Filmstrip with Countdown

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Filmstrip with Countdown

A version of our popular Filmstrip template, but one that has a built-in countdown timer. This template has been made entirely in PowerPoint – using the in-built animation effects.

It has a couple of beeps at the end of the countdown, so make sure that you have your speakers turned up. Could be used for a wide range of presentations, but especially for a presentation about the movies, video production or film stars.

Filmstrip with Countdown inside page
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17 November 2014    Template number 00076

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Comments on: Filmstrip with Countdown

Hi, the countdown filmstrip is nice and simple.
If you change the clock turn animation effect in 355 degrees instaed of 360 degrees teh animation looks better.

Posted by han — 11 Oct @ 10:45 am

Thanks Han
Such a simple change but it makes all the difference. We have made the changes an uploaded the new file.

Posted by admin — 12 Oct @ 5:42 pm

I love it so much… its great and really persuasive and powerful… definitely worth seeing.

Posted by Prof. Carlson — 19 Oct @ 12:05 am

This is the best template i ever had!This template has helped me a lot in my project! Thank You !!!

Posted by Kok Yew Chuen — 19 Oct @ 9:21 am

This is an excellent idea used for a powerpoint it help u

Posted by Amanda — 6 Nov @ 10:18 am

Thanks so much, I have to review a film using powerpoint tommorow, It’s so late and I’m so tired but your template has given me burst of energy, brillient, billient, brillient…..

Posted by Kyla — 26 Nov @ 2:13 am

I love it !
Thanx for sharing us ^_^

Posted by SEA — 27 Nov @ 6:50 am

i just love it! thanks!

Posted by cha — 27 Nov @ 3:41 pm

thanks for sharing..!!

Posted by ARNOL — 28 Nov @ 5:29 am

Marvellous!!! Thanks so much for such a creative work. You saved my life!

Posted by Nonie — 15 Dec @ 7:49 am

8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 + 0 times thanks…SSO

Posted by Soran — 6 Jan @ 5:32 pm

This is Great!

Posted by Gordon — 8 Jan @ 1:26 pm

It seems to be a great template. Taking the chance that this may sound silly: how do you activate the countdown? or doesn’t it work for vista?

Posted by the mino — 8 Jan @ 7:12 pm

I am going to practice my presentation skill and my topic is about a movie….This template quite matches my topic. I’m so happy to find this out. Thank you very much.

Posted by Jung, Yung Hoon (Korea) — 14 Jan @ 1:18 pm

Thanks for this great template! Our Graduate group gets so tired of doing powerpoint after powerpoint. It makes it so much more bearable when we can compete for the coolest templates! I think I win this class! How much cooler can you get?!?!

Posted by Trish — 29 Jan @ 5:19 am

really cool! loved it!

Posted by leah — 9 Feb @ 7:53 am

very cool

Posted by noname — 16 Feb @ 11:15 am

thanks it really helped me a lot,
could you pls do a “fantasy” or a “dream” kind of theme.
hehehehe thanks!!

Posted by cham — 16 Mar @ 12:27 am

This is a nice template.
very cool.

Posted by Maik fernstudium — 25 Mar @ 10:49 am

Can anybody tell how to get the animation to work.

Posted by chris — 2 Apr @ 10:03 am

You need to play it in PowerPoint view mode and then it should start automatically. Check that you have PowerPoint 2002 or higher.

Posted by admin — 2 Apr @ 1:24 pm

very good design…nice

Posted by diyan prabowo — 10 Apr @ 4:47 am

it is coolest and THE BEST template!!it helped me alot!

Posted by Rabia ajmal — 10 Apr @ 11:12 am


Posted by Hawk — 13 Apr @ 1:18 am

Thanx a TON!!! i mean whoever uploaded dis..thanx a mil!!

Posted by Undertaker — 24 Apr @ 9:18 am

so cool bro!!!

Posted by MATSAH — 25 Apr @ 2:28 pm

Thank you for sharing!!! I love it! PEACE AND LOVE!

Posted by YI — 27 Apr @ 7:37 am


Posted by strina — 27 Apr @ 6:39 pm

very very fantastic

Posted by hamidreza — 1 May @ 6:34 am

I was looking for the one! Thank you very much.

Posted by Anonymous — 2 May @ 10:55 am

Gonna try this one for my project…thanks

Posted by Marc Anthonny — 6 May @ 3:14 pm

dude its really funny and cool!! thnx!!!

Posted by haha — 21 May @ 2:16 am

Thank you.. this is great!!

Posted by Lia B — 21 May @ 1:02 pm

the super pretty n posh slide

Posted by faiza alam — 30 May @ 5:01 pm

very very cool

Posted by mrinali — 31 May @ 6:00 am

IT’s very wonderful
thank you for giving it.

Posted by sunshine — 4 Jun @ 12:49 pm

Thanks a lot!

Posted by Lubov — 7 Jun @ 7:35 pm

thanks!!! my group got A+ cuz of this!!

Posted by angel_112 — 16 Jun @ 5:59 pm

This is fabulous ;)!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Posted by Amanda — 9 Jul @ 3:12 am

thanks for this.. it helped me alot!

Posted by ana moncayo — 16 Jul @ 4:55 pm

damm good man

Posted by dark — 6 Aug @ 4:09 pm

Just what I was looking for….Thnaks

Posted by DS — 8 Aug @ 7:48 pm

I LOVE THIS!! I am goign to feature it on my show. PRIMETIME!!

Posted by Oprah — 9 Sep @ 5:37 pm

BTW, this works just fine for ANY version of PowerPoint, including Office for Mac 2004 and later. I’ve done some of my own animation for my classroom, and my students love it, but it’s nice to find some well-designed animations I can just enter information quickly and go with…

Posted by VP — 21 Sep @ 6:34 pm


i love it

Posted by Anonymous — 26 Sep @ 12:48 am


Posted by JESSICA — 2 Oct @ 9:25 am

very nice!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Posted by Franz — 12 Oct @ 3:23 am

Thanks, I’ve been looking for something that will catch the attention of the P6 children when we start our Big Science Show

Posted by Gillian — 16 Oct @ 12:48 pm

Thanks man for this great template

Posted by Nick — 28 Oct @ 11:23 pm

Thanks so much. It helped me a lot

God bless

Posted by weng — 31 Oct @ 3:06 am

I cant get it to work
I cant type in anything it just plays

Posted by Cherry — 16 Nov @ 1:27 am

I love this one, i have a report on Monday and its Saturday evening and i found this for my photo class and i just love it. It fits my presentation and my over all goal for the presentation. Thank a lot, it’s a grate one; I am looking forvard to doing my PowerPoint presentation and i think its going to be a hit! :P

Posted by Milla — 23 Nov @ 3:15 am

Hi big thanx for crating this one so cool, we use ot fo our final presentation at school very nice !!

Posted by lizette — 25 Nov @ 7:19 am

hell nice

Posted by bill dean — 26 Nov @ 4:50 pm

i love it!! Thanks for this.. it helped me!!

Posted by Anonymous — 28 Nov @ 1:22 am

not so good…

Posted by Anonymous — 29 Nov @ 1:28 pm

thx for sharing

it’s really cool and so awesome ^^

i use this template for my presentation thx u again

Posted by Por — 7 Dec @ 7:14 pm

thanx thanx
u r just amazingly coooooooooooooool!!!!!!

Posted by shelley — 9 Dec @ 6:46 pm

wow! i love this one. it’s creative..and there is no other thing.. it’s really good.

Posted by hibertansiyar — 16 Dec @ 9:38 pm

Thanks for sharing !

Posted by Anonymous — 29 Dec @ 5:10 pm

Thanks a ton .It’s very lovely

Posted by Amy — 1 Jan @ 5:59 am


Posted by penguine — 3 Jan @ 4:11 pm

i liked it,,,thanks :)

Posted by rasha — 11 Jan @ 8:57 am

thank you very much.
a great help.
thank you again!

Posted by eizay — 18 Jan @ 12:21 pm

its cool bro

Posted by hasib — 18 Jan @ 8:27 pm

its good man

Posted by jiths — 20 Jan @ 1:18 pm

Muchisisisisisismas gracias!

Esto es lo que buscaba.

Posted by George — 26 Jan @ 5:20 am

It´s cool but… how I use it in a PP presentacion?

Posted by JaViEr — 30 Jan @ 8:45 pm

awesome ! it encourages me to start doing my project presentation.
thanks a bunch !

Posted by ch0c0la — 31 Jan @ 2:20 pm

hi v niLa teamwork, media guys from South India.
of-course happy to say v are from Tamilnad.
v thank u for your theme images.
it’s more beautiful & suitable for the story board presentation.
now our team CLICKS. . .your FILM STRIPS.

Posted by niLateam — 9 Feb @ 4:39 am

Very nice. I’m working on a presentation with a film-like intro slide and the countdown is an excellent backdrop for a series of beeps to kick-start sound playback and ensure that everything synchs nicely later on.

Posted by Richard — 24 Feb @ 10:31 pm

i like it very much… thanks for your cool site…

Posted by rey laude — 1 Mar @ 4:43 pm

Hi Admin,

Good job! Thanks a million!

Posted by Ed — 6 Mar @ 2:32 am


Posted by Anonymous — 9 Mar @ 5:25 am


Posted by SS — 16 Mar @ 5:32 pm

Awesome! Thanks :)

Posted by Denise — 18 Mar @ 4:59 am

hey thx for the flimstrip but how do u make the boxes bigger eg like the second slide i want to make them normal size

Posted by arthur — 23 Mar @ 7:30 am

Thanks for it…thanks that i can use it for my presentation

Posted by Tony — 25 Mar @ 4:24 pm

Thanks for that. it is useful for me. thanks.

Posted by vimal — 29 Mar @ 2:34 pm

I did enjoy, but this tamplete should work also off line.

Posted by Arcenciel — 2 Apr @ 4:24 pm

thanks this was a great web site for ppt slides and has improved my presentation immensely.thank a heap.

Posted by prakash — 13 Apr @ 7:48 am


Posted by Anonymous — 14 Apr @ 6:02 pm

I used this as a presentation for an art class project-site visit. My professor loved it. I recorded my daughter’s voice as the countdown from 5-1. I even copied one the slides and put it as “The End”.

I wanted to add it to my site for the final project, but I don’t know how. Do you?


Posted by Dawn — 22 Apr @ 6:42 pm

Slam for evrybody

What a beautiful template ??
this is the Third time I download this template and from your site in 3 years ..

I always start my Project’s presentation with it.

May Allah bless you …


Posted by Nada Al-Ghamdi — 25 Apr @ 10:28 pm

A FIght CLub presentation for school

Posted by Stephanie — 30 Apr @ 3:36 pm

keep a good work and keep sharing.. :-)

Posted by Arif Haryono — 21 May @ 1:46 am


Posted by yauma — 27 May @ 6:21 am

just finding a good templates!!!

This is one of them!!



Posted by bLue kNighT — 27 May @ 1:37 pm

Thats great!!!!!!!!!
But I need this template for powerpoint 2007!!
Can Somebody help……


Posted by Deadman — 4 Jun @ 12:57 pm

thanks a lot. it really helped me out!
Keep up the good work!

Posted by tiny little dinosaur — 16 Jun @ 4:46 am


thank you

Posted by zamzam alshatti — 6 Jul @ 1:20 pm

thank you

it really helped me i need it for a presentation in power point


Posted by Anonymous — 10 Aug @ 6:54 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 18 Aug @ 5:39 pm

Outstanding!!! Really added “punch” to my presentation!! :) THANKS!!!

Posted by Tamara — 18 Aug @ 6:26 pm

Hey, can i plz ask if the timer goes down to -2 and 1? because when i downloaded it, it onli stopped at 3. plz reply back quick. thanks

Posted by Linda — 22 Aug @ 10:37 am

wow… amazing.. this really helps me thanks admin

Posted by Anonymous — 25 Aug @ 4:28 am


Posted by pu9uh — 28 Aug @ 7:42 pm

Wow… so very nice~ I choice yore presentation. Thank you

Posted by Thank you so much, — 10 Sep @ 5:50 pm

I have a question. Does this animation work on MO 2007? Because the countdown doesnt start when I apply the template. Do I need to change something in setting or?
Please, any advice is welcome…

Posted by Mirela — 21 Sep @ 5:29 pm

thanks for sharing…

Posted by doris — 22 Sep @ 2:59 pm


The presentation has been designed in powerPoint 2003, but should work on Office 2007.

The problem is that the anumation is in the presentation PPT and not in the template. If you open the PPT file directly after download you should see the animation work.

Posted by admin — 24 Sep @ 5:26 pm

Thanks so much, i’m looking for a templates that are suitable for my teambuilding plan

Posted by Hoa — 28 Sep @ 4:37 am

thx .. :D

Posted by putri — 6 Oct @ 4:09 pm

This is amazing! Gave my prez a very professional look. Thanks so much!

Posted by Gina — 9 Oct @ 8:48 am

Thank you for your contribution

Posted by yellow — 19 Oct @ 10:32 am


Posted by MARISOL — 22 Oct @ 4:05 am

very nice nd thnxxxxxxx

Posted by geeet — 27 Oct @ 6:43 pm


Posted by fathi — 29 Oct @ 11:55 pm

Good one. Am going to use this for the powerpoint presentation in my next review meeting

Posted by g.m — 1 Nov @ 6:07 am

thanks very much for this beauty of a template

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Nov @ 12:51 am

I love it. It makes my powerpoint much interesting. Thanks so much!

Posted by Mari — 19 Nov @ 4:57 pm

thank you….

Posted by Mark Athony Mayo — 20 Nov @ 8:50 am

How do you take the edge thing off if you want to do different slides without that on it?

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Dec @ 12:00 am

Where do you download the powerpoint?

Posted by J-bird — 18 Dec @ 11:05 pm


Posted by nanny 101 — 18 Dec @ 11:06 pm

its gr8! Thanks for sharing

Posted by Anna — 2 Jan @ 3:14 pm


Posted by ajime — 4 Jan @ 7:29 am

[...] design themes would be our silver star template or if your are looking for for animated slides our animated countdown slide. Download as Power Point (PPT) fileInbuilt slides Download as Power Point (PPT) [...]

Posted by Stars Template — 7 Jan @ 11:51 am

Brilliant.. I can’t wait to use it in one of my presentations.

Posted by Anuj — 14 Jan @ 5:22 am

Thats awsome!!! i will defo use it for my presnetation!

Posted by Michelle Ng — 17 Feb @ 10:06 pm

great but i was just wondering how you change the clock animation please reply a.s.a.p thanks

Posted by Anonymous — 24 Feb @ 6:29 pm

I’ve been searching for such template for ages. Thank you so much :X

Posted by xuxu — 4 Mar @ 2:09 pm

thank you! this site really helped me a lot:) more powers!

Posted by meg — 7 Mar @ 3:23 pm

I like it. the color is simple, but a strong vision wallop.

Posted by Can — 15 Mar @ 12:49 pm

very nice presentation slide.

Posted by a — 17 Mar @ 5:42 am

Thank u woooooooooow

Posted by Amer — 28 Mar @ 6:33 pm


Posted by shane — 7 Apr @ 3:40 am

very nice… thanks for the great job

Posted by tsewang — 10 Apr @ 3:13 am


Posted by Anonymous — 10 Apr @ 4:40 pm

It is very helpful. Thanks

Posted by Alfio — 11 Apr @ 7:41 am

I just love this – thank you

Posted by Anonymous — 13 Apr @ 7:05 pm


Posted by duck — 19 Apr @ 3:27 pm

it’s great, thank you for sharing

Posted by raymond — 19 Apr @ 7:03 pm

I loved this template! I used it for a presentation I gave in my Communications class on Conflict in Movies. It ended up being the best looking presentation in the class.. Thanks very much for making this available!

Posted by Mike_In_DC — 22 Apr @ 4:58 am

thnx a lot

Posted by Anonymous — 25 Apr @ 1:38 pm

Am using this for my Media class presentation and it works great on my powerpoint on film. so on point!

Posted by Meg — 28 Apr @ 1:26 am

simple and effective, just great!

Posted by N — 29 Apr @ 11:54 am

Thanks and excellent

Posted by Anonymous — 29 Apr @ 4:57 pm

I have to make a presentation on Production processes… and this template is just apt for me :)

Love it … Hope my boss likes it too :)

Posted by Sheothi — 4 May @ 11:21 am

best powerpoint ever so kewl the count down!!!! im useing it for my powerpoint now!! :D

Posted by celia elias — 25 May @ 10:45 pm

This is a GREAT template. Thanks for your hard work and for sharing.

Posted by HeathenAngel — 29 May @ 5:08 pm

Thank you very mucho for shearing this presentation y great.
I will use it in Mexico just for may personal presentationes

Posted by Margarita — 31 May @ 5:22 pm

thank you

Posted by yuli — 6 Jun @ 8:19 am

tnx for sharing this presentation it will be a big help.

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Jun @ 1:56 pm

Question For Admin . . .

Preface my question by saying I’m a powerpoint novice: how do i get it to start on 10 and end on 0? (currently it starts on 8 and ends on 3) I’m using 2007 version of powerpoint

Posted by Monique — 5 Jul @ 4:46 pm

i’ve never seen hundred testimony for one template.
it was because such a brilliant job.
nice work.. thx for share.

Posted by jack dinar — 6 Jul @ 6:26 am

school presentation

Posted by colon — 14 Jul @ 1:58 pm



Posted by VIKLO — 14 Jul @ 8:26 pm

just nice

Posted by Bharadwaj — 26 Jul @ 10:53 am

Very nice, thx u ^^

Posted by Khai — 3 Aug @ 1:47 am

galing nito, bro!

Posted by Anonymous — 11 Aug @ 2:11 pm

Thank you!

Incorporated this into the start of a business presentation and it was really well received. This is very effective and assisted in catching the attention of the audience.

Wanted to say a big THANK YOU for sharing!

Posted by Dan — 20 Aug @ 3:41 am

How generous of you…salamat gid!!!(means thank you)

Posted by Ivy — 25 Aug @ 6:54 am

muy bueno lo usaré en una clase de historia, creo que el efecto inicial es muy motivador para los niños.

Posted by paola v. f. — 4 Sep @ 4:49 pm

thank you~!

Posted by flymetotheuniverse — 23 Sep @ 3:51 am


Posted by ??? — 28 Sep @ 8:04 pm


Posted by ganesh garapati — 7 Oct @ 1:24 pm


Posted by cindy — 17 Oct @ 11:59 am

i sUpEr LoVe ThIs tEmPLaTe!!! vEry NiCe!! tNx so MuCh!!

Posted by cRazyCrIsSy — 1 Nov @ 5:47 pm


Posted by tha — 13 Nov @ 6:18 pm

This is really cool.This is the only website havin these cool slides I suppose .

Posted by Shakeisa — 22 Dec @ 8:27 pm

Thanks for the powerpoint. Use it for my community college class.

Posted by Julian — 27 Dec @ 6:44 pm

awesome!!! two thumbs up!!!!!

Posted by john — 11 Jan @ 7:46 pm

Awsome Really awsome so good so good I can belive

Posted by Alexander — 19 Jan @ 3:18 pm

Excelente herramienta, grax!

Posted by Lorena.Campeche.México — 24 Jan @ 3:16 am

great!! ;)

Posted by dii — 2 Feb @ 4:51 pm

Thank you ^^

Posted by watta — 6 Feb @ 7:15 am

using for lecture. thanks!

Posted by ptthoma — 7 Feb @ 2:57 am

this roxxx

Posted by ganesh — 12 Feb @ 8:24 am


continuem assim!!!!!


Posted by Raquel — 19 Feb @ 12:03 am

thnks a lot this is so reat and wonderful!!

Posted by celine — 18 Mar @ 5:28 am

i just love it

Posted by bebo — 24 Mar @ 10:54 pm

i love it..
But I dont know how to. use the countdown ?

please hElp me …

thank you

Posted by Angelo — 30 Mar @ 12:14 pm

Hi Angelo,
Once you have downloaded the file the countdown will work when you press the “slideshow icon” or the tab at the top and click “from the beginning”, once you have gone past the first page the countdown will begin.

Posted by rboynton — 30 Mar @ 1:18 pm

I used in my little project, I loved, thank you so much.
Thanks for sharing.
Was the filmstrip I was looking for.

Posted by Margarita — 16 Jul @ 5:07 am

It’s good for me!

(in S.KOREA)

Posted by HYUNG — 5 Aug @ 8:06 am

I want to use the FilmStrip presentation to show a lecture that was covered while studying in Europe this past summer. This powerpoint template has everything I need to make a great presentation and I think it has what I’m looking for to capture the audience atttention.


Posted by Rosetta — 12 Aug @ 10:21 pm

terima kasih banyak.ya ini yang saya butuhkan

Posted by alam — 28 Aug @ 6:43 am

It’s an amazing template!

Posted by Wesley — 29 Aug @ 9:39 am

I plan on using the countdown to highlight child hunger issues for a presentation through the non-profit I work at. Thanks for allowing us to use this!

Posted by CourtneyR — 4 Sep @ 2:55 am

How do I get this on my powerpoint? I downloaded it but I dont know what to do next! And I saw this countdown on my friend’s powerpoint and it looked beast!

Posted by Toni — 13 Oct @ 6:38 am


Posted by binatot — 13 Oct @ 9:56 am

Hi Tony, This template needs to be added to the front of your own presentation. The best way would probably be by copying and pasting your own slides to the end of this template. This will not affect any of the timings currently pre set on this powerpoint. To show the moving countdown you need to go to the “slideshow” button and this will play the count down and go directly into your own slides which should be able to be moved on with the click of the mouse (or add your own animation to your slides using the transitions menu”

Posted by rboynton — 14 Oct @ 11:14 am

Great!!!! n useful one.. Thanx a lot

Posted by Subbu — 19 Oct @ 5:59 am

Great share, thanks a lot…

Posted by Website Design — 27 Oct @ 4:27 pm

thnk u!!!….i wanted it for a project itzz soo cool! :D

Posted by srujana — 25 Nov @ 5:32 am

thanks for this site

Posted by whaha — 6 Dec @ 4:12 am

Amazing, how do you do that?

Posted by Jarvis — 4 Jan @ 6:43 pm

Thanks. Great templates.

Posted by Joanne — 23 Jan @ 2:55 pm

Just the best I was looking for. Thank you for being a blessing


Posted by Henry — 30 Jan @ 5:14 am

I used this template for my presentation and it was a success. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Olga — 1 Feb @ 7:01 pm

Thank you for the sharing.

Posted by Jay Jo — 12 Mar @ 1:55 am

Absolutely love it, i needed one for a presentation i was working on but no luck :( so glasi came across this site! thank you so much.

Posted by Mimi — 21 Mar @ 7:27 pm

thanks a lot~!

Posted by visitor — 14 Apr @ 5:31 am

It’s really impressive and great! Thank you so much!

Posted by Theodora — 26 Apr @ 6:32 am

thank u for sharing….
it’s very cool

Posted by vittapuchino — 13 May @ 8:54 am

It’s really cool

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Jun @ 1:22 pm

As a (retired) filmmaker (yes, with real FILM), I countless times cut in “Academy Leader” to my work. So I modified this file to more closely mimic the original, e.g., adding beeps to each number, changing the timing to seconds, etc.
If I can figure out where to upload the file to this site, I’ll do so.

But thanks for this–I only today came across your website!!

Posted by Greg Epler Wood — 25 Jun @ 4:38 pm

Wonderful website. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to some buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks in your effort!

Posted by published here — 24 Jul @ 4:18 pm

Thank you very much for sharing..

Posted by Cie — 27 Jul @ 3:50 am

This was totally awesome! Used it for a video for 20 year high school renunion

Posted by Sasha — 1 Aug @ 6:03 pm

You have great templates on here

Posted by Mark — 29 Aug @ 6:59 pm

Would be better with 2 and 1

Posted by Harry — 13 Nov @ 10:12 pm

nice job…
that’s cool

Posted by 1215Q — 20 Nov @ 2:04 am

Really Appreciate for your work :)

Posted by Evan — 26 Nov @ 7:29 am

i hope it can help me in my presentation . .i’m looking forward to this . .thank you !

Posted by jerry — 13 Jan @ 11:55 am

how could I use it?
after downloading I could not open it??
” power point can not read the outline. No text converter isntalled”
so,what should I do then?

Posted by yustini — 19 Feb @ 12:12 am

I was looking for a countdown movie for my presentation and I found it in your site and it is very easy to used. Wonderfull. Thank you very much for sharing.

Posted by sylvie — 14 May @ 5:30 pm

I’m a communication student & this is the ideal power point for some of my presentations

Posted by Denise — 11 Jun @ 5:39 pm

this is great template,thanks :)

Posted by sigid — 25 Jun @ 8:47 pm

This is amazing! Gave my prez a very professional look. Thanks so much!

Posted by Antonio — 20 Jul @ 1:56 pm

LOVE IT!!! Was able to save it as a movie and use it at the beginning of my daughter’s 1st year iMovie I made!

Posted by Shefali — 15 Aug @ 1:52 am

thanks for this great template

Posted by rahele — 9 Oct @ 8:51 pm

Nice work, but actual motion picture film would have the sprocket holes on the sides, not top and bottom. It’s not 35mm still photos.

Posted by Vittorio Storaro — 10 Feb @ 8:13 pm


Posted by Allguitars — 1 Mar @ 4:35 pm

there is a thrilling part of it that helps me get the attention of my listeners. a very special thanks to you.

Posted by zenthony — 22 Sep @ 2:20 pm

its great very very useful i love it!!!

Posted by pop — 1 Nov @ 2:35 am

Great template thanks :-)

Posted by Kristian Agerholm — 4 Dec @ 11:39 am

We have to do movie PPT.
This is the true one I want!!
Fantastic design!

Posted by Jade — 28 Dec @ 7:18 am

very good

Posted by good — 26 Jan @ 6:43 am

absolutely fantastic template!! i used this and credited you in my TOK presentation :)

Posted by Bryan — 10 Feb @ 2:28 am

Filmstrip with countdown is a good tool to use when one wants to insert an extra introduction in form of video whne he or she is making a full presentation.

Posted by Rita — 26 Feb @ 3:47 am

Used this for a project!! Perfect theme!!

Posted by Courtney — 20 Mar @ 8:57 am


Posted by vignesh — 25 Mar @ 1:41 am

an good template

Posted by jappan — 20 Apr @ 12:35 pm

thank you so much

Posted by Sari — 6 Jul @ 3:38 am

Fantastic. Much appreciated.

Posted by Staal — 23 Jul @ 8:03 am

thank you for sharing

Posted by Anonymous — 24 Jul @ 2:34 pm

Many thanks! It´s fantastic!

Posted by Elisa — 28 Jul @ 3:56 am

Does anyone know how to speed up the countdown in the beginning?

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Nov @ 4:51 pm

Good day. Many thanks for providing FREE templates. I appreciate and understnd the efforts gone into making it. Very kind of you to enable me to download and use it. Hearty thanks once again – Venkat, India

Posted by VENKAT — 19 Mar @ 4:47 pm

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