Taxi Animated Template

Taxi Animated Template

Taxi Animated Template. Wow, this template is great for taransportation theme, action taking theme or an educational theme.

You will need to put the PowerPoint presentation into slide show mode to see the animation.

Taxi Animated Template inside page
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Published On: 24th Nov 2006

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  1. nice great template. Like it.

    rex chakas 6 Dec at 12:17 am
  2. very nice template… can you help with some transitions easily to integrate and / or change directly in powerpoint ? (and not so complicated to use as those of CrystalGraphics that need to use an ‘external motor’). There is an obvious need for something like this not only for my students… I believe that such an add-inn, really integrated INTO powerpoint, can have a lot of market out there…

    Gajhsos 24 Dec at 6:37 pm
  3. thanx

    Balaji 9 Jan at 5:52 am
  4. not bad at all….

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  5. this taxi Animated Template is super

    Ramkumar 29 Dec at 8:09 am
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    very great help.
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    eizay 3 Mar at 1:38 pm
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    Anonymous 18 Mar at 5:51 am
  8. Wow, this template is great for transportation theme, action taking theme, and education theme of presentation…

    WIRAMA 2 Apr at 7:28 pm
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    Good! Very Good. In fact Great

    Chagas 3 May at 2:20 pm
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  18. […] is part of one of our PowerPoint templates. You can see the effect in action by downloading the taxi animated template from the download page. Make sure that you view the sequence in PowerPoint show […]

    How to create a multimedia presentation 14 Dec at 4:31 pm
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    mourad 18 Jan at 10:24 pm
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