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We have had such a strong response to our article about Open Office Impress that we have decided to convert all of our most popular PowerPoint templates across to Open Office Impress.

Free Open Office Templates
download as
Impress (odp) file
download as
Impress (odp) file


Blue bubbles
download as
Impress (odp) file
download as
Impress (odp) file
3d graph
3D graph
download as
Impress (odp) file
download as
Impress (odp) file
download as
Impress (odp) file
download as
Impress (odp) file
subtlewaves download as
Impress (odp) file
subtlegrid download as
Impress (odp) file
clouds download as
Impress (odp) file
Pastel eggs
birthday2 download as
Impress (odp) file
graph download as
Impress (odp) file
coprorate1 download as
Impress (odp) file
Birthday 1
birthday1 download as
Impress (odp) file
Birthday 2
birthday2 download as
Impress (odp) file

Please note that these free Open Office Impress templates are property of Presentation Magazine and cannot be resold or displayed on the web without permission.


7 July 2007

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Comments on: Free Open Office Impress Templates

[...] not available in PowerPoint. See our posts on Is Open Office Impress better than PowerPoint? and Free Impress Templates. You can also read Bruce Byfield’s comparison of Open Office and [...]

Posted by Presentation Software - The Top Ten (10) - Presentation Helper — 20 Aug @ 12:01 pm

[...] late, what with it being 20 years old and all that. We’ve had such a stunning response to our free Open Office Impress templates that we decided that it would be worth putting together a comparison of Impress and seeing where we [...]

Posted by Is Open Office Impress better than PowerPoint? - Presentation Helper — 22 Aug @ 10:16 am

These are great! Thanks for the resources.

Posted by Eden Mondanaro — 29 Aug @ 4:29 pm

The download for “Numbers” seems to be broken, it brings up another page. All others I checked worked, thanks.

Posted by some visitor — 10 Sep @ 7:53 am

Nice resources!! thanks !!

Posted by Tesso — 22 Sep @ 2:40 pm

These are the best template i ever see. Two thumbs up!!

Posted by Dimas — 28 Sep @ 4:30 pm

thanks a lot, they’re good templates :)

Posted by pras — 5 Oct @ 11:42 am

“Please note that these free Open Office Impress templates are property of Presentation Helper and cannot be resold or displayed on the web without permission.”

Then those templates are not really free. Those are proprietary even if you can freely download those. You are abusing and twisting the word free here.

Posted by Mike — 7 Oct @ 6:10 pm


There is a diference between free and open source. These templates are free for people to use in their own presentations and can be downloaded at no charge.

You will find plenty of sites that wwill charge you $24 for similar templates.

We have put a lot of work into developing the templates on this site. We’ve had a couple of people who have taken our templates and passed them off as their own work – and that is not fair.

Luckily we have a good community of users who are happy to point out where they see our templates displayed.

Posted by admin — 8 Oct @ 5:10 pm

How do you install?
Whenever I try it comes up with:
The application cannot be started,
The configuration service is not available,
Start the setup application to repair the instillation from the CD or the folder containing the instillation packages.


Posted by T — 15 Oct @ 7:01 pm

Are you able to OpenOffice? If so then you should be able to open these templates by simply using the “File Open” command .

Posted by admin — 16 Oct @ 4:25 pm

Thanks a lot, I loved the Bluewaves template.
I’d like to know what license theses files are releaseds. Are them Creative Commons?

Posted by Silveira Neto — 21 Nov @ 2:47 pm

Thanks Silveria

Glad you liked them.

The templates are not under creative commons.

They are free to use in personal and business presentations, but not to be sold on, or be redistributed in any way.

hope that helps

Posted by jonathanball — 21 Nov @ 2:57 pm

I can open the file, but how do I save it as a template and apply to existing presentations?

Posted by James — 19 Feb @ 12:42 pm

How do you save to “My Templates” inOpenOffice?

Posted by James — 19 Feb @ 12:46 pm

Thanks so much for the free Impress templates. They downloaded and installed seamlessly. It is also very nice that they are complete, professional looking and atractive presentations (as opposed to some fuzzy screenshot type slide with no examples of title page, bullet page, etc.). Very helpful. Thanks again.

Posted by Karen G. — 27 Feb @ 2:11 am

great templates! Just download the TEMPLATE (otp) (not the impress file – its not a template) and unzip it to your home/user/.openoffice/usr/templates folder. Then open Impress and click on “Master Pages” under the tasks pane and it should show up. Again, thanks for the wonder resource!

Posted by tora — 11 Apr @ 7:48 am

This is good stuff. Nice work.

Posted by madreaper — 11 Apr @ 9:58 pm

muchas gracias :D

Posted by angelquirozc — 24 May @ 6:26 am

Where do you pu the template and presentation in openoffice impress. show me step by step.

Posted by Max — 4 Jun @ 11:08 pm

Max – The easiest way is just to open the file (File > Open) and then add in some changes and save it in My Documents with a new file name. You could also put it into the same location as the other OpenOffice templates, but that is more complicated.

Posted by admin — 6 Jun @ 5:37 pm

I love it.

Posted by Ivan — 7 Jun @ 10:24 pm

Excellent resources, really! Thanks a lot.

Posted by Methos — 9 Jun @ 12:30 am


There is a diference between free and open source. These templates are free for people to use in their own presentations and can be downloaded at no charge.”

The templates might be gratis but they aren’t free as in free software. The GNU General Public License and the Lesser GNU General Public License under which Open Office is licensed is not an “open source” license it is a “free software” license…read the license…you will not see the words “open source” anywhere in the license.

“Free software” has nothing to do with money it has to do with the rights you have as a computer user.

Posted by Bob — 29 Jun @ 7:23 am

Free Software, Freeware or Open Source?
Dear old Wikipedia help us…

Posted by Stella — 4 Jul @ 9:13 am

Great resources!!!
Slick and professional

Posted by Olivier — 13 Sep @ 8:20 pm

What is an .odp file? What is an .odt file? What is an .sti file? What is the difference? Which one should I download? What directory should I put it in? Or do they need to be installed? Why is there no info on these simple things on this page? Without such info the files are useless. Sheesh…

Posted by Mobius — 24 Sep @ 9:14 pm

awesome templates. thank you so much for this contribution

Posted by joeb — 27 Sep @ 4:36 pm

Hmmm I downloaded the template files, imported them as the OO help said. They showed up in the Available for use pane, under Master pages but icons had no picture and did nothing to pages I tried to apply them to.

Obviously I’m to stupid to use them. I agree with one of the previous posters without instructions on how to install them they are useless to idiots like myself.

Posted by john — 11 Oct @ 12:30 am

*Windows Installation*

I was having some problems too, but finally figured it out. Unzip the files, and place them in the templates folder (which was empty on my new install). In XP, it is found at:
/Documents and Settings/(user)/Application Data/

Worked fine from here.

Posted by RG — 15 Oct @ 7:06 am

´the best

Posted by Mary Canyt — 22 Oct @ 12:13 pm

These rock, thanks.

Posted by danny boi — 4 Nov @ 8:13 pm


Posted by lavitania — 25 Nov @ 4:30 am


:P The easter eggs is the best template :P.
Very cute, and very presantable in any situation.

Posted by sono99 — 21 Jan @ 11:36 am

Nice work! Thanks for the templates and contributing to

Posted by louis — 24 Jan @ 8:24 am

Thank you very much. I downloaded some….all the slides are really nice..

Posted by Chetan — 16 Feb @ 7:19 am

i would like to use it for a college course
and i will not reuse them as if they are mine design i just don’t like the options that power point 2007 gives to use

Posted by victoria christopher — 2 Mar @ 10:43 pm

Without CLEAR installation instructions, these are next to useless. Good templates though just to open and view with Impress. I’m glad i’m not the only one who can’t seem to install them and I thought I knew what I was doing.

Posted by Hads — 22 Mar @ 12:58 am

Great work! Thanks for sharing this!

Posted by Marcelo Escobal — 4 Apr @ 4:53 pm

Thank you for these…I can get the corporate one to open but cannot figure out how to edit where it says company logo to insert my logo nor where it says the url I cannot seem to edit that as well?

please advise…

Posted by skibone — 22 Apr @ 5:14 pm

Thank you!!

Posted by Firefly — 7 May @ 6:16 am

Thanks for all of these.

Posted by Anonymous — 22 May @ 2:35 pm

I like Bluewaves. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous — 31 May @ 1:33 am

Thank you ! I have some math + AI presentation + potential graphs of all sorts. I think it could work to use the “3d graph” presentation .. Either way, thanx. Good work !

Posted by Bufff — 28 Jun @ 12:31 pm

I will be using these as I prepare presentations (using Impress) for a home-school co-op class. Thank you for making these available.

Posted by A. Meyer — 11 Aug @ 8:22 pm

“I can get the corporate one to open but cannot figure out how to edit where it says company logo”

1. go to “file” and then “open” so that you have the template opened and on screen

2. go to “view” -> “Master” -> “Slide Master” and the opened template will change so that the sections are outlined.

3. delete the “company logo” box that was added by the developer.

4. go to “insert” -> “picture” -> “from file” and find your logo file on your hard drive.

Posted by marty — 15 Aug @ 11:06 pm

Thanks a lot! these templates are seriously nice :D

Posted by Darshana — 24 Aug @ 8:13 am

I can’t work out for the life of me where to save them and how to make the work

Posted by Sid — 4 Oct @ 4:36 pm

thanks for these template . i need template for power or energy

Posted by alireza — 7 Oct @ 7:43 pm

thanks a lot man !!!

Posted by thankful-user — 8 Oct @ 10:09 am

Wow! God bless you for posting up such lovely templates. Whoever made them is very talented and the world is lucky to have free access to this.

Posted by khadija — 23 Oct @ 4:44 am

Thanks, bluewaves template is very nice :)

Posted by ezaeza — 30 Oct @ 9:53 pm

thanks,for this help me alot :) :) :)

Posted by daniel — 7 Nov @ 4:00 pm

i love this thing man its wondorfel

Posted by dendi — 7 Nov @ 4:02 pm


Posted by ola — 27 Nov @ 2:03 pm

Excelente! me ha salvado en muchas ocaciones 100% recomendable

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Jan @ 5:36 pm

how do you make 1!

Posted by JPOSH — 12 Feb @ 12:58 am

Ok, like everyone else I was lost as to how to use these templates and none of the other comments were working. Here’s how I finally got it to work. Save the otp file somewhere on your computer, it’s not too important where. Open Impress and click file->templates->organize. Then right click on “Presentation Backgrounds” and hit import. Find wherever you saved your template you just downloaded and there you go. Hope this helps you all.

Posted by Adam — 18 Mar @ 2:00 am

Adam! Thank you so much! I was getting so frustrated. Thank you thank you thank you!

Posted by Christy — 30 Apr @ 5:16 pm

This is great some great stuff. I just started making small simple powerpoint videos and this site is a great resource and huge find for me. Thanks a lot!

Posted by Mike — 26 May @ 11:01 am

Thank you very much… been helpping a lot!

Posted by Jeanne — 16 Jun @ 11:47 pm

im in my language arts class from sonoma,california

Posted by sarahi mendez — 12 Oct @ 8:31 pm

please tell how to use the slide.where to put the slide after downloding

Posted by Maddy — 22 Feb @ 10:58 am

i dont know how to apply this theme…

can u show me? :)

Posted by adam — 27 Feb @ 8:26 pm

are there any master templates? if so, where 2 save them? :(

Posted by adam — 27 Feb @ 8:33 pm

the clouds are beautiful

Posted by kaitlyn — 25 Mar @ 2:39 pm

Thanks :)

Posted by Alinn — 4 Jun @ 8:42 pm

very goooooooooooooooooooooooood

Posted by Anonymous — 23 Jun @ 1:24 pm

love the clouds.
thank you!

Posted by meow — 25 Jul @ 3:55 am

so good that indeed it

Posted by Anonymous — 25 Oct @ 7:10 am

I would love it if you could create an Open / LibreOffice version of the Colour Card or Coloured slides template.

Posted by Rodge — 17 Jul @ 11:49 am

i dont know how to apply this theme

Posted by mich — 23 Nov @ 10:27 am

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