Football pitch template

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Football pitch template

If you need to teach football then at some point you may need to have a graphic of a football pitch.  Here we have three different views of a football pitch, all in a convenient PowerPoint format.

One is a bird’s eye view, one is in perspective and another shows a view of the goal from up in the stands.  Simple but effective.

Perfect for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Football pitch template inside page
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Views 29,270

15 April 2016    Template number 00377

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Comments on: Football pitch template

I’ve also made it better by adding simple circles for the different positions in order to display tactics.

Posted by Jack — 29 Mar @ 9:55 pm

file cannot be opened by any means or program-please up it as jpeg file

Posted by footy — 15 Apr @ 10:25 pm

It opens fine in PowerPoint. I suggest that you try on another computer.

Posted by admin — 16 Apr @ 6:04 pm

[...] all to support this large footballing event.  You could even cut them out and stick them onto our football pitch template to make your own [...]

Posted by 2010 World Cup Individual Team Shirts — 3 May @ 8:03 am


Posted by Jerry — 3 Jul @ 2:57 am

Thank you very useful

Posted by Sam — 12 Aug @ 2:24 pm

i luv fotbal

Posted by derya — 22 Nov @ 8:31 pm

Thanks very much, really useful stuff.

Posted by David — 22 Dec @ 11:14 am

Using to teach maths with young child keen on footbal! Thank you

Posted by Elizabeth — 24 Mar @ 3:59 pm

Para realizar análisis de partidos

Posted by Yago Rama — 29 Mar @ 7:31 pm

Excellent thanks.
Using these for a mini teaching session on the offside rule

Posted by Richard — 10 Jan @ 12:24 am

Tactics before training … thanks!

Posted by Andy North — 16 Aug @ 12:38 pm

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