Abstract Art PowerPoint Template

Abstract Art PowerPoint Template

How about an abstract splatter art look for your presentation background?

Inspired by the splatter effect the well-known American artist Jackson Pollock made famous, this splatter was created digitally.

This could make your presentation more fun and interesting.

Abstract Art PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 8th May 2008

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  1. so cool 😀 Thank you :X

    Anonymous 14 May at 1:31 pm
  2. very nice

    Anonymous 14 May at 2:44 pm
  3. i love the cool colours and the way the artists made the slide look like and actual artists painted this as if it were canvas.
    im deffinately going to use this slide during my presentation!!!

    aileen 20 May at 6:34 pm
  4. so cool, thanks

    Helenzhang 22 May at 8:29 am
  5. thank you so much !!!

    Anonymous 2 Jun at 3:48 pm
  6. thanks

    Anonymous 2 Jun at 3:48 pm
  7. very nice work !
    well done keep it up !

    syed salman abbas 17 Jun at 9:38 pm
  8. thank you very much, thank you very much..this is the nicest thing you’ve ever ever done for me(8)

    vida 17 Jun at 10:02 pm
  9. very nice work !
    thanks for your sharing

    yayi 2 Jul at 5:56 am
  10. I love your work. I will show all the templates I have downloaded to my friends, so next time they can come and visit this site too

    Endang Prihatin 29 Jul at 2:26 pm
  11. i love the loud hot colors.
    i am korean student. thanks for your work.

    bo-ram 2 Aug at 8:34 am
  12. its gud

    faiza anwar 3 Nov at 10:12 am
  13. i like the color….

    suheldina 25 Jan at 12:30 pm
  14. thank you very much, thank you very much..this is the nicest thing you’ve ever ever done for me.

    john doe 17 Feb at 8:12 am
  15. Thank you

    Jin 4 Apr at 12:06 pm
  16. wow it’s awesome! thanks a lot.

    awesome 8 Jul at 8:01 am
  17. love them!

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    it’s useful.
    That’s what i have tried to find .
    Thanks a lot.

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  20. Wow!! superb chika =) XD

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  21. super, danke!!!!

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  22. Nice design!!! thanks

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  23. all of them are so nice,cool,stylish .thanx very much…:)

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