Zen stones template

Zen stones template

Zen stones template. Could be used as a business PowerPoint template or could be used for a geology assignment.

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Published On: 2nd Nov 2006

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHH what a relief out of all the sites this one has the best collection must say!!!!!!

    aishwarya 5 Jan at 4:29 pm
  2. looks great

    njar 20 Apr at 6:57 am
  3. love it!

    chichi 18 Sep at 4:18 am
  4. i love it so much….

    neff 9 Oct at 10:34 am
  5. it is nice

    Anonymous 22 Dec at 3:05 pm
  6. this is really nice!

    Anonymous 22 May at 9:43 pm
  7. it is nice…

    Bruno 11 Sep at 11:04 pm
  8. I really like this template and want to use it, but I am having difficulty deleting “your name.” What am I missing?


    Cindy 17 Jun at 1:07 am
  9. Thank you for creating these lovely templates!

    Kwan 6 Aug at 11:03 am
  10. Awesome template, so different than just the run of the mill usual stuff. This site has the greatest templates, Mahalo!

    Cheryl 19 Mar at 5:31 am
  11. Used this for school, turned out awesome and so much more unique than just the usual run of the mill PP, Mahalo!

    Cheryl 19 Mar at 5:33 am