Birthday Balloons 1

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Birthday Balloons 1

A simple but effective birthday balloons template.

It could be used as a PowerPoint background or it could be used to to send out the birthday invites. You could use it as a slide in school if a child has to come in on their Birthday.

The bullet points have been customised as little gift boxes.

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Views - 3,970

5 September 2006    Template number 00098

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Comments on: Birthday Balloons 1

Happy 40th Birthday Debi

Posted by Anonymous — 5 Oct @ 10:49 pm

these templates are very nice and usefull to me

Posted by raj — 3 Nov @ 10:02 am

Thank You! These are COOL!

Posted by Ahmed — 29 Jun @ 8:01 am

how do i download this??

Posted by me :p — 15 Jul @ 10:45 am

Just press the download button

Posted by admin — 17 Jul @ 12:54 pm

Great Idea to present to your students if they’re in school for their Birthdays.

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Oct @ 5:21 pm

you can do more effective template on Birthday one. Examples like having Rose flowers, Clock timing with 12 as a back ground.

Posted by Rajendran — 16 Dec @ 7:53 pm

que tengas un feliz cumpleaños y que te la pases bien que cumplas muchos años mas y que pases una feliz navidad.
te quiero mucho

Posted by Para: mi mama — 10 Dec @ 4:50 am

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