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A popular Filmstrip template, in the shape of a 35mm movie reel complete with sprockets and frame numbers.

Could be used for a wide range of presentations, but could be used for a presentation about films or the movies, videos, photography, photographic development or cinematography.

Filmstrip inside page
inside thumbnail inside thumbnail


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Views - 62,000

1 November 2006    Template number 00080

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Comments on: Filmstrip

how do u get the numbers off the bottom of the page..

Posted by ben — 10 Dec @ 6:11 pm

put a black box over them

Posted by jonathanball — 10 Dec @ 6:14 pm

Muchas Gracias por el modelo. Es muy original.
Saludos desde Argentina.

Posted by Natalia — 1 Jan @ 11:51 pm

Uhh.. Please show the real size Of your graphics …

Posted by Morgan — 8 Jan @ 8:01 pm

simply original!

Posted by Niq_An — 11 Jan @ 4:44 am

Nice !

Posted by Sandra — 23 Jan @ 11:44 am


Posted by shard — 30 Jan @ 1:15 am

This works great!!! Thanks!!

Posted by Kim — 14 Feb @ 9:29 am

Exceptional, even better than I wanted, a great idea for sprucing up presentations, will recommend it to all….

Posted by Paul — 7 Mar @ 2:50 pm

Thank you. Very good site. respect to author

Posted by michael owen — 10 Mar @ 2:04 am

I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE…i have to do a powerpoint displaying ones photos..and this way i can slide my pictures without creating a new slide or a overly crowded one! =]

Posted by Milly — 27 Apr @ 6:41 pm

This is perfect!!! I love it

Posted by Liz — 21 May @ 4:17 am


Posted by maru — 6 Jul @ 8:04 am

It’s very nice!!!!
I love it!!!!

Posted by Rachal — 19 Sep @ 5:29 pm

Really nice !!

Posted by ShinigamiDanna — 24 Sep @ 1:07 pm

cool template!!!

Posted by promenansha — 15 Jan @ 4:35 am

Super, smashing, great! Perfect – and, what’s even better, FREE!!!

Posted by johnnyu — 25 Jan @ 5:55 pm


Posted by vca — 31 Jan @ 6:36 pm

I am presenting a brief of my Thesis in it, thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,


Posted by Roxana Fernandez — 27 Feb @ 12:10 am

Exceptional, even better than I wanted, a great idea for sprucing up presentations, will recommend it to all.

Posted by Gaffar — 25 Mar @ 7:06 am

Great template! It’s perfect for my class presentation about movies!

Posted by M — 25 Apr @ 8:23 pm

I want to use it for a birthday presentation!

Posted by Liz — 26 Apr @ 10:23 am

It`s grat, thank’s

Posted by kary — 31 May @ 5:20 am

I am putting together a trivia night for my church, and am looking to use a ‘movie’ theme for the evening.

Posted by Chris Horscroft — 13 Jul @ 4:14 am

thanks for your template .

it ‘s so very good.

Posted by Anonymous — 22 Jul @ 5:34 pm

This is so cool and i totally love it

Posted by annalee — 29 Sep @ 12:58 pm

A fantastic PPT. I am using it for a presentation for a job interview in the Netherlands


Posted by Anonymous — 7 Oct @ 10:43 pm

I have a project on movies, so it is going to be very useful for me :)

Posted by x — 3 Nov @ 6:22 pm

Very original, I plan to do a motivational staff presentation with it. Thank you!

Posted by Jillian — 13 Nov @ 12:56 am

i plan to use this for recreating our 2009 challenges and success stories, so a movie theme to capture the events of the department is great as a movie

Posted by ngumsus — 1 Dec @ 7:36 am

muito muito muito muito bom!!!!

Posted by Anonymous — 16 Jan @ 4:29 pm

A photography presentation

Posted by Anonymous — 26 Jan @ 11:13 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 8 Feb @ 5:23 pm


Posted by FAIZUL — 13 Feb @ 3:00 pm

this will be great for my presentations. thanks.

Posted by eric — 23 Mar @ 3:48 am


Posted by candy — 20 Apr @ 4:37 pm


Posted by NGHI — 3 Oct @ 1:37 am

Just what i need – but i need it in portrait :-(

Posted by Gen — 6 May @ 9:09 am

Hi Gen, You can make the presentation portrait by (in PowerPoint 2010) going to design tab and then “slide orientation” this allows you to choose portrait and the slides automatically all change to portrait – they don’t look quite as effective, as film strip is usually landscape but would suit what you wanted.

Posted by rboynton — 11 May @ 10:02 am

Muy bueno.
Saludos desde Buenos Aires Capital, Argentina. :D

maria eva

Posted by Maria Eva — 3 Jun @ 11:36 pm

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!! <3 thanks so much to the creator!

Posted by Yaz — 9 May @ 9:28 am

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