Business Card Template

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Business Card Template

This editable template allows you to add your own message to a business card being held up to the camera. 

Business cards are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver’s name, company affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such address, telephone number(s), fax number, email addresses and website.

This¬†could also be used as a “contact us” icon within a website or a template to design your own business card on.

Business Card Template inside page
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26 September 2011    Template number 00671

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Comments on: Business Card Template

amazing :) thanks so much!

Posted by kyle — 12 Apr @ 11:45 am

Very nice templates thanks a lot!

Posted by a — 29 Apr @ 9:51 am

cool…thank you

Posted by vittapuchino — 13 May @ 9:14 am

thx a lot

Posted by triana — 28 May @ 11:14 pm

its amazing, really helpful, tx a lot:)

Posted by pass — 31 Jul @ 7:43 am

its best for presenting msg

Posted by prem — 10 Nov @ 1:24 am

I used this on my presentation as the last slide, which held my company contact details. Thank you! :)

Posted by Dil — 18 Nov @ 11:13 am

I used this on my presentation as the last slide in the scientific conference inwhich I participate

Posted by Mory — 20 Feb @ 7:46 pm


Posted by Salma — 26 Feb @ 7:23 am

I like this sysle

Posted by Vichy — 1 Apr @ 8:13 am

thank you very much~~~!!!
is very nice!I used on my presentation

Posted by tina — 16 Nov @ 7:30 am

unbelievable !

always appreciate for whom made those things.

Thank you

Posted by jake — 5 Jun @ 10:22 am

its really help me thanks.

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Jun @ 11:37 am

thanks. i want to make poster

Posted by bina — 8 Aug @ 10:33 pm

Thanks a lot, you really help me

Posted by Me — 18 Aug @ 10:14 am

Great Job Mate !!!

Posted by Nivedhan — 12 Feb @ 6:29 pm

Working on presentation for MA ILT program about how visual communication and the brain work together for greater learning.

Posted by Alicia — 25 Feb @ 4:44 am

very nice thank you~~

Posted by Anonymous — 23 Jun @ 3:19 am

very thank you.
It’s so simple. I’d like it.

Posted by jessica jo — 21 Aug @ 3:14 pm

Is this free, right? Can I use this templete for my business presentaion at my company? Thank you a lot. This is really good~!!!

Posted by Janet — 15 Feb @ 5:20 am


Posted by Miss R — 17 Feb @ 12:50 pm

as long as you reference us as the designers and dont have it on your website for download this is fine :)

Posted by Rachael Boynton — 18 Feb @ 2:55 pm

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