Apr 2011

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  1. your powerpoint realy help me especially in making educational material for student in nursing field. thanks a lot. looking forward of more creative designs.

    noynoy coronado 15 Jun at 3:08 am