How to Give a Ten-Minute Persuasive Speech


Giving a persuasive speech in a short period of time is a very hard thing to do, yet done in the right way it can be a very effective and, in instances, can change the lives of the people who hear it.

There are several key techniques that should be adhered to in order to make the speech effective.

To begin, you should split the speech into three parts. Firstly, the introduction, secondly, the main part of the speech and finally, the closure of the speech.

The introduction should be very short and very precise. This is the most important part of the speech, you only have a few moments to catch the attention of your audience. If they are not actively interested in what you are saying by this point, then they will not take in what you have to say for the rest of the speech.

Use the introduction to offer an incentive for them to carry on listening to what you have to say. For example, a good opening sentence may be, ‘Thank you for coming today, and well done on taking the first steps to changing your lives for the better, and I can assure you that by coming today you are 20% more likely to succeed by listening to what I have to say today.’

Obviously this has to be accurate and any facts given must be correct.

The bulk of your speech should be the main content of the speech.  Bear in mind that this is a speech in order to persuade people and make them think. The facts must be accurate and the main part of the speech should be shaped well. This part could include a few ‘power’ words such as WIN, PURE, SUCCESS. These words make people think positively, more likely to hear what you are saying and see it in a better light. You should also make sure you are speaking clearly and that you emphasise the key words in your speech.

The final thing is to make sure that the main content leads to a climax. Imagine going on an escalator. Start at the bottom and as you get higher (closer to the end of the speech) the excitement and positivity should rise.

Finally, the end of the speech. This also should be short and precise. You should aim to keep the excitement right to the end and leave people listening with that buzz in their heads! And the smiles still on their faces.

Also, do not answer all the questions. Leave the audience with something to think about – keeping you in their minds and thoughts. For example, don’t just say goodbye, end by saying something like: “So now you haven taken the first steps to changing your life. Take my words with you and use them. Keep them in your thoughts and make them a reality. Thank you.”

Hopefully, these pointers have helped. So remember, structure, shape, power words, and question, and you cannot go far wrong.

Ryan Marshall


Published On: 16th Jan 2012

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