PowerPoint jigsaw puzzle

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PowerPoint jigsaw puzzle

One way to show a presentation concept is to use a jigsaw puzzle. We have included a number of PowerPoint jigsaw pieces in the shape of a hexagon (a six-sided shape).
These are in vector format so they can be edited and customised, by changing the size, text and colour.

The jigsaw puzzle is blank, so you can personalise it to add in your own text. This would be suitable for showing a concept where there are interdependencies, or where you want to show a complete solution. It could also be used to show interlocking connections.

PowerPoint jigsaw puzzle inside page
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19 April 2010    Template number 00358

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Comments on: PowerPoint jigsaw puzzle

using puzzle pieces to indicate how components come together to make the total picture—it would be great if the underlying image of the puzzle were there, so people could see what was missing. In my case, each piece represents a component of total savings. Thanks

Posted by Jay — 25 Jun @ 10:09 pm

I will use this to show how individual datasets come together to build an apllication we have developed.

many thanks

Posted by Mark G — 30 Jul @ 9:06 am


Posted by ??? — 28 Sep @ 8:07 pm

Will use it to show the coming together of the multiple components of NCAA recruiting.

Posted by Tori B — 13 Oct @ 12:19 am

I will use the jigsaw as an example during a lesson plan

Posted by Csmoran378 — 25 Oct @ 7:54 am

great, just what i needed!

Posted by Solutum — 14 Dec @ 1:34 pm

Great,I will use it to show the integrated processes and ideas in my presentation next week. Thanks.

Posted by Kanlaya — 21 Jan @ 5:05 am

Love the puzzle. Is there a way to reduce this to only 4 puzzle pieces?

Posted by cathy white — 28 Jan @ 12:34 am

To change the puzzle to 4 pieces you would have to go into it delete the pieces not needed. This would leave behind open parts (i.e. not connected to anything). You need to individually right click on these piece, click on the “edit points”, this bring up each individual point on the piece and then delete the open parts by right clicking on each point and clicking delete – unfortunately there is no short cut to do this!

Posted by rboynton — 31 Jan @ 11:07 am

I intend to use this to show how teams work together with each team member bringing their own pieces of skill and knowledge to the team

Posted by Anonymous — 17 Feb @ 12:50 pm

Using as an adult student. Hope to animate pieces.

Posted by Drew — 18 Mar @ 7:02 am

Using it to show the impact of removing part of a system. Without needing to get bogged down in the direction of data flows

Posted by Anonymous — 20 Apr @ 3:26 pm

I am writing an editorial for an academic journal and would like to use your jigsaw template.
Please let me know if this is ok

Posted by John Ryan — 30 Aug @ 8:33 pm

As long as you stick to our “use guidelines”;
Use these templates for your presentations
Display your presentation on a web site provided that it is not for the purpose of downloading the template.
If you like these templates, we would always appreciate a link back to our website. Many thanks.

Resell or distribute these templates
Put these templates on a website for download. This includes uploading them onto file sharing networks like Slideshare, Myspace, Facebook, bit torrent etc
Pass off any of our created content as your own work

Posted by rboynton — 31 Aug @ 11:03 am

I’ll use it to show how some concepts overlap and build on each other, and also to covey the idea that they’re intertwined and you kind of need them all to get the full picture.

Posted by Lili — 12 Oct @ 3:26 pm

How can I make all pieces join together smoothly in an animated way after I add test to each?

Posted by dd — 28 Nov @ 9:10 pm

I will use this template to show how points from varied research sources overlap to suggest a bigger, more connected picture — for a presentation that’s coming up. Thank you so much !

Posted by Marge — 28 Jan @ 2:47 am

I would like to use the image to represent members of a multi-disciplinary team working towards one goal – I am a student and this is an assignment.

I would like to know if it is subject to copyright at all even though it is free to download and you are happy for others to use it.

Thank you.

Posted by Dawn — 28 Feb @ 10:14 pm

Hi Dawn, no this is exactly how we want people to use the templates we only ask that you follow our guidelines included with the template

Posted by rboynton — 29 Feb @ 11:37 am

thanks, I use it to present task division for in-class jigsaw method

Posted by Hanna — 6 Mar @ 7:10 am

Great stuff! Just what I have been looking for to demonstrate a concept that is difficult to describe in words only

Posted by Andy — 21 May @ 11:06 pm

very useful template. thanks a lot.

Posted by m — 24 May @ 8:28 am

I will use it to illustrate connections between people’s interests at my church.

Posted by Linda Good — 21 Jul @ 6:52 pm


Will use to demonstrate the normalization of data.

Posted by Dane — 31 Jul @ 7:27 pm

We hope to use this to illustrate steps needed to move from subsistence farming to commercial farming in a talk to be given to Ugandan small-holder farmers. Thank you for making it available!

Posted by Mike & Cathy — 24 Sep @ 2:08 am

Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. It even has the right number of jigsaw pieces! Perfect!

I will use it to describe the different value chains and how they link together to form the entire business.

Posted by Karen — 27 Nov @ 5:18 am

Indeed very useful.

Posted by DM — 7 Jan @ 5:00 am

I will be using it to show how our different products will come together to provide a complete solution to our client.

Thank you!!

Posted by Anne — 28 Jan @ 9:01 am

Using as a wall hanging as part of a kids program

Posted by Russell Williams — 30 Jan @ 3:41 am

I will use it in a relationship seminar on Building Strong Relationships.

Posted by Anonymous — 18 Feb @ 3:47 pm

I will use this at the next meeting of a non-profit to describe the interdependence between constituencies regarding community outreach. YOU ROCK!

Posted by Claire Slemmer — 18 Mar @ 10:47 pm

I will use it in a business presentation

Posted by Julia — 6 May @ 9:43 am

i will use in a business presentation to visually demonstrate our future mode of operation

Posted by marco — 15 May @ 10:41 am

I will use it to illustrate integrated ERP modules

Posted by chantal — 28 May @ 3:01 pm

Thank you, I intend to use this puzzle to show my learning journal

Posted by anonymous — 9 Oct @ 1:28 am

Very useful thanks I am going to use them to help deliver some vision and values training

Posted by vanessa — 13 Oct @ 5:20 pm

I will use it for a professional presentation of my team’s duties inside the organization I work for.

Posted by Ana — 24 Oct @ 1:39 pm

Used for presentation to find new web site hosting provider that is compatible with our ERP system.

Posted by Ray — 22 Nov @ 11:03 pm

Many thanks,

provided a nice intro to the end of a course, where the modules taught need to be merged.


Posted by Neville Ali — 10 Jan @ 11:05 am

I want to use it for our urban climate report

Many thanks from germany

Posted by Tanja — 5 Mar @ 9:05 am

Thank you. Will use puzzles to demonstrate social programs that have similar purposes and are not integrated.

Posted by LINA — 13 Apr @ 11:53 pm

I’ll be using this to represent how multiple IT Projects and existing IT service components are related – and flagging components pieces with a nice BRAG status!

Posted by Mark H. — 19 May @ 2:13 pm

Thank you very much for the PPT. It depicted very clearly what I am trying to explain in my presentation. It sends the message home.

Posted by Susan G — 17 Jun @ 5:25 pm


I would like to say thank you for an amazing picture (missing piece). I would like to use this for a poster presentation as part of my course – I hope this is acceptable usage of your work. I intend to acknowledge your production of the image on the poster but would like to ensure I reference this correctly. Do I cite the website address found within the guidelines section at the end of your slides or is it preferable to cite your work in a different way?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks,

Posted by Katie J — 25 Sep @ 8:49 am

I am using it to show how 2 departments work on joint processes

Posted by Pam T — 21 Oct @ 12:04 pm

To show that transition from the current waste management system to a new one will require many elements such as policy, technology, governance, human resource etc.

Posted by Sanskriti — 5 Dec @ 7:07 pm

These are fantastic, and just what I need for my presentation. May I pay you royalties on these? If so, how do I do that? I have provided a link in my presentation to your blog.

Posted by Jennifer H — 7 Feb @ 5:19 pm

Many thanks, you can purchase a business license on the following link http://www.presentationmagazine.com/terms-and-conditions

Posted by admin — 8 Feb @ 11:08 am

Lovely. I am a student teacher, and using this with a year 10 set in a jigsaw activity to find out about the uses of polymers. I will split the class up into 6 groups and give each one a different polymer. They will then study this polymer, and then muddle up into new groups to share what they found.

I’ve put the title and short intro in the middle hexagon and they need to fill in the others with info on the polymers they find out from each other.

Thank you!!

Posted by Nikhita — 1 Mar @ 9:29 am

I will use it help people achieve a greater understand or vision of God

Posted by David — 1 May @ 7:22 pm

voy a intentar hacer un memorama y me han parecido
geniales muchas gracias

Posted by ,maelisa — 7 May @ 7:48 pm

To show how services support a patient..and they are the main part of the puzzle.


Posted by Val — 13 May @ 1:56 pm

Will use this in a sermon presentation showing if we do not allow Jesus into our lives a part of us will always be missing. Thank you for the use of these puzzles. Which will only be used in the way you prescribed and in this case for the uplifting of Jesus Christ. Again thank you and may He bless you richly in your life.

Posted by Connie — 22 May @ 4:16 pm

I am using this for a talk in school about wellbeing.

Posted by KK — 2 Jun @ 6:21 pm

I foster critical thinking in a Course on Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Costa Rica. I used this template to show the different interlinking aspects of critical thinking. The puzzle format is very useful because it conveys well the idea that this is not a cause-effect chain but a set of interlinking pieces. Thank you for providing a useful tool to put forward this concept.

Posted by Alejandro — 26 Dec @ 7:55 pm

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