Traffic Lights Animated Template

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Traffic Lights Animated Template

We had a lot of fun making this Animated Traffic Lights Template. The template changes coulour on the standar Red – Amber – Green sequence.

Could be used for any presentation where you want to show starting, stopping, or a continuation of an idea.

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Views - 57,986

24 November 2006    Template number 00142

Filed under Animated, Transport , ,

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Comments on: Traffic Lights Animated Template

This is excellent!

Posted by Patricia Dixon — 27 Nov @ 5:38 am


Posted by nharc — 7 Feb @ 5:14 am

AWESOME! this what I’ve been looking for. Thank You so much.

Posted by Richard L. Pineda — 27 Jun @ 11:38 am

cool! like it !

Posted by ------- — 17 Jul @ 7:10 pm

woow……nice one…love it..

Posted by armee — 1 Oct @ 4:36 am

wonderful. thank God for your God-given gift. thanks for sharing

Posted by zoly — 21 Oct @ 4:32 am

all slides are really awesome

Posted by shon — 7 Nov @ 12:18 pm


Posted by vivi — 24 Nov @ 3:19 am

wow!! it’s great..=)

Posted by lina — 3 Dec @ 2:55 am


Posted by ANOYMOUS — 3 Dec @ 1:22 pm

Very much appreciated, thanks!!!

Posted by Joan Vargas — 16 Feb @ 3:46 am

great work guys…..thanks for sharing!

Posted by akkie — 7 Mar @ 1:19 pm

appreciate the good job guys… thanks for sharing!

Posted by roselin — 14 Apr @ 6:45 am

I love this stop light. I plan to use it in my powerpoint for writing rubrics.

Posted by Judy Henderson — 28 May @ 6:09 pm

Really nice powerpoint template of a traffic signal, but a shame that you didn’t get the sequence right, you’ve left out the amber period after the green has extinguished, I.E. UK sequenec is Red, Red and Amber, Green, Amber then back to Red.

Hope this is of help, regards

Posted by Alistair Gollop — 3 Jun @ 4:36 pm


Posted by alice — 5 Jun @ 1:53 am


Posted by eddy — 16 Jun @ 2:22 pm

too good,

Posted by dr.s.ganesan — 21 Jun @ 3:34 pm

Please accept my sincere appreciation and thanks for your good service. It is a wonderful template. It would be nice if you could add a feature to the presenter to switch any of the three colours in response to the answers from audience. Please inform your response

Posted by V K Venkatachalam — 5 Jul @ 11:28 am

Thanks bro

Posted by Shoby — 20 Aug @ 7:12 am

Really nice, thanks !

Posted by BeTTen — 10 Sep @ 11:47 am

Very good, isn’t it just photos???

Posted by Isaac — 14 Sep @ 7:54 pm

I´m gonna use the trafic light as a start up screen combined with 3 headlines i.e.

RED –> Present situation
ORANGE –> Improvement plan
GREEN –> Target situation & date

To be able to build up the presentation like
illustrated above I need to know how to modify
the template. How can I do it?

Posted by Pekka Karna — 15 Jan @ 8:29 am

I will use it in my geogrphy lesson. Prettily done. Keep it up!

Posted by John — 27 Feb @ 3:35 pm

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllll nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Mar @ 8:09 pm


Posted by Fouad — 5 May @ 6:22 am

Great backgrounds for team building presentations
Refreshing change to boring presentations

Posted by Shirley — 26 May @ 10:25 pm


Posted by MR POLLO — 26 Aug @ 5:22 am

this is one way to keep your audience alive

Posted by nyah — 1 Oct @ 5:39 pm

demasiado buena paera una agencia de publicidad

Posted by Juan Carlos Roiz — 20 Jan @ 5:04 pm

it’s so good.
simple but classic.

Posted by Peet NCR — 22 Feb @ 7:53 am

Thank you so much :-) It’s very nice

Posted by hanhnguyen — 6 Sep @ 6:21 am

Awesome thnxs so much for having this website

Posted by Kay — 15 Sep @ 2:39 am

Wow, these are really great templates!!!

Posted by HKLenting — 28 Dec @ 12:30 pm

I will use it to teach nutrition concepts to children from the Go Slow and Whoa foods concept. Thank you very much

Posted by Nelda — 28 Jan @ 11:00 pm

Awesome! Best site ever when in terms of PowerPoint templates!

Posted by Christian — 1 May @ 2:34 am


Posted by vittapuchino — 13 May @ 11:03 am

you are awsome thank you very very much

Posted by rasa — 29 May @ 6:21 am

I’ve Tested this but it Doesn’t work on my 2003. Can you help me about this? Thanks,

Posted by TheTester — 17 Feb @ 12:42 am

Hi Unfortunately all our animated templates only work in the latest PowerPoint i.e. PPTX files. Every other template on the site works on 2003 and below but these animated ones do require the latest

Posted by rboynton — 18 Feb @ 2:27 pm

Thank You so much for this free templates !

Posted by HMG — 20 May @ 9:18 pm


Posted by JH — 14 Jun @ 2:22 am

The light sequence is in the wrong orderit should be green yellow red. Red,yellow,green is not realistic and makes no sense.. How do you stop, slow and go?

Posted by CARIS — 13 Oct @ 2:21 pm


Posted by idola — 15 May @ 2:12 pm

Its nice:-)

Posted by Crizty — 14 Aug @ 12:40 pm

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