Wall PowerPoint template

Wall PowerPoint template

A solid old stone Wall PowerPoint template.

Could be used where you want to show somthing as being solid or secure, or as a hurdle or a barrier.

Suggested topics:- security, protection, immigration, longevity, gdanger, prison, jail, confidence, reliance or faith.

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Published On: 2nd Oct 2006

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  1. it’s good 4 variation.

    yanti 11 Apr at 6:35 am
  2. How can I lighten the brick wall background a bit so the text shows more clearly?

    Don 26 Jan at 12:58 am
  3. Perfect – part of my presentation deals with “hitting the wall” in your pursuit of accomplishment. Now I have a literal wall, thanks!

    Kasie 30 Jan at 2:52 am
  4. very nice…………heartly thanks for such wonderful themes……..

    pooja 14 Feb at 7:14 am
  5. presentation for improving standards at work. its great for when you hit a brick wall.

    maria 11 Mar at 10:20 pm
  6. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Anonymous 29 Apr at 5:26 pm
  7. Will use for a presentation to our Board of Supervisors on the challenges faced by the Adult Protective Services program due to dramatic cuts to the budget. Elder Abuse is a serious topic and I wanted something that would convey that graphically.

    Susan Brown 22 Jun at 5:44 pm
  8. Thank you very much. I am going to do a series of presentations to students and I need some images that will keep them glued to my message. I hope these templates will help. Even then, thank you. Your work has helped me a lot in my work, too. They are soooo nice that I like looking at my own presentations, just for the templates. Again, thank you.

    Amy Bojo 25 Nov at 4:21 pm
  9. Thank you very much for the wonderful backgrounds.

    Arshad 21 Apr at 12:01 pm