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Business world map template - Presentation Magazine

A business world map template on a blue background. It shows a standard world view.

Suitable for a presentation on the world, global trade, climate change, population growth, economics, developing countries, offshore finance, outsourcing or international communication.

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8 September 2014    Template number 00091

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Comments on: Business world map template

nice to see good templates

Posted by Albin — 22 Oct @ 7:23 am

It’s so nice and suitability for business field I think. Thanl you for free download.

Posted by mitsuvan — 25 Oct @ 7:24 pm

Thank you for the free download. Nice to find people willing to help financially struggling college students. The template is perfect for my presentation.

Posted by tazman8289 — 3 Nov @ 6:04 pm

thank you for making your powerpoint templates available for free download. All of the templates are sophisticated and professionally design. Love it!!

Posted by sitti-singapore — 6 Nov @ 7:15 am

it’s very nice for training or teaching. thank you for all.

Posted by mitsuvan — 7 Nov @ 12:19 am

that is unbelievable to see such powerpoint presentation for free dowenloaded, you proved gentelmens that your very good doing such presentatios.
I wish you all the best

Posted by Mohammed — 15 Nov @ 11:46 am


Posted by Anonymous — 16 Nov @ 6:04 pm

Thank you and wish you all the best.

Posted by goood — 2 Dec @ 7:19 am


Posted by richy — 6 Dec @ 3:55 pm

thank you!

Posted by potter — 8 Dec @ 9:45 pm

Thank you so much for offering your elegeant and sophisticated templates free of charge. You don’t know how much help you’ve given us :)

Posted by Lovely — 12 Dec @ 4:44 am

How can I say my thanks to this extreme nice template…Tell me how?

Posted by Soran — 6 Jan @ 5:29 pm

Why is New Zealand not on the map?

Posted by Kim — 8 Jan @ 5:00 pm

Sorry New Zealanders, don’t know what happened to your country on this map.

Posted by jonathanball — 9 Jan @ 11:06 am

This template is just simply great. Appreciate it. I recommend this site for all.

Posted by Jonathan — 13 Jan @ 2:19 pm

Thank you for such a professionally built template! As a undergrad on a budget you just helped us on our Strategic case study presentation!
Again…a hearty Thank you for being a giver, may your continue to prosper because of it…

Posted by Leon — 23 Jan @ 9:36 pm

I have just downloaded and used a template to help my 12yr old daughter with her homework. They are fantastic and saved me loads of time.



Posted by Alan Taylor — 24 Jan @ 7:23 pm

Thank you very much.
You did great job by giving for free this templates.


Posted by Cosy — 25 Mar @ 5:44 pm

I have a small business and your templates have helped make my presentation look a lot more professional. Thank you.

Posted by lynn — 1 Apr @ 2:27 am

great side. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous — 10 Apr @ 7:31 am

thank you for free on presentation model it powerful in education for all and for educator that do not seek for the benefit, thank again.

Posted by mitsuvan — 12 Apr @ 12:55 am

I teach on business II Its so graet for teaching in classs on presentation for my students, thak for all.

Posted by mitsuvan — 12 Apr @ 12:59 am

Simply awesome !!!

Posted by Azam — 17 Apr @ 8:22 pm

thank you for offering great templates!!

Posted by yoo — 18 Apr @ 10:41 am

Looks too good!!!!!

Posted by Eaps — 28 Apr @ 5:39 pm

Thanks. Eye catchy.

Posted by Ronald — 29 Apr @ 4:03 am


Posted by anthony — 29 Apr @ 5:27 pm

Thanks for this it really helped. I ended up using it as a background for an evironmental project (1st slide background)

Posted by Andrew — 2 May @ 5:18 pm

Thanks so much for the free templates. They are very useful for my teacher-training activities.

Posted by Jonathan — 11 May @ 12:15 pm

Many thanks for the help.
Really refreshing to see these templates.

Posted by Narayanan — 13 May @ 12:42 pm

these are brilliant templates! thank you so much for making them available to us all.

Kind regards,

Grateful startup!

Posted by Mike — 26 Jun @ 3:15 pm

Nothing is free in this world except several beautiful templates are in presentationhelper.
Thank you so much.

Posted by Tee — 5 Jul @ 3:13 pm

so buietyful

Posted by Anonymous — 7 Jul @ 3:56 pm

thank you

Posted by d — 3 Sep @ 2:31 am

wat to spell beautiful also don no wa…aiyo..sei lo…

Posted by joe 88 — 20 Sep @ 4:26 am

There is no New Zealand on this map because it is part of Australia.

Posted by Bruce — 25 Sep @ 2:01 pm

thank you very much for your nice template

Posted by nam bin — 2 Oct @ 4:49 pm

Thank you for your exelent job!!!!!!!

Posted by Lana — 27 Oct @ 6:02 am

Thank you!!
It’s a good utility.

Posted by allice — 30 Oct @ 5:30 am

very goood~~ Thank you!

Posted by park — 2 Nov @ 2:13 pm

Great templates ! Thanks

Posted by BT — 10 Nov @ 7:15 pm

Use this template for a presentation at university. Thanks for the cool design!

Posted by Anonymous — 21 Nov @ 11:28 am

Very nice & suitable for my business presentation

Posted by Heroe — 22 Nov @ 11:03 am

These are some nice templates. They are great in getting someone started in the creative directions.

Posted by rickie — 30 Nov @ 1:40 pm

thanx a lot dude

Posted by hari — 2 Dec @ 5:17 pm

Its so nice. Being a geology student I would like to have templates on geology related themes.

Thanking you

Gurumurthy G P

Posted by Gurumurthy G P — 4 Dec @ 1:19 pm

Thank you so much!

Posted by gerryheld — 6 Dec @ 3:08 pm

Thanks for the template! It looks so professional!

Thanh you again!

Posted by Trung Nguyen — 9 Dec @ 5:04 am

Good stuff guys keep the good work thanks a lot take care love the template.

Posted by Gus — 10 Dec @ 6:41 am

Thank you very much! It’s perfect!

Posted by Celeste — 12 Dec @ 1:57 pm

I might use it as a worship background for missions themed worship service in a church.

Posted by Jim — 15 Dec @ 4:01 pm

Awesome site, awesome templates. thank you so much.
I owe you one!!

(i got a 96% on my final presentation thanks to you guys.. i didn’t have a clue on how to put up with a power point presentation)

wish you the best

Posted by Tatiana — 18 Dec @ 6:26 am

It’s perfect

Posted by Leen — 29 Dec @ 12:25 am


Posted by Anonymous — 9 Jan @ 4:59 am

This template will really make my presentation look very professional. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Posted by Brian — 29 Jan @ 3:08 am

this is awesome!

Posted by Anonymous — 4 Feb @ 8:37 pm

perfect for my presentation!Thanks!

Posted by Loeloe Guegue — 11 Feb @ 2:57 am

What a great find! Many thanks!
Keep it free:).

Posted by Diana Sonora — 11 Feb @ 3:32 pm

Many thanks. You are doing a great service.
keep it free and keep posting new ones

Posted by SP — 28 Feb @ 3:03 am

Thank you for the use of this free download business theme template ppt. I will be giving a presentation on export awareness program for our company and thought this was the perfect backdrop for my persentation! Thanks again!

Posted by Leisa Horn — 16 Mar @ 7:11 pm

Business presentation for College. Excellent design!

Posted by Nan — 19 Mar @ 5:27 pm

it would be helpful for business student.

Posted by rusho,iba,ru,Bangladesh — 20 Mar @ 7:42 pm

Doing a presentation on Global Political Economy. Needed a great ‘world’ slide that wasn’t too flash-y. This one fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for helping poor university students in Canada.

Posted by PM — 23 Mar @ 11:01 pm

Needed a good template for an export presentation to a group of companies. World Map fitted the bill perfectly.

Posted by Andy Fraser — 6 Apr @ 3:58 pm

Very professional looking template. I’m working on a plan related to international business and this is just perfect when presenting it.

Posted by Buddy Cruz — 21 Apr @ 8:10 pm

its so simple and attractive thank you so much for help. Presentation is concern its awesome to give an impression for representative………!!!!

Posted by Syed Abdullah Khalid — 22 Apr @ 5:55 am

Thank you so much for a lovely template. I’m intending to use it for a college course presentation. I’m sure your template will improve my grade!

Posted by Meg — 25 Apr @ 10:32 pm

Thank you for the template i will be using it for a presentation at an assessment day and it will work well becaue they have offices all over the world.

Posted by kelly — 11 May @ 11:57 am

Very very nice made and thank you for free download,
my presentation was a succes because of the made of it very good job.

Posted by soheil — 14 May @ 3:31 pm

Nice template. I will use it for a postgrade presentation

Many thanks

Posted by Rodrigo — 24 Jun @ 1:29 am

its so simple and attractive thank you so much for help. Presentation is concern its awesome to give an impression for representative………!!!!

Posted by Anonymous — 27 Jun @ 3:42 am

thank you very much for the beautiful template. this will help us look more presentable on our training.

Posted by daniel — 9 Jul @ 8:23 am

how come i can’t download this. I love it! Anyone help please, I just wanted to download, and I can’t!

Posted by Daniel — 28 Jul @ 7:46 pm

Hi Daniel

I just tested the links and they are all working fine. You can either open the file or save it to your desktop.

Thanks – Jo

Posted by JoR — 29 Jul @ 10:19 am

what a wonderful collection of ppt presentation background! I enjoyed using them. thank you for giving me a relevant material for my lectures and lesson presentations. More power!

Posted by randy williams — 9 Aug @ 2:51 am

[...] view our other world maps click here.  We also have some business templates featuring world maps. Download as Power Point (PPT) fileInbuilt slides Download as Power Point [...]

Posted by Dot Map of the World Template — 11 Aug @ 10:51 am

Excelent template! I am going to use it on my own star up business

Posted by FPPL — 16 Aug @ 1:33 pm

This looks great!

Posted by Jon — 25 Sep @ 2:00 am

Thank you for the free download.
Your template is very Excelent!!

Posted by Soyoung — 8 Oct @ 9:45 am

anybody would help me to find KOSOVO map?
thank you

Posted by adi — 3 Nov @ 4:53 pm


Posted by tien — 16 Nov @ 3:02 am

Thanks. I am using this for a presentation in school and it’s perfect for my international business case.

Posted by Judy — 16 Nov @ 3:08 am

I am going to use it for a presentation on obesity in developing countries at a University. The template is very functional.


Posted by Erma — 24 Nov @ 7:40 am

Dankie – thanks !!

Posted by Shalini Singh — 29 Nov @ 1:21 pm

Cheers!! Keep it up!!

Posted by Manbir Singh Pandher — 19 Dec @ 3:32 am

very nice, useful and effective in business presentations

Posted by laura — 9 Jan @ 3:03 am

We have now updated the map to include New Zealand.

Posted by admin — 10 Jan @ 2:12 pm

That’s good.I’m going to use it for my presentation at MUIC.

Posted by Thanapol — 29 Jan @ 6:56 am

Great! Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a template to give a presentation on International Students and this is perfect.

Posted by Lynn Collins — 31 Jan @ 4:20 pm

Thanks. Good job. I will use it for my new start up company.
I look forward to stay in contact and become your client.

Posted by Ernesto — 6 Feb @ 4:04 pm

I am planning on using this design to show how the overwhelming data we collect re: earthquakes can be collected and then converted into a visual immage. This background will be perfect. Thanks

Posted by K — 12 Feb @ 5:37 am

Thank you for making this template for free. I like it. Its background make me comfort with. Thanks.

Posted by Vorlak — 24 Feb @ 4:39 am

to present a new business concept to the small business association…

Posted by Ericka — 2 Mar @ 9:08 pm

very good

Posted by Anonymous — 14 Mar @ 9:14 pm

very nice and useful…

Posted by Victor — 22 Mar @ 8:02 am

The templates are fantastic, i was looking for something like that, i need to create new presentation and your template are ideal, thanks for sharing.

Posted by Raphilon — 6 Apr @ 12:47 am

I will be using this template for my college Health Care class. I have to explain about different health insurance’s that are available in the United States. I am doing a powerpoint presentation to a group who is located outside the United States and has never heard of the plans.The templates on this site are great. Keep up the great work!!!!

Posted by Elizabeth — 6 Apr @ 8:20 pm

Thank you very much for the beautiful business templates. It helped me a lot.


Posted by Milind — 13 Apr @ 10:50 am

Love it. Simply amazing. Works for everything.

Posted by Xenia — 20 Apr @ 7:43 pm

good things!

Posted by Anonymous — 7 May @ 7:59 am


Posted by Iah — 23 Jun @ 1:22 pm

Thank you very much…….. keep going on with some more beautiful and innovative templates

Posted by BASU — 4 Jul @ 3:56 pm

Thank you for this beautiful world map template. This is useful for any presentation that has broader implications. Thank you!!

Posted by Jennifer — 16 Jul @ 10:11 pm

Thank you so much for the free download. Your kindness has saved me a lot of time.

Posted by Reb — 12 Aug @ 11:59 pm

Maraming Salamat

Posted by Roger — 21 Aug @ 12:01 pm

Nice to use. Thank you so much.

Posted by myintaung — 24 Aug @ 11:44 am

very good templates

Posted by abdulla — 30 Sep @ 6:13 am

I like the template for a globalization presentation. Thanks.

Posted by Marcia — 15 Oct @ 8:06 pm


Posted by wow — 3 Nov @ 4:17 pm

Liked it worked well for trade agreement presentation

Posted by Jenn — 15 Nov @ 5:05 pm


Posted by robinho — 30 Nov @ 9:02 am

thanks a lot

Posted by stefanus — 29 Dec @ 8:40 am

Background for World Mission presentation at our church.

Posted by W.E. Byall — 25 Jan @ 11:52 pm

Very, very nice template! Thank you!

Posted by Hugo — 12 Feb @ 3:23 am

nice, perfect for our project!

Posted by cherissa — 18 Feb @ 10:09 am

Wow, it’s amazing. Though I know some ppt skill, but couldn’t put the theme and color suitable together. I will try this one.

And thanks for free share.

Posted by Ginger — 24 Feb @ 9:24 am

This is the one best site for the business template, thanku Team for the best work, keeping adding the templates

Posted by matthew Paul — 3 Mar @ 6:21 am

it’s nice templates ..thanks

Posted by amgaa — 1 Apr @ 6:29 am

thank you for offering great templates! they are amazing…

Posted by Nick — 4 Apr @ 7:34 pm

Best ever template i ever saw. Fits my requirement. It will be used for a big project which will first start in India and then will global and so this one seems to be the best n looks perfect for my project. Thanks for making my project look perfect as it is very important and is my dream project.

Thanks & Regards,

Shyam Jethnani

Posted by Shyam — 7 Apr @ 3:40 am

We are a sustainable and humanitarian project developer and will be developing slideshows for groups that fund our projects globally

Posted by Sir Daniel Bilbruck — 20 Apr @ 9:56 pm

great, Thanks

Posted by Turjo — 25 Jun @ 5:34 pm

beautiful one. it was quite useful for me. thanx!

Posted by janinek — 24 Aug @ 5:45 am

very helpful

Posted by Mohamed — 8 Sep @ 1:37 pm


Posted by hari — 9 Jan @ 5:56 am

Good one

Posted by Lee — 2 May @ 7:14 am

Thank You for your kindness.

Posted by Gugu — 7 May @ 6:11 am

We are developer of waste to gas production mobile plant and will be used for developping slideshows for our clients overse4as.Many thanks for the free download.

Posted by Ghassan Ghais — 12 May @ 10:16 pm

lovely template. Thank you for making it available.

Posted by McKee — 30 May @ 11:15 pm

i will use it for an online marketing meeting.
thanks a lot!


Posted by jurgen — 2 Jul @ 8:20 pm

Thank you.
Such a kind & helpful site.

Hope your prosperity.

Posted by Won — 25 Jun @ 2:00 am

Thank you for such great templates. They have aided me a lot in the past few years as my college presentation template.

Posted by Seiryu Nightlord — 20 Feb @ 3:47 am

They are beautiful. They are helpful in communicating one’s message, because of their effect to the senses. Thanks really.

Posted by Anonymous — 17 Sep @ 4:37 am


Posted by Rita — 26 Feb @ 4:02 am

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