Hands Template

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Hands Template

A highly effective Hands Template showing a number of child hand prints on a white background.

Could be used for a presentation on sign language, child care, or for the Indian festival of Holi.

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2 November 2006    Template number 00167

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Comments on: Hands Template

Its graet and very helpful. Somethin I was looking for. Thaks everyone

Posted by Dip — 5 Nov @ 8:48 am

Really impressive.The right one for my presentation – Colours and Advertising

Posted by Deepu Joy — 5 Nov @ 1:16 pm

too cool:) I love that!

Posted by keke — 6 Nov @ 2:40 pm

I love this template! I am studying Sign Language and this is template suits the course really well!

Posted by Jemma — 11 Nov @ 5:48 pm

I love it too, because Im studying Brazilian Sign Language!!! Its perfect! Thanks

Posted by Vanessa — 11 Nov @ 8:58 pm

this is quite nice..very cute

Posted by SY — 15 Nov @ 6:25 am

Wonderful background! It’s perfect for my presentation! Thank you!

Posted by Lisa — 29 Nov @ 10:37 am

cute [:

Posted by Hannah 'Nana — 17 Dec @ 3:49 am


Posted by Anonymous — 20 Dec @ 2:53 am

I love it!

Posted by Niq_An — 11 Jan @ 4:42 am


Posted by that is amazing — 13 Jan @ 12:31 am

Its graet and very helpful. Somethin I was looking for. Thaks everyone
Really impressive.The right one for my presentation – Colours and Advertising
too cool:) I love that!
love this template! I am studying Sign Language and this is template suits the course really well!
I love it too, because Im studying Brazilian Sign Language!!! Its perfect! Thanks
this is quite nice..very cute
Wonderful background! It’s perfect for my presentation! Thank you!
cute [:
I love it!


Posted by lily — 13 Jan @ 12:36 am

it found what i need… this one is for my class sign language..it’s great!

Posted by dewai — 30 Jan @ 2:31 am

its creative..Thank you

Posted by rachma — 15 Mar @ 1:46 am

excellent site….
very helpful !!!!

Posted by Sangeeta — 3 Apr @ 6:05 pm

Great – studying teaching at uni and this is gorgeous! Perfect for my presentation

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Apr @ 4:41 am

Great template!! -> chiropractors are hands on healthcare professionals so this applies to my job really well! And reflects the child in all of us…

Posted by Ash — 29 Apr @ 12:31 pm

Thank you for your template:)
It make my presentation looking nice!!

Posted by Nan — 5 May @ 5:38 am

Perfect for my presentation on Holi(festival in India)

Posted by PT — 10 Jun @ 12:10 pm

Yea! it looks professional and not too heavy :)

Posted by CT — 26 Jun @ 4:32 am

i m lovin it

Posted by obaida — 9 Jul @ 10:06 am

This is great to use with Kids. Thank you :)

Posted by Reflexology London — 18 Jul @ 4:08 pm

it is perfect to create presentation about children group… very very good site
thank u so much!!!!!!

Posted by blume17 — 25 Jul @ 2:32 pm

very nice!!
i love it.
i sure that you have a great creative talent.

Posted by bo-ram — 2 Aug @ 8:48 am

Hi, Really cute and Nice

Posted by Sonia Gahlot — 28 Aug @ 8:08 am

a very nice work :) I realy love it.
Thank you

Posted by chichi — 18 Sep @ 4:31 am

As a college student, this worked PERFECT for a presentation in an education class.

Posted by Monica — 24 Nov @ 2:48 am


Posted by MS. TRUSSELL — 12 Dec @ 3:25 pm

so cuteeeeee!

Posted by G — 16 Dec @ 7:12 pm

I like it immensely coz it is very appropriate to express that my presentation should leave a mark.

Posted by rita — 14 Jan @ 8:09 am

I am putting together a presentation for my faculty and I think they will appreciate the theme of the slides. Thanks for the help!

Posted by Terri — 22 Jan @ 6:03 pm

just loved it

Posted by payal — 27 Jan @ 6:57 pm

I work for a large urban school district and wanted to use something that related to this entity. The hands work for the elementary level audience, but I am still in search of a template to represent the high school audience.

Posted by Synderhella — 27 Jan @ 8:40 pm


Posted by R — 29 Jan @ 5:12 am

When I try to download this it just opens still in your website so how do I get it saved on my computer.
Plus it is coming up with the hands upside down???

Posted by Sandra — 12 Feb @ 3:33 pm


If you open it up and do file save or rou could right click on the download button and select “Save target as”

Posted by admin — 13 Feb @ 10:36 am

THanks. It makes me think of the present we give to our teacher.

Posted by Jean — 26 Feb @ 1:47 pm

I lovvvvvve it! im dping a presentation about the aboriginal culture so it’s perfect!

Posted by Bubbles — 28 Feb @ 2:09 am

muy bien}

Posted by yo — 9 Mar @ 3:54 am

Using for a non-fiction book report on Beverly Cleary…perfect!

Posted by Libby — 13 Mar @ 12:24 am

You helped me out a lot. This perfect for my presentation.

Posted by sweetness — 14 Mar @ 2:49 am

very nice!!! it reminds me of my kids..

Posted by yvette — 23 Mar @ 7:54 am

Absolutely perfect! I needed to reinvent Kent Foster Care Association and this template provided a superb background for my new carer induction presentation. Next target is the website!
Thank you so much for your inspiration.

Posted by KFCA Chair — 23 Mar @ 9:21 am

I am an Elementary Art teacher and this is a great backdrop to the many powerpoints I put together for the kids!
Thank you!

Posted by Melinda — 3 Apr @ 6:19 pm

thanks for this template. its wonderful….

Posted by murat — 17 May @ 9:27 pm

it make my presentation more interesting…

tx a lot

Posted by teguh — 20 May @ 8:33 am

It’s so beautyful and creative. Perfect for my presetation. Thank you!

Posted by Lilian — 8 Jun @ 1:08 am

I find it too helpful to show the power of hands

Posted by Swati Sirohi — 4 Jul @ 1:34 pm

This is great; I’m creating a pp on health and safety standards for children in the classroom. This is just enough to not be overbearing. Thanks

Posted by Ruby — 15 Jul @ 6:54 pm

nice … genuine

Posted by dr arun kumar singh — 27 Jul @ 12:50 pm

I love this templet, I’m doing a paper on child abuse and this will work great.I was looking for something with childrens face in the background faded but there, but I’ll use this instead.Thank you so much.

Posted by june homer — 26 Aug @ 5:03 am


Posted by SHIRLEY — 27 Aug @ 11:37 pm

Good because it’s not too busy and distracting.

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Sep @ 2:48 pm


Posted by anna — 28 Sep @ 7:12 pm


Posted by munazza — 13 Oct @ 8:21 pm

wow nicy thx a lot!

Posted by Belka — 28 Oct @ 5:49 pm

Thank you for helping~

Posted by Sue — 5 Nov @ 7:33 am

great for my uni presentation on childcare

Posted by sarah — 14 Dec @ 7:24 pm

This template is perfect for my presentation in my class. It has the early childhood development theme.

Posted by Denise — 22 Dec @ 2:01 am

perfect..just what I need

Posted by tantee — 25 Dec @ 11:58 am

Thank you alot! from Asia~~~

Posted by Tracy — 3 Feb @ 3:04 am

Amei, mas não sei como usá-lo e baixar.

Posted by Elaine — 11 Mar @ 12:04 am

Just click on the download button

Posted by admin — 12 Mar @ 4:10 pm

Hi – this is great – going to use for presentation about early maths in school and using fingers to count! Thanks

Posted by Charlie — 13 Mar @ 4:35 pm

Thanks for this. I’m going to use it for a praising children powerpoint presentation. I looked everywhere and finally found this!

Posted by priscilla — 16 Mar @ 5:55 am

thanks . just what i needed for my grammar workshop for kids

Posted by sheila — 21 Mar @ 10:55 am

Will use it for a lecture on motivation with senior nursing students.

Posted by Deb — 25 Mar @ 2:22 am

love it!

Posted by dd4t — 6 Apr @ 4:07 pm

it symbolises unity – and for me that all children of all colours are equal and they have equal rights

Posted by nalini juneja — 7 May @ 8:02 am

This is awesome. Thank you!!! It’s what I was looking for…I’m presenting my research on American Sign Language for my senior honors thesis. It’s lovely. Do you have any other photos of hand prints so I can vary the background to the other side, or with other colors?

Posted by Natalie — 7 May @ 10:34 am


Posted by jini! — 21 May @ 1:50 pm

It’s simple yet colourful enough to use for my preschoolers. Thanks. =)

Posted by Rachel — 25 May @ 2:18 pm

Will be using it for a college presentation for Child Development Class.

Posted by Mary A — 29 May @ 4:56 am

thank you

Posted by yuli — 6 Jun @ 8:19 am

love it

Posted by Annie — 24 Jun @ 3:39 am

Many thanks am using this for an upcoming interview

Posted by m — 24 Jun @ 8:20 pm

very cute thanks

Posted by Anonymous — 28 Jun @ 2:13 pm

so sweet.. :)

Posted by yusi — 29 Jun @ 7:16 am

This is an awesome template. I will use it in training transcriber’s some of the Braille Formats Rules used in braille books for blind children. This template will lighten-up a usually serious class. Thank you so much.

Posted by Rose Z. — 15 Jul @ 6:23 am

It’s wonderful!

Posted by papari — 29 Jul @ 4:10 pm

I think it is cute and perfect for my presentation on toddler transition

Posted by sarah — 13 Aug @ 2:34 am

very nice!!
i love it.

Posted by seon mi — 13 Aug @ 5:45 am


Posted by sathesh — 22 Aug @ 7:49 am

Thanks for the hands template. Used it for a New Parents meeting in a Reception Class. Add their children into it. Brill. Just the job.

Posted by Tracey — 15 Sep @ 8:48 am

Great idea for my U12 Soccer team, city of Dinuba Parks & Community Service 2010.


Posted by Anonymous — 28 Sep @ 7:07 pm

I am a pre-service teacher and am using it for a children’s case study. I really like the template and it works really well for preschoolers!

Posted by Anonymous — 8 Oct @ 2:27 am

I am doing a community services presentation on supported playgroups for work and the handprints fit into the ‘theme’ very well, thank you

Posted by Sarah — 29 Oct @ 3:53 am

Great attention getter template. I am in education and it is great to have this template to use in full faculty meetings. Thank you!

Posted by cindy — 6 Dec @ 7:22 pm

so cute

Posted by deb — 10 Dec @ 7:02 pm

I like the colored hands template. Thank you!

Posted by Debbie — 28 Dec @ 4:28 am

perfect!simple and suits many topics! great for my class presentation. thank you!

Posted by monica — 21 Mar @ 2:53 pm

Thank you for the great template! I’m going to use it for my grad school presentation on how to successfully mitigate the potential negative impacts on marriage and biological children when fostering children.

Posted by Michelle — 23 Apr @ 1:29 am

I will use this template for a presentation for the youth service.

Posted by catherine — 6 Jun @ 9:58 pm

Very surprising template..thank you

Posted by DJ — 22 Aug @ 7:58 am

I could use the hands for a powerpoint teaching on the hands I have developed. Teacing to support our Families Workshops.

Posted by Hedy — 9 Nov @ 10:07 pm

Using it on a project for my Elementary class at college.

Posted by Kat — 26 Jan @ 8:32 pm

Great! used it for a babysitting class

Posted by Candace — 15 Mar @ 8:45 pm

this is great, for my persentation tomorrow!
thank you very muccchh..

Posted by debby shinoda — 13 May @ 1:21 am

love it…

Posted by vittapuchino — 13 May @ 9:41 am

so nice!

Posted by angel villanueva — 26 May @ 7:21 am

I have to create a presentation on Inspiration for my 2nd grade students and I just loved the template. I am looking forward to using it.

Posted by Jennie T — 26 Aug @ 2:26 pm

Thank you for this template! Using it for an early childhood presentation.

Posted by Eileen — 18 Apr @ 7:23 pm

I’m using this to give a presentation to college students. Thanks!

Posted by Julie — 3 May @ 1:51 pm

Using for a state presentation on summer feeding of kids

Posted by Anonymous — 27 Apr @ 8:13 pm

Perfect! Using it for a presentation on military kids and families in a Master’s level class.

Posted by Jenifer — 3 Jul @ 11:35 pm

Perfect presentation for my presentation on the mission statement of our school. Thanks!

Posted by Pam — 27 Aug @ 2:01 pm

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