Business Template Background Designs

Business Template Background Designs

Some wavy background designs that would suit business presentations and templates. They come in a range of different design colours and themes.

These are background designs that can be copied into your presentations. You could use the background to go with your new ipad, or behind your twitter page.

This powerpoint template is also available as a Background Design

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Published On: 10th Jun 2008

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  1. It really helped me in putting up a great presentaion for a new business proposal.

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    would love it if there were more!
    great designs too, really stylish!

    kat balou 13 Jun at 12:53 pm
  5. This is great site.

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  6. borin pics there should be better 1

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  7. some are nice thou

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  12. am gonna use it for my class lectures and hope students will have a good impact.

    Anonymous 23 Nov at 9:31 am
  13. excellent, thank you for your professionalism and extremely helpful input and knock-out designs. God Bless, and thanks again.

    dtrs 21 Apr at 7:55 pm
  14. Using this for a presentation to celebrate our Clubs 60 years of community service.

    Shelly Browb 13 Jun at 11:45 pm