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Insomnia Ideas

Insomnia Ideas

Can’t sleep? Well the first step is not to worry about not sleeping.

Here are a few ideas on dealing with insomnia

Here are some ideas to deal with insomnia

  • Get up and make yourself a cup of mint tea
  • Don’t drink any tea or coffee after 8.p.m.
  • Avoid alchohol – anything more than a glass and you tend to wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Get a night light light bulb (8w bulb won’t wake up your partner)
  • Personal radio by your bedside (ipod or an mp3 player will have the same effect)

Getting to sleep :

  • Read a book until you fall asleep
  • Don’t go to bed too early
  • Drink mint tea as a night cap
  • Tell yourself a story in your mind to get yourself to sleep. Eventually after a few nights you will fall asleep during the story. Afterwards you should only need to tell yourself this story and you should be able to get to sleep.
  • Counting sleep doesn’t seem to work.

Does anything else work for you? – simply add the ideas into the box below and we’ll see if we can publish it.

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19 March 2007

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Listen to soft music… close ur eyes… relax… let the music go on in ur ears and u wont even notice when u fell a sleep… Never try to sleep .. let urself sleep on its own.

Posted by Anonymous — 4 Mar @ 11:42 am

i often have problems sleeping. usually because my mind is working overtime. I sleep on my left, so as a rule i always start on my right to think things through and hopefully clear my mind. once i’ve finnished i turn over to my sleeping side. not a bullet proof idea but often works.

Posted by leighton — 4 Oct @ 6:42 pm

Use Lavender scented oils/sprays on sheets and pillows

Count backwards from 100

Take a warm bath

Eat a bowl of cereal (milk, like turkey has tryptohan in it)

Take a melatonin supplement

Posted by Laura — 31 Mar @ 6:29 am

Lay on your stomach

Posted by Jacquelyn Vidales — 16 Feb @ 2:08 am

Chamomile tea or rooibos tea can help some.

Posted by Mary West — 3 Jun @ 8:46 pm

I have insomina and I can’t sleep so while i’m awake i write stories oe write facts i plan on publishing a book. oR Another idea I have is to read and try and gain knowledge.

Posted by west — 23 Dec @ 5:49 am

Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress, dietary and medical problems. By making small lifestyle changes like having a fixed daily routine, relaxing and eating properly, insomnia can be cured. This should be taken into consideration rather than some temporary solutions;)

Posted by BytesLand — 14 Feb @ 9:23 am

u are very right!

Posted by tobi — 1 Oct @ 4:49 pm

Work hard all the day and at night you will get a sweet dream :)Dont sleep at daytime and be in sunlight during day(helps ur body clock)
Avoid Caffeine
Take a bath before u sleep
Massage your head with olive oil
Drink a glass of warm milk mix honey

Posted by shah — 2 Jun @ 7:51 am

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