World Cup flags PowerPoint template

World Cup flags PowerPoint template

With World Cup fever about to take hold, here is a set of all of the ‘2010 World Cup’ flags to help you support your country.

Look out for our template of the 2010 World Cup Football Shirts template.

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Published On: 15th Mar 2010

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  1. The two Korean Flags were reversed. The first flag is for Reppublic of Korea and the second flag is for Democratic People’s Republic.

    George 18 Mar at 10:58 am
  2. Nice – but this doesn’t contain the slides for England and Ivory Coast

    rob stow 30 Apr at 11:16 am
  3. I am a french teacher and I will adapt it in french to introduce countries for the world cup

    Christina Moulard 1 May at 12:22 pm
  4. I agree with Rob it’s cool but your missing United Kingdom and England

    unknown 3 May at 3:52 am
  5. great website

    rob 4 May at 11:11 am
  6. Hi — the South Korean (democratic) flag is labeled as Korea DPR. Korea DPR is North Korea (communist). Korea DPR stands for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea = North Korea. The name of their country is a misnomer – it’s neither a democracy nor a republic.

    The Republic of Korea should have the flag with the lines and center blue and red circle – that is South Korea.

    Thanks – nice site.

    Jookyung Sue 12 May at 3:49 pm
  7. I am using this on a worksheet I have designed for a group of learners in the computer class.

    Elza van Wyk 14 May at 7:51 am
  8. I’m a maths teacher and will use this as a lesson on symmetry as part of a world cup project.

    m 14 May at 10:58 pm
  9. Also, regarding the South Korean flag:
    The top left symbol should have 3 lines, then the bottom left symbol should have 4 lines, then the top right symbol should have 5 lines (this is incorrect on your South Korean flag) and the bottom right symbol has 6 lines.

    Jookyung Sue 20 May at 1:54 pm
  10. I have downloaded the flag clip art yet there appears to be now England or Ivory coast individual flag.

    Phil 24 May at 3:49 pm
  11. Apologies for the missing flags.

    England and the Ivory Coast have now been included in the download file.

    Comments with regards to the South Korean flag are being addressed.

    Please continue to keep us informed of any problems.

    Thanks – Jo

    jorobinson 26 May at 5:01 pm
  12. A new file has now been uploaded so all the flags should now be correct.

    Thanks – Jo

    JoR 27 May at 11:20 am
  13. We are going to use the flags for children’s art activities over half-term. Thank you!

    Anonymous 27 May at 8:03 pm
  14. Thanks,very help full for Children

    geema 1 Jun at 11:32 pm
  15. Great flags, can you create a bracket too?

    Robbie B 4 Jun at 8:13 pm
  16. Many thanks. The flags are being used for our World cup display in the school library

    Anonymous 7 Jun at 2:13 pm
  17. Excellent thanks, am using flags to mark out countries on a map for school display

    brook school 8 Jun at 2:04 pm
  18. Great site, but the Spanish and Argentine flags are missing their emblems!

    ross 9 Jun at 8:46 am
  19. Flags are ideal for our World Cup display, thanks.

    Latymer Children's centre 9 Jun at 10:23 am
  20. So helpful for my tutor group to get in the world cup spirit. x

    Jodie 9 Jun at 10:00 pm
  21. Very useful!

    We are using them for a display in the College Library

    Penny 11 Jun at 2:23 pm
  22. i dont like football

    shannon durkin 11 Jun at 2:38 pm
  23. I’m going to staple them to my neighbour’s fence to try to counter balance all of the St George flags he has up!

    Dave 12 Jun at 12:07 pm
  24. Thank you very much, we are going to play the slide show in church and pray for each country. This site has saved me hours of searching on the net… Kainos Ministries (South Africa)

    Irvine Rajagopaul 12 Jun at 5:56 pm
  25. Argentina should have a sun emblem in the middle

    DUFF 18 Jun at 11:30 am
  26. Another maths teacher! Will be using it to discuss reflective and rotational symmetry. Many thanks

    F Ellis 29 Jun at 9:01 pm
  27. Spain flag is faulty

    hendrik 4 Jul at 7:46 pm
  28. Thanks so much – I’m using the flag slides in a church talk to children, where I’m comparing the World Cup with what the Bible tells us of heaven – while there are only 32 countries, and in the Final, only 2 countries represented, God’s new creation will have people from every nation and language, with sins forgiven, praising Him for his rescue through Jesus! Not sure if there’ll be vuvezelas there, but if so, no one will be complaining about them!!

    Ruth Bridcut 8 Jul at 11:15 am
  29. do u hav philippine flag?

    Anonymous 25 Jan at 5:34 am
  30. i love england

    Anonymous 27 Jun at 3:35 pm
  31. There’s an error in ROK (Republic of Korea) flag.

    Haerin Park 2 Jul at 2:37 am
  32. Genial me encantan tus plantillas gracias!! Thanks!

    Dr. Charles 22 Jan at 9:12 pm