PowerPoint Circle Slide Template

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PowerPoint Circle Slide Template

Here are a selection of editable slides that you could use in your presentations.

We have designed these slides in all loops from 3 stages, up to 8 stages. You can colour the fills and the lines to fit your own needs.

A virtuous circle is a complex of events that reinforces itself through a feedback loop.

They can be used to separate a process (which is ongoing) as opposed to a procedure (which has an end). These types of slides are particularly well suited to showing ongoing education.

The virtuous circle is sometimes known as a virtuous cycle, vicious circle, market circle or a wheel of fortune.

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23 June 2008    Template number 00421

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Comments on: PowerPoint Circle Slide Template

This presentation design is great. I have used it several times making presentations and every body likes it. Bravo

Posted by Tom Muzoora — 7 Jul @ 7:06 pm

This was great. It saved me a lot of time not having to recreate it.


Posted by Stephen Chapman — 15 Sep @ 3:54 pm

I have a message/request for the owner of this
web site….First I appreciate your service on this web site…. Please put more Power Point slides on your web site to download….this will increase your site’s Penetration/visiters rate….

Posted by buggu — 3 Oct @ 2:16 pm


Thanks for the message. Glad that you liike it. We’ll add what we can but this is a hobby site and we do what we can when we have some spare time.


Posted by admin — 3 Oct @ 5:47 pm

Cheers for this. Helped me out of a slight pickle. Will recommend you to anyone who needs something similar

Posted by Jon — 21 Oct @ 2:11 pm

I love this site. Thanks so much for posting these. They are a tremendous timesaver. Very professional, very useful and I do appreciate it.


Posted by Sabrina M — 2 Nov @ 6:12 pm

I need a 2 loop virtuous circle. How can I make it myself on a slide. I am not sure what to start with: an AutoShape arrow, a Freeform or something else?

Thank you in advance for you help! Regards, Andy

Posted by Andy — 12 Nov @ 10:21 pm

Hi Andy

We have just upgraded the template to inlude a 2 section virtuous circle.

We made these in Illustrator using a a bit of school geometry. We’ve not been able to figure out how to do these in PowerPoint. Jonty.

Posted by Anonymous — 4 Dec @ 2:21 pm

This worked FANTASTIC… I looked for hours and stumbled across this! Thank you!!

Posted by :-) — 17 Aug @ 9:16 pm

very helpful saved me loads of time, cheers

Posted by Jens — 22 Feb @ 11:30 pm

Huge time saver and professional quality suitable for presentation to execs

Posted by Bill J — 17 Sep @ 11:25 am

Very helpful with a little tweaking. Gets the point across very well. Thanks.

Posted by Ray B — 5 Oct @ 3:21 pm

Some great ideas wonderful!

Posted by Val — 31 Mar @ 10:20 pm

thank you so much, i tried to do it on my own and it didnt work out very well searched the web found this and my presentation was done in half the time.

Posted by Anonymous — 8 Apr @ 9:22 pm

The design was exactly what I was looking for and it is quite well done! Thanks!

Posted by Chuck P — 24 Aug @ 8:25 pm

Tremendous help, spent hours trying to find this kind of template

Posted by Terry H — 30 Jan @ 4:51 pm

Great find, and thanks for sharing as PPT, without fee, nag or registration. You are the best.

Posted by DoomProof — 2 May @ 10:18 am

I cannot tell you how helpful it was to find this. It saved me a lot of fiddly drawing. I would love to have a Mobius loop (the recycling three arrows) but appreciate your comments regarding this being a hobby site. I have tried to create a decent flipped over arrow and failed!

Posted by Catherine — 5 May @ 2:02 pm

Thank you!

Posted by Thank — 4 Aug @ 5:22 pm

Thanks for this – great help

Posted by Shauna — 12 Aug @ 12:10 pm

I used this to shorten the time I used on creating something similar. Very helpful – and a welcome change from the Windows templates that are usually everywhere (but not eneough of). Thanks!

Posted by Ingvar — 8 Dec @ 2:48 pm

Many thanks. Working late and you saved me lots of time. Kudos!

Posted by Paul — 7 Oct @ 12:59 am

Thank you!

Posted by June — 5 Feb @ 3:13 pm

So useful – you saved at least one hour of my life. Many, many thanks!

Posted by Tomas — 13 Feb @ 2:44 pm

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