50 More Persuasive Speech Topics

Giving a speech to a younger audience?

Captivate your listeners and awaken their young minds with one of these great topic ideas…

Fatty Food and Why It’s Bad

Was Rasputin Really Mad?

Safety on the Internet

Things in Life I Most Regret

Evidence Bigfoot Exists

Why to Use Your Brain, Not Fists

How to Survive Lost at Sea

The Values of Democracy

Why You Should Say No to Drugs

Hitler’s Secret Doodlebugs

Abortion in the USA

Why It’s Not Bad to be Gay

Greatest Skiing Sites Abroad

Jesus – Was He Great or Fraud?

How to Make a Hundred Grand

Fast Food: What’s Your Favourite Brand?

Global Warming – Myth or Fact?

Tips to Add, Divide, Subtract

The Finest Men in History

The Great Bermuda Mystery

Famous Alien Abductions

When Not to Follow Instructions

Greatest Moments of our Nation

Xbox, Wii-U or PlayStation?

Gambling: Can You Ever Win?

Is Murder Always a Sin?

Smoking: Why You Shouldn’t Start

Pioneers of US Art

Proudest Moment of My Life

Things I Hate About My Wife

What If Hitler Had Won the War?

Creatures of the Ocean Floor

Why the French Eat Snails and Frogs

Why Do Folk Look Like Their Dogs?

Was bin Laden All That Bad?

The Worst Nightmare I’ve Ever Had

Prettiest Places to Hike

What I Think Hell Might be Like

Death Penalty: Is It Right?

How to Treat a Cobra’s Bite

Possums, Mice and Kangaroos

How to Cure the Sunday Blues

Love and Hatred: Are They Linked?

Why Did the Dodo go Extinct?

Evolution: Is It True?

Famous Cities to Pass Through

Things to Do in Case of Fire

How to Enthuse and Inspire

The Holy Grail and First Crusade

Why Brad Pitt is Overpaid



Published On: 22nd Aug 2011

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