Editable Newspaper Template – Portrait

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Editable Newspaper Template – Portrait

We have had a lot of people using our editable newspaper powerpoint templates and have had a lot of good feedback.
There have been a few requests to use these in portrait format, so we have converted this popular template so that it prints out well in an A4 format. We hope that you enjoy using it.

These newspaper templates are also available in landscape format.

Editable Newspaper Template – Portrait inside page
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29 April 2010    Template number 00249

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Comments on: Editable Newspaper Template – Portrait

it doesnt work

Posted by Anonymous — 23 Aug @ 12:00 pm

How do i insert the headlines and stuff

Posted by Anonymous — 31 Aug @ 9:36 am

It seems to work fine here. Try rebooting your PC.

Posted by admin — 13 Sep @ 12:57 pm

Absolutely perfect for my project

Posted by Anonymous — 11 Oct @ 11:35 pm

Very helpful, I’ll be using this for a Year 7 project.

Posted by Anonymous — 18 Oct @ 1:58 pm

Hi Thanks for these great templates, it has saved me so much time!!

Thank you!

Posted by Dee Nick — 18 Oct @ 5:13 pm

not working

Posted by kk — 18 Nov @ 3:12 am

It downloaded fine here. What is the problem?

Posted by admin — 18 Nov @ 8:26 pm

Thank you so much now i won’t need to use publisher templates! :)

Posted by Anonymous — 23 Dec @ 4:54 pm


Posted by CHRISTOPHER KONTOH — 6 Jan @ 4:37 pm

Works great on my Mac with Keynote! This will be the opener for a presentation in ASL to a group of 600-800. Thanks! I scoured the web for this!

Posted by Kenn — 7 Jan @ 12:26 am

Hi, If you mean add more slides then you can either on the “Home” tab click “new slide” or if you are wanting to copy a certain slide you need to right click the slide you want and click “duplicate slide”. You would then need to save it as your own template (it would be a read only document) and work off that!

Posted by rboynton — 12 Jan @ 11:53 am

how is it editable ?
if i cant even edit anything in …

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Feb @ 5:30 am

Hi, in PowerPoint you should be able to edit all the headings, text and change the pictures. The only heading you cannot change is the “Olden Times” title as this is part of the background of the image. You do need to save the PowerPoint to your computer before being able to alter any of these things though.

Posted by rboynton — 3 Feb @ 11:05 am

waitin for the template to load cuz my computer is slow hopefully it’ll work and i’ll get an A.

Posted by Aira — 8 Feb @ 12:05 am

This is very good all it needs ia fake adverts!


Posted by Laura Jae — 12 Mar @ 5:41 pm

It was really great for my project. But it would only open in PowerPoint and I wanted it in a word document so I had to copy each bit individually.

Posted by Anna — 20 Mar @ 7:30 pm

Hi Anna, Yes all the presentation are currently only done in PowerPoint however other people have mentioned that they would be great in Word and so it’s something we are looking into for the future.

Posted by rboynton — 21 Mar @ 12:26 pm

could this be plagiarism if i used the template?

Posted by k — 4 Sep @ 8:31 pm

No please feel free to use our template in accordance with our template guidelines

Posted by rboynton — 14 Sep @ 11:31 am

i wanna thank u for the great template. easy to use and easy on the eyes!

Posted by Vince — 17 Nov @ 1:26 pm

i thank u alot…. dese templates r really awesum. dey r very easy 2 use and very helpful.

Posted by pranjali — 18 Nov @ 3:10 am

nice, thx for sharing!

Posted by LWW — 11 Dec @ 5:36 pm

This is amazing!!! Me and my class used this under order from our teacher!
Maybe I will also use this in the future for other pppresentations!!
Thanx :)

Posted by Anonymous — 17 Jan @ 12:44 pm

It worked thanyou :D

Posted by Anonymous — 16 Mar @ 11:32 pm

Just to clear the confusion, cos I myself didnt know how to edit these slides, first click on the link given, then instead of clicking open, click save first. Then go to the place where you saved it then use PPT to open it and it works! :D

Posted by Nemo — 18 Mar @ 6:31 am

Can you make it that you can also open it on Word :)

Posted by Crystal — 20 Mar @ 6:48 am

hi crystal, it is something we are looking into – have had several requests – currently it is only available in powerpoint, however keep checking back!

Posted by rboynton — 20 Mar @ 1:54 pm

I can’t download it :( Can anyone help me or fix the link? It doesn’t load

Posted by June — 27 May @ 2:10 pm

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Thanks for this great site… in 8 year and just used this for a Merchant of venice task…



Posted by Longtomjr — 6 Sep @ 3:46 pm

how do you write a newspaper article on it?

Posted by Anonymous — 14 Oct @ 3:48 am

i love the templates thank you it really helps me

Posted by me-me — 20 Oct @ 12:14 pm

I want to make sure I give proper credit. do I just include your site name on my presentation?

Posted by Karla — 17 Jan @ 3:36 am

Absolutely perfect for my topic at the moment! Thank you :)

Posted by Miss D — 25 Jan @ 11:43 am

yaay , finally got what I was looking for!

Posted by KO — 5 May @ 4:44 pm

muchisimas gracias, exelente pagina.

Posted by Rouss — 7 Nov @ 8:17 am

Many thanks! I have used these templates a number of times to teach newspaper reports in a primary school. The children love to use the format because their reports look like the real thing.

Posted by Julia — 19 Nov @ 5:22 pm


Posted by valentina — 22 Nov @ 12:31 am

SUGGESTION: Could you possibly make a template intended for word? That is, if you could make it. That would probably be much better than PPT but then, it works just fine. Thanks. :)

Posted by Anonymous — 14 Dec @ 8:35 am

This is for a school project for my Freshman HS son. Thanks!

Posted by Debbie — 2 Jan @ 4:10 am

Thanks so much. Will use this in Year nine project this week. I added a small credit at the bottom of the page, If you have no objection.

Posted by Harith — 26 Jan @ 2:50 pm

This is for a school project

Posted by oooooooooooooooo — 1 Feb @ 12:47 pm

Thank you so much
Homework complete

Posted by Dancer — 19 Jun @ 10:12 am

So good thankyou so so much!

Posted by Anonymous — 10 Aug @ 8:21 am

hi thanx for this template

Posted by anonymous — 17 Aug @ 2:13 am

when I download it on mac, It doesn’t seem to open.

Posted by Anonymous — 2 Oct @ 4:58 pm

Those are life and time savers! Works perfectly, i’ll definitely remember this site!

Posted by Valoupek — 4 Oct @ 3:14 pm

i got an a+ in an my assignment thank you web page

Posted by andy — 9 Oct @ 11:30 am


Posted by ian1608 — 13 Oct @ 2:14 am

I used in this for the template for my history homework. really helpful saved a lot of time.

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Nov @ 7:08 pm

this helped SO much thx u so much!

Posted by N/A — 25 Nov @ 6:22 pm

this helped SO much thx u so much! useful for h/w!

Posted by N/A — 25 Nov @ 6:22 pm

dosen’t work. not sure if some of these comments are cannon

Posted by anon — 6 Dec @ 11:38 pm

Nice :)

Posted by Dancer — 15 Dec @ 8:11 pm

good. do. ween good.

Posted by Anonymous — 10 Feb @ 8:45 pm

Thanks!!!! Worked really well for my assignment!

Posted by Anonymous — 26 Feb @ 6:55 am

This template was great, thankth you and stuf

Posted by Nayer SHammaa — 26 Mar @ 12:20 am

I really appreciated the help

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Apr @ 4:13 pm

thanks this is really going to help me with my newspaper project

Posted by Anonymous — 19 Apr @ 7:50 pm

Would it be all right if I use it on my school newspaper project, printed?

Posted by Marsha — 23 Apr @ 10:44 am

Thanks! Great template, using it for a school project if you don’t mind :)

Posted by Foofle Poop — 6 May @ 9:06 am

Thank you so much! These are amazing! <3

Posted by Beka — 16 Jun @ 2:30 am


Thank you!

Posted by CD — 10 Sep @ 5:56 am

Works. Amazing. Thanks ALOT <3 Saved me Alot of Time.

Posted by Anonymous — 29 Sep @ 3:02 pm

This is a very good article for newspaper

Posted by ANONYMOUS — 20 Oct @ 12:00 am

thanks this s great for my work

Posted by Thalia — 13 Nov @ 2:31 pm

please what is the name of the fonts u are using for the name of the newspaper and the headlines?

Posted by ziin — 30 Dec @ 7:03 am

What an excellent resource – Thanks so much for letting us access this.

Posted by Andyandrea — 31 Jan @ 12:55 pm

i want it on word

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Feb @ 6:01 pm

LOVE! I finally found one template I could Download! ) :) -Lille

Posted by Lille — 12 Feb @ 2:10 am

It went really well for me my students loved IT.

Posted by Anonymous — 5 Mar @ 7:27 am

Thank You! This has saved me so much time. The ‘Olden Times’ one is perfect for my Industrial Revolution news paper!

Posted by Lily — 11 Mar @ 12:15 am

Thank you :-) I couldn’t find a template anywhere so this has been a great help! Now all I have to do is fill it with text…Curse you English Homework!

Posted by Sophie — 21 Mar @ 4:05 pm

Thanks! You guys are a real time saver!

Posted by Ugly — 30 Apr @ 6:58 pm

this template is so helpful thank you so much!

Posted by Tom — 15 May @ 8:03 am

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