Cartoon Pop Art Template

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  Cartoon Pop Art Template

How about a giant explosion to get your presentation started with a bang!
Illustration inspired by comic books and pop art of the 1960s and 1950s, such as work by Roy Lichtenstein.

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Views - 40,689

1 May 2008    Template number 00411

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Comments on: Cartoon Pop Art Template

This is a sweet background!!!

Posted by RCR — 9 May @ 5:15 pm

Sweet. Thanks!

Posted by Michelle — 10 May @ 4:11 pm

woow that is great. I gonna use it… :D

Posted by NAZ — 28 May @ 11:15 pm

eeewww soooo ugly!!

Posted by XYZ — 18 Jun @ 1:52 pm


Posted by bobilina ;) — 25 Jun @ 7:55 am

Eye-catching for the audience. So creative! Thank you for your hard work.

Posted by Shannon — 30 Jun @ 1:35 am

One of the best I ever saw!

Posted by Jimmu — 30 Jun @ 3:10 am

I love Roy Lichtenstein’s effect on PHd population!!!
Thanks a lot

Posted by Belén — 28 Aug @ 12:44 pm

very very cute!!

Posted by jija — 15 Sep @ 1:31 am

Thanx!! it really helped

Posted by Merlyn — 16 Sep @ 8:54 am

wow! this is so cool! more of this pls?
thank you! ^_^

Posted by lotus — 12 Oct @ 5:49 am

wow that so cool

Posted by maria brandon — 21 Oct @ 12:18 pm

oh its really cooooooool

Posted by faiza anwar — 3 Nov @ 10:14 am

i like explosive pictures like this one

Posted by jessie c — 9 Nov @ 7:02 pm

Thank you! I love it!

Posted by Sim — 14 Nov @ 2:55 pm

Wow! This will keep everyone’s eyes on the slides. Thanks!

Posted by Siti — 20 Nov @ 9:21 am

this is great

Posted by ng — 25 Nov @ 1:55 pm


Posted by jung — 26 Nov @ 1:46 pm


Posted by ellie — 6 Dec @ 3:46 am

this site is awesome

Posted by jay — 7 Dec @ 7:10 am

Great for a Physics presentation on Energy!
Thanks! Keep up the excellent work!

Posted by Lia — 2 Jan @ 1:50 pm

Will use to explain need for change in new year! Thanks

Posted by Dawn — 3 Jan @ 6:27 am

so cute !!! Thanks for excellent template.

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Feb @ 9:32 am

great template! will use for a art report!


Posted by Tine — 7 Feb @ 11:45 am

I used it for a school presentation on superhero movies. I go to film school.

Posted by Lisa — 13 Feb @ 4:49 am

this is so boss!

Posted by Brit — 13 Feb @ 10:54 pm

Really great and different

Posted by Anonymous — 18 Feb @ 11:40 am

that’s a cool template. thanks.

Posted by rima — 26 Feb @ 3:56 am

It’s Awesome :)

Posted by Silver Song — 9 Mar @ 11:21 pm

Thank you! I love it!

Posted by Jin — 4 Apr @ 12:05 pm

This template is PERFECT for my powerpoint on Cold War Cartoons! it’s soo cute too!

Posted by Vanessa — 28 May @ 3:00 am

whats the artists name >>

Posted by ?? — 7 Oct @ 10:18 am

I think that it is really cool and all but I think that you should have a better viarty

Posted by Jacob — 16 Oct @ 12:17 am

Using it for a presentation on graphic novel for my young adult lit class

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Jan @ 1:17 am

using as a keynote presentation on guerrilla girls in an art history class- perfect theme!

Posted by Lauren — 9 Mar @ 2:43 am

superb!!! just what i needed for my project!! thank you!!! :)

Posted by unknown — 18 Mar @ 12:33 am

This is the best one!!!!

Posted by Wendy — 5 Apr @ 6:04 pm

This is exactly what I needed!

Posted by Kay Smith — 15 Apr @ 2:21 pm

Buajajaja good one!

Posted by Triana — 8 May @ 1:46 pm

very cute..helpfull yeahs!

Posted by Anonymous — 20 May @ 7:35 am


Posted by KAI — 30 May @ 8:30 am

gorgeous and helpfull

Posted by beben — 16 Jun @ 4:41 am

What a nice!! kkk

Posted by MJ — 5 Jul @ 3:49 pm

I love this site!!!! Thank you for making so aweosme stuff waaw every single slide it’s so cool and special and really useful thanks for letting us using it for our presentations I have allot of powerpoint presentations on all kind of themes so thanks again for doing all these tamplaments they’re so great the best!! and no prob I have always and I will always write your link below my slides…cause it’s amazing side and I want as many people to know about it you rock!!

Posted by Liridona — 29 Aug @ 6:11 pm

Thanks for uploading so many great stuff. THANKSs

Posted by Inventorwanted — 2 Dec @ 4:06 pm

Excellent work , can be used extensively for various

trainings, workshops…………

Posted by manoj — 9 Dec @ 3:13 pm

wow. these templates are very helpful indeed. thank you very much.

Posted by anne — 30 Jan @ 2:46 pm

Thanks! I was having trouble finding a background that was right for my presentation on comic books and American culture and then I saw this one and thought “Whoa….Perfect!”

Posted by floobear — 28 Oct @ 2:05 am


Posted by Kate — 7 Dec @ 2:01 pm

Hey! thank you SO much for the Cartoon Pop Art Template, i used it for a project at my university were i had to create a service (we chose a computer tech service) and we talked about computers crashing so the BOOM cover was just perfect!

Posted by mari — 29 Feb @ 10:47 am

Using for a comic book themed social media training course for one of our clients. Trying to engage their employees. Should be perfect!

Posted by Kat H — 25 Apr @ 1:26 am

good templates

Posted by putri — 8 May @ 4:18 pm

Used this as a template for a postcard graphic. Matched our 2012 colors, and is part of publicity for our community education series. Thanks so much!

Posted by pstech — 14 May @ 4:46 pm

I am teaching my 2nd grade students about the Super3 and this template will work well with the theme!

Posted by Library Lady — 30 Oct @ 3:58 am


Posted by Alwin — 21 Oct @ 3:15 pm

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Posted by lAloRaSkin — 17 Nov @ 7:49 pm


Posted by Kim — 1 Mar @ 9:46 am

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