3D Shapes Clip Art

3D Shapes Clip Art

Here is a free template containing a large selection of different 3D shapes.

The collection includes hearts, stars, diamonds, crosses, arrows, ticks, pyramids and cylinders, to mention a few.

They can be scaled to size and used within your PowerPoint presentation.

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Published On: 30th Aug 2010

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  1. I appreciate your willingness to make these 3D shapes free to use for presentation purposes. It has made my afternoon much brighter.

    J Douglas

    J Douglas 15 Feb at 10:50 pm
  2. Thanks for sharing. I can make great use of the 3D shapes in my presentations.

    Website Design 27 Oct at 4:26 pm
  3. I really like this website as it helps my kids , 9 and 12 with their homework!

    lola 24 Nov at 10:16 pm
  4. Really useful, Thank you 🙂

    Kevinoid 1 Nov at 1:44 am