Head outline with brain

Head outline with brain

Here is a nice template showing the outline of the brain within the human head.

This could be used as a diagram for a biology project focusing on the anatomy and in particular, the human brain, the skull or brain parts.

Head outline with brain inside page
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Published On: 27th Oct 2010

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  1. I plan to use the male and female profile, with brain, to use as the background for a concept where I need to show the mind as a source for our thoughts. Is the picture public domain?

    Paul Puckett 1 Jul at 10:49 pm
  2. Paul

    No the picture is not public domain, but you are free to use it for your business and personal presentations.

    admin 2 Jul at 5:41 pm
  3. Where can I find an outline of head and shoulders, front view and back view of a head to show where headaches are.

    Sandy 8 Apr at 4:22 pm
  4. will be using it for an essay for Uni on mental health.Thankyou

    peggy f 24 Jun at 1:51 pm
  5. I will be using it for a cognitive psychology poster as part of a college assignment, thank you very much, the images were very helpful.

    Colette 22 Feb at 6:00 am
  6. I will be using the black/white male/female brain pics to educate teens in a chemical abuse therapy group on how drugs may affect brain activity. They will be asked to color their own brain to illustrate any enhanced/diminished activity per their own drug use.

    Karie 4 Dec at 9:03 pm