Old Book Design Template 2 – with blank pages

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  Old Book Design Template 2 – with blank pages

Here is a nice template from an old book that I bought on a recent trip to the book town of Hay on Wye.

The inside pages are in an open-book format, with blank pages so that you can add your own words into it. I have also included the sandstone background that the book was photographed on.

This free blank book template can be used for a variety of tasks, like a history project or a school project.

  Old Book Design Template 2 – with blank pages slide2

Inbuilt slides

  Old Book Design Template 2 – with blank pages slide3
  Old Book Design Template 2 – with blank pages slide4


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Views - 15,070

13 March 2009    Template number 00428

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Comments on: Old Book Design Template 2 – with blank pages

I was driving through that area along the Wye last August, and stopped in a bookstore full of old books, on the main drag. Why didn’t I think of this? Thanks for your good ideas.

Posted by tamib — 29 Mar @ 12:54 am

Looking for different backgrounds to use as a powerpoint in an interview. Thanks!

Posted by angela — 1 Apr @ 2:55 am

a very great template for graduation pictures
left text, right pictures
a reunion might be good too

Posted by elvandro — 11 Apr @ 4:00 pm

i’m going to use the template for a presentation in history subject

Posted by rob — 21 Apr @ 10:01 am

Really loved the slides. We were looking for slide background for a presentation on Narrative Therapy. The book background is perfect!


Posted by MH — 6 Mar @ 6:32 pm

this is the best Book…
and I used it 4 my LOVE

Posted by Amit — 25 Mar @ 4:01 am

This is what I’m looking for. Thank you!

Posted by JS — 1 Apr @ 3:07 pm

I will use this in my classroom for students to create an “exquisite Corpse” novel. Thanks for the template

Posted by Professor Robison — 23 Aug @ 7:41 pm

I will use this template for a presentation on literacy strategies.

Posted by Literacy Coach — 19 Sep @ 3:04 am

I needed an interesting template for a presentation on Toni Morrison. Thanks

Posted by Brynne — 21 Feb @ 3:32 pm

i used it 4 my presentations at school.

Posted by ilove21342 — 25 Jul @ 9:57 am

it is a very helpful template THANK YOU SO MUCH I APRECIATE IT

Posted by shirene — 9 Nov @ 12:36 pm

I will be using this template in an online graduate course called Principles of Learning. The book theme works nicely with my 90-year-old professor image.

Thank you.

Posted by Bill Hunter — 9 Apr @ 8:32 pm

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