Bacteria Template

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Bacteria Template

Here is a scary-looking template. It is a simulation of bacteria type shape under an electron microscope.

Jonathan produced it using a 3d package called blender.

This bacteria PowerPoint template could be used for a medical presentation or for a talk about bacteria, micro-organisms, stem cells, probiotics, common colds, flu, spores, infection or even a pandemic. It could also be used as a background for talk about a virus.

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Views - 25,146

29 October 2010    Template number 00287

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Comments on: Bacteria Template


Posted by satoshi — 23 Jan @ 3:08 am

its superb.. thanks a ton..

Posted by rezula — 13 Feb @ 7:35 am


Posted by joan — 23 Feb @ 12:56 am

nice 1

Posted by Anonymous — 1 Apr @ 10:02 pm

Very nice! This will be a big help. I’m going to use this for bacteria/biotech presentation for school.

Posted by mick — 17 Apr @ 5:14 am

its good….thanks…

Posted by pram — 15 May @ 4:52 am

thanks ;)

Posted by fathi — 29 Oct @ 11:52 pm

its cool………thanx a lot

Posted by dee — 8 Nov @ 9:56 am

Thanks its really cool

Posted by Deepak — 20 Nov @ 9:17 am

tanx alot

Posted by zohreh — 22 Nov @ 8:06 am

Hm, very useful for my lectures concernig fermentation. Thanks.

Posted by Pripadnik — 24 Nov @ 11:30 am

I recently used the one with virus in my presentation,It was a real succes,and this one is way better thank you for these free’re doing a fine job.

Posted by ltbiomed — 10 Dec @ 4:54 pm

Wait… how do you get the template?

Posted by Bob — 16 May @ 10:39 pm

merci idéal pour ma présentation sur la division bactérienne

Posted by margaux — 28 May @ 9:45 am

This is great! With so many bugs in hospital setting, this will be a wonderful visual in presentation concerning Infection Control!
Thank You!!

Posted by Jennifer — 16 Jul @ 9:53 pm


Posted by sanu — 17 Sep @ 8:24 pm

excellent visual template for getting the message across

Posted by Pam — 21 Nov @ 8:44 am

great template !!!! thank you :))

Posted by ineedit — 13 Dec @ 7:15 pm

very good…will be used for my presentation on bacteria.

Posted by myrna m. de fiesta — 19 Dec @ 10:14 pm

Will be using this template for my Thesis Defense…
Thank you so much!

Posted by Jake Concepcion — 19 Feb @ 2:30 pm

Hey, thanks. This template is incredible. I’ll use it for a class of E. coli, so I think it’s very useful. Thnaks again

Posted by Kevin — 28 Feb @ 6:33 am

My group is doing a public health presentation.

Posted by Anita — 11 May @ 4:18 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 1 Jul @ 7:09 am

Utmost gratitude for this free template.
A big help for my presentation. More power.

Posted by Ma. Cristina Sabayton — 1 Jul @ 10:26 am

thanks… its really a big help to my presentation

Posted by klyde — 25 Jul @ 2:01 pm

thank’s ……….so much!

Posted by harry bearly — 22 Aug @ 7:19 am

thanks so much

Posted by ph — 7 Oct @ 11:41 am

Thank you. Keep the good work going!

Posted by GS — 3 Jan @ 7:10 pm


Posted by simin — 17 Jan @ 11:19 pm

I dont know how to use it but thanks)

Posted by Senan — 27 Feb @ 7:30 pm

This is super Neat! Thank you so much it nice and easy :)

Posted by Stacy A. — 3 Apr @ 10:22 pm

Wonderful templates…I teach various subjects, and I have run out of nice templates to keep the student’s interest. I will have your website on the last slide.

Posted by Kate — 15 Aug @ 2:32 am

Awesome! I’m using this for a presentation about HAI to a group of students as well as RN’s for CEU credits

Posted by Will — 3 Dec @ 9:03 pm

Thanks. it’s great! I want to use this template for my presentation. Could you help me? (

Posted by Sine — 27 Mar @ 1:57 pm

got to use this for my master’s thesis final defense…

Posted by Anonymous — 19 Jul @ 2:58 pm

We decided to use this for a staff training presentation about Food Safety. Thanks! It’s fantastic!

Posted by Stephanie — 14 Jan @ 9:09 pm

thx a lot

Posted by hi — 17 May @ 5:06 pm

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